I watched Chu2koi and with only one Eye (The Experiment Series)

chu2koi experiment one eye

> Minus one eye. Sure, why don’t you?

Imagine that, you now temporarily can only see through one eye and only eye alone. What do you do as of that moment, aside from being troubled by the hypothetical idea of such abrupt imposition on your sense of sight, questioning what brought such request, and wondering exactly how many minutes and seconds means temporarily?

The thought alone is troubling, isn’t it. Understandably rarely does one willingly gives up gift of vision even momentarily unless there is a reason. From letting the individual know what is happening to what isn’t, vision plays one of the biggest roles in anyone’s existence shaping the world around them. Its importance goes beyond anything that could be stated to the degree that it would be far an easier task to list what one couldn’t do without it. So then whatever happens in the case the experimenter momentarily can only see through one eye. Whatever happens in the case a certain eyepatch comes into play. Whatever happens the world for that short amount of time. Whatever happens to our vision.

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