Watching THAT Anime After

Watching similar anime with similar vibes guarantees they will likely have positive reception. Over the years I’ve been picking up shows with similar feeling to them for an equally or even better dose of entertainment based on the ones I completed. They were titles initially unknown to me which derived from already existing ones, largely technically dissimilar yet often closely in nature so with a little push in the right direction I happen to stumble upon them.  Continue reading


Rhetoric Invasion: Never meant to, World Domination – Squid Girl & Yagami Light

Strange and connected for comparison. Disregarding the different goals of both shows here we make the point of connecting to polar opposite characters who by chance share a similar goal in some way just by no means neither of them share the same way to go about them. Squid Girl and Yagami Light. Continue reading

[Just as keikaku] : Princess Lover! video parody


The last episode of Princess Lover! was screaming for me to make that parody. As you can see I made the last post last night and I figure that I’ll try to make a video featuring the infamous Just as planned since I’ve been dying to do it for some time.

It took a few hours to get it right more or less. I had already forgotten how to do video editing, adding subtitles and such so it took me a bit to make that. Once I was finally done I uploaded the video to youtube and voila. I’m looking forward to making more of the Just as keikaku videos when I have the chance. Keikakus are everywhere. You just need to look for them.