Ookami kakushi – 11 – Bang! Bang! [classified] Bang!

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Whenever you see the word classified up on the title you know there’s going to be some massive raging. Continue reading


When Concerned Fans Object: How is Mangagamer possibly Failing Higurashi fans [Must Read]

Mangagamer bringing you the horror in more than one way

News of the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni games being licensed came as one of the best surprises of the year. Being able to have the opportunity of play the original material which the anime version was based on was something fans always wanted. Like many would, I perceived this as a chance to express my gratitude and pay my respects to the author, support those involved and legally purchase the original games. Although, I’m not able purchase every single piece of merchandise out there I do it whenever it’s economically possible to give something back to the author. Be that in manga, games, or any other form of merchandise. I think we can all agree on this on some degree.

For those who aren’t familiar with the title. Let me tell you that Higurashi is a high quality thriller mystery worthy of high praise. The story is engrossing to the point that you’ll lose track of time and soon submerge in this insane most complex world filled with mind screwing situations brought to us by the author Ryukishi07 and 07th Expansion. To most of us who are more familiar with the TV anime version thought that it was rather unfortunate that we were only able play the 1st arc of the game since it was the only one translated (Sonozaki sisters) After seeing what the original game provided and that it also explained the story even more, fans were static to see more of it. Things aren’t so great as you will see. Continue reading

Sacred Blacksmith: Cecile Campbell Should Get Beat Up More Often

Hey Get in Line. And no PushingCecily is done for


First episode that I can say I really enjoyed.  I thought this is what this show needs, It doesn’t need fillers about lolis going around town or crappy fights that end with only one shot and much less weak character development.  It needs more ass kicking, hopefully Cecily getting hers kicked and definitely more battles like these where at least they manage to fool me into thinking that one of the good guys might die for real. Continue reading