Rating the Haruhi Suzumiya Light Novels is tricky

haruhi novels

Hey, it’s Haruhi. Yes, that Haruhi. There was once this show about an insanely hyper girl called Haruhi Suzumiya’s, her eternal straight man quite often, ever, reluctant side-kick, not actual side-kick, Kyon, and a myriad of science fiction. Having always been fascinated by the show The Melancholy of Haruhi since the moment I saw the show so many years ago which it almost seems like it wasn’t that long ago, I had to read the novels. Initially, it took me a while to get deep into the novels but it was high up my ever expanding “to do” list.

Being someone who usually likes to read new material rather than to re-read what one has seen I was prone to skip the first volumes because the prospect didn’t sound too exciting. Granted, it is Tanigawa. It’s Haruhi. So I had to read them. It took two years and something to make it to the 6th novel while reading other unrelated books in the process but here I am – six books later. Continue reading

Fall Digest : Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

and we’re entering the realm of self-deprecating titles.

Good thing they have a sense of humor. It’s an odd feeling when a light novel doesn’t always act like it is a light novel adaptation. That’s the vibe I get from them as of late. Some story, a point to make, moderate doses of fanservice, no imouto, no bentou making involved,  not too forced slapstick comedy, no lead who talks himself more than he should,  no cardboard characters. Color me surprise latest LN adaptation. You’re mad, Haganai. Mad I say. Continue reading

Are you anime only? Fans not reading originals as much

of manga and light novels

With the coming of the Fall 10 season and the large amount of titles being animated  I was reminded once again of the abysmal percentage of non-manga and light novel readers out there. You can ask a couple of fans you know whether they read manga or not and they’ll likely say they don’t and say or they “only watch anime”.  Actually, there really isn’t much talk about manga from bloggers or fans either which I found relatively understandable, albeit it didn’t click that right why of the “manga disinterest” is THAT great and why the medium doesn’t attract a bigger audience.

With an overall of 19.5 days,  currently reading status of 24 series, 60 plan to read and overall 142 entries I’m not about to completely removed myself from those groups. I should really read more manga is what i think. The thing is that reading AND following manga or light novels (if you have the chance) isn’t as easy as watching anime for several reasons. Continue reading