Ookami Kakushi – 05 – Big Bad Wolf is no more – OH DESIIIIIIIIRE!!

These guys are our next big theory. I kid you not

That would totally make Hiroshi to be the Little Red Riding Hood. Crazy logic. But do not worry, everyone. Oyashiro-sama has listened to all your prayers. There is no longer more Yaoikakushi, Yaoi & Wolf or Hidden Yaoi. Bummer for those who enjoyed it but great news for the rest of us. Time to go pick this up again in case you dropped it because of it. For those who are taking an interest in OKK again. Welcome back! Continue reading


Ookami Kakushi – 02 : A Little Too Friendly for Comfort – Clingy Girl is still Clingy

TL note : “What do you mean I am [classified] annoying ?”

We start with the episode with Hiroshi asking about the student that got transferred the other day whose name escapes me right now. Isuzu tells him that it’s probably nothing to worry about. I’ll think the same.. if I wasn’t in  one of Ryukishi07’s work. On a separate note, I think I’m getting used to the animation and its colorful colorfulness. *Rainbow effect* At school everyone is gathering around the new kid asking him questions and whatever comes their mind. They must be really bored to be asking Hiroshi to say something funny or interesting to them. See? This is what happens when you don’t have Internet.

I greatly enjoyed the irony of hearing Isuzu accuse the others of being annoying. That’s like me saying that Rena is yandere and Yuno Gasai is yangire. That’s totally wrong and it should be the other way around, should there be any sanity left in the wide world. Continue reading

Ōkamikakushi – You May Have Already Angered Oyashiro-sama. Let her be Onikakushi’ed!!

The most awaited show of the season by me is finally here and of course, a mandatory first impression is much needed. I can already see that there exists similar yet conflicting ideas cornering Ryukishi07’s new project between fans and myself. This is true as there were both good but also bad things that Ookamikakushi had in the first episode. Let’s start with the bad then move on to the good then end with the verdict.

The bad –should there be any bitching complaining it’s coming from me.

Insipid main character A girly looking guy (?) with no apparent redeeming quality who is below average in just about everything except for his high endless 9 trappiness level delivered by the great Yu Kobayashi who, btw, just cemented her position as top seiyuu for effeminate characters in anime more than ever.  There’s not to like about Kuzumi to be brutally frank. I know this is the first episode but in my opinion his attitude is what is killing this show. The preview didn’t look like he was going to be any different  as it looked like he was the one being assaulted by a girl  his own age. I don’t care that much about what happens to him atm. Time for sex change, Kuzumi. See Kampfer for more details.   Continue reading

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – EP4 – ???? – The Tea Party for Those Who Wish To Get Trolled [MUST READ]

Evil Witches have more fun

This is the conversation that happens after the 4th EP is over. It contains red truths denying several claims that Battler made in the final episode. Obviously this is not shown in the anime version because of the time and you’ll never it seen it unless you play the game. Enjoy. This is a gift from the crazy Umineko Witches. Merry Christmas. Continue reading