Having run-of-the-mill mysteries as Openers hardly work

Mystery shows don’t often believe in making great first impressions because they don’t tend to gradually build up to it. If I were in charge of a mystery adaptation I’d put some thought on thinking up ways to avoid massively focusing on a mystery and all the investigating procedures from the get-go because as an opener these method hardly works.

The difference between the books and the adaptations is an immense gap, a race to fit everything into a 25 minute show where the reader becomes a watcher connected to the story mostly visually and where only the most crucial, rudimentary information is provided. UN-GO is another mystery that falls prey to other similar mystery anime adaptations that had similar lackluster first episodes and sometimes similarly eventually becoming lackluster series – they do poorly what they’re supposed to do best – handling mysteries. They do poorly more than often by putting their flimsiest mystery as openers for their series and thus failing to get the viewer’s attention. Continue reading


Persona 4 – The show everyone will be watching

*Puts on sunglasses*

There’s no denying that high expectations of a series are based on how outstanding its other titles are. There is so much I’ve come to expect of Atlus after I became an avid SMT with DS, SJ, and Nocturne, continuously open to dive deeper into their world.  The Fall comes and Persona 4 anime is announced and there comes the moment when the biggest decision is to watch or not watch an adaptation of a game you hadn’t touched before. After some thinking I said to myself why not? Let’s just watch this. Continue reading

Fall Digest : Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

and we’re entering the realm of self-deprecating titles.

Good thing they have a sense of humor. It’s an odd feeling when a light novel doesn’t always act like it is a light novel adaptation. That’s the vibe I get from them as of late. Some story, a point to make, moderate doses of fanservice, no imouto, no bentou making involved,  not too forced slapstick comedy, no lead who talks himself more than he should,  no cardboard characters. Color me surprise latest LN adaptation. You’re mad, Haganai. Mad I say. Continue reading

Fall Digest : Chihayafuru – Watch this Show Now

Chihaya tactical push!

Chihayafuru is the type of show that solely based on the synopsis and no paying attention to the studio in question one would dismiss it as yet another generic, factory manufactured material or by one that is too dissimilar to one’s own tastes to like. The big news is that Chihayafuru is better than that.

I seriously like how Chihayafuru starts. It shows a dreadfully cliché list of sequences, the  school gate, the ever-present cherry blossoms, and the students rushing to class. It’s like something gotten out of the school anime book, then it throws you curve ball with the oddball of a bishoujo looking to get members for an unpopular club. Chihayafuru you have my attention. Continue reading

Fall Digest : This is how it is being in Middle of Nowhere

In the future, also, we have half-naked men running around, women are either pettanko or double DDs. They forgot to mention that too. Lack of enough info dump.

Now we know. Ok, seriously. Why is anime so confusing lately?  I don’t mean that it’s intricate with so much depth that the concepts are hard to grasp in one go. I mean the total opposite, I’m talking about shows presented in a fashion so stripped from any sense that makes sense only to the creators of the show. This is something that I’d like to address in greater detail at some point, but I’ll leave that discussion for later. Anime, start making sense from the start or at least give us something that tells us you’re doing it on purpose. Continue reading