Watching THAT Anime After

Watching similar anime with similar vibes guarantees they will likely have positive reception. Over the years I’ve been picking up shows with similar feeling to them for an equally or even better dose of entertainment based on the ones I completed. They were titles initially unknown to me which derived from already existing ones, largely technically dissimilar yet often closely in nature so with a little push in the right direction I happen to stumble upon them.  Continue reading


In reality, not that into OVAS and Movies

I get to watch and read a bit of everything. I don’t usually shy away from new shows but isn’t always the case with  those two mentioned. I don’t show as much excitement when it comes to movies as I do with others. Partially due enormous hype and the whole attention movies get and also partially due to not always catching my eye due not usually being my first choice. What I have isn’t new or anything restricted to only myself as it is likely more common among fans. I refer to reluctance of picking up, to shying away from movies and OVAS. Continue reading