Saki #14 : what it feels like to be a supporting character


Some people call it cheating.  Others call it mad skillz. I call it Keikaku doori

This episode features another peculiar and somewhat interesting Mahjong player, someone who is so easy to miss that you can actually forget that she is in even there. In fact, she makes good use of this ability to turn the tables around in her favor. Go! I-don’t-know-what-your-name-is-chick. Go.

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| Elegy to the Nyoron | The Real Art of Drama


This one needs a dramatic song

Nyoron-n Churuya-san  focuses on the struggle of a lively school girl suffering from severe dwarfism. A girl named Churuya who fights frantically for what is denied to her. Churuya’s very own forbidden fruit, smoked cheese.

Churuya’s world is unlike any other, it’s a place where the inhabitant wear emotionless expressions whose gazes are filled with indifference and scorn. Hysterically staring at her while wearing slick smiles whenever she isn’t looking. Churuya-san story ingeniously explains a tragedy of sorts that encompasses the concept of egoism. Put in simple words: “This cheese is mine. You can’t have any.”


The malice of the twisted world she lives in is mainly depicted by a cynic boy named Kyon, one of Churuya’s classmates. Uncaring, malicious, and sharp tongued as he is, Kyon puts Churuya through countless hardships with false promises of giving Churuya a small taste of her adored smoked cheese. As the story progress, the viewer witnesses how this fiend slowly transforms Churuya into a constant source of mockery for his personal amusement. However, his heartless deeds aren’t restricted to Churuya-san as another one of the classmates of Churuya-san named Ryoko shares a similar predicament…

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Why so serious? New era in KKD, kono bakayarō. Spring 2009 is coming. A serious post ft Chiaki


That serious

I’ve been looking for a character who would resemble my personality and of this blog as well. Although, Lelouch’s  and Light’s epitomise the just as planned essence of this place I found Chiaki’s skeptic, somewhat mischievous, bit patronizing, slightly unamussed and witty attittute a better fit for me since that pretty much covers me. Chiaki’s been winning a lot of points from me since episode 1 to the point that she ‘s had become part of my favorite characters list as of 03/09.  Just like Rena Ryuugu and Geass are the official symbol of KKD, Chiaki joining in the fun as well and becoming the official spokesperson of this fabulous blog be that for rants or discussions, bakayarō. Too bad that MAL doesn’t have a separate list for male and female characters so I can add more characters without removing the old ones. Having only 10 characters to choose is not enough in my opinion. Please, MAL? I’ll give you this nice boat that I carved if you do it. Deal? Otherwise, I’m getting Horo ~the wise~ to make this deal happen one way or another. 

So, I wanted to change the old theme but I wasn’t sure which one to pick and which one would feel right for this blog. One thing that I’m digging is that the words don’t look huge anymore and it gives you the idea that there’s plenty of space.  I also like the new color although is a tad too blue for my taste but it gets the job done. Yeah blue, red, black and most recently fabulous purple are my favorite colors too but yellow is fine too.  Now, cutting to the chase.. there are moments when people just shouldn’t ask people, why so serious? I’ll tell you why so serious, bakayarou. For starters, Hollywood messing with anime is one of the worst thing that can happen. Why you ask? Because not only they are making their own original creations or rather abominations but they’re also getting unwanted attention to anime.  I mean, it’s already bad enough that people think that anime is about selling toys, magical girls, generic shounen, Pokemon and everything that ends in -mon.  I know that is hard enough for Hollywood to make movies that don’t involve action (look at the big explossions!), horror or sex but instead go for a well-thought masterpiece and follow the original story for once.  Honest mistake, I understand.  Word of advice. Read this post and the rest of the RRR category from now on as if Chiaki/Minori Chihara was voicing it.  It’s that serious. Continue reading

Update : Getting my priorities straight


Katta! Didn’t I say that things are always better when they go according to plan? Well they are. This is exactly how I feel right now. Why? Well, so far this year has been great and I mean great. Fine, maybe not for the anime world but at least for me.  I can firmly say Keikaku doori. So much that I just might take a potato chip  and eat it *dramatic music*. Sadly, I cannot eat potato chips in such epic way but I sure try. 

So even though I’m full time again I still have more free time that I figured and that’s actually good. To my surprise, lectures about codes, procedures, and other technical stuff aren’t as boring as I thought or maybe is because I’m putting extra effort. There are still some thick books that I have to read and plenty of stuff to memorize for this semester and possibly for the next one and the next one too. Hmm, so if you ever wonder what else I might be doing there’s your answer.

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2008 Anime Awards! + hidden rant


Best OP and ED by season, Best OP and ED of the year, best anime finale, best male character, best female chracter, best supporting character, best villain, most boring character, most fabulous character, most useless character, most memorable shows, worst anime, best anime, more likely to get a second season, best comedy, best action, best shonen, best comedy,  best drama, best adventure, best just as planned.  -More added- Continue reading