Ookami Kakushi – 08 – Frabbits, Shota temptation,Tai-Chi, and Gym store (closed) room [Unepisodic]


As the story progress and/or stays in standstill, Nemuru lets Kaname escape because they are the only good characters in the show next to the pharma dude of course. It’s sill a recurrent theme that Hiroshi is still FAIL. He’s more fail than watching a foreign movie without subtitles. A couple of mysteries still remain, like why the gym teacher is their homeroom teacher? Does he have a part time job as a UFC fighter? And why do all students like to wear their school uniforms that much? Meanwhile, Hiroshi has been ignoring what happened the other day. Even not questioning anymore where Isuzu has been taken to. I don’t care that much either way but just for the sake of the argument. Where the heck is she? And has her whoreness been cured? Hopefully, she gets better seeing  her clingy levels have gone down. On other news, cosplayer Nemuru save Continue reading

Another Legend is Born – Best Art Teacher Ever! Oh God Yoshinoya-sensei is Hot

[quote from truth]

While I was in drawing class I drew some Yoshinoya. We weren’t drawing anything that could be as exciting per se. I was already in Hidamari Sketch mode since a few days ago after being terribly late to this party, I found myself with a pencil on one hand, had a drawing board in front of me  and I was already making diagonal and vertical lines and I thought how awesome would it be if Yoshinoya-sensei would be our art teacher? I was in awe for a couple of seconds contemplating the utopia that would be.  No one could see it but it was drawn on my face the much characteristic (||| __ |||)  eyes even though it isn’t humanly possible. I said – screw you, common sense. Continue reading