New Code Geass Project as OVAS is Fine

New Code Geass Project has been kept under wraps so such as long time and when it came it was revealed to be four OVAs instead of a full series. As disappointing as that may sound CG OVAS are a fine move.

You wanted Code Geass, you got Code Geass. Continue reading


Watching THAT Anime After

Watching similar anime with similar vibes guarantees they will likely have positive reception. Over the years I’ve been picking up shows with similar feeling to them for an equally or even better dose of entertainment based on the ones I completed. They were titles initially unknown to me which derived from already existing ones, largely technically dissimilar yet often closely in nature so with a little push in the right direction I happen to stumble upon them.  Continue reading

Actual Thoughts on Moar Code Geass – Yay or Nay?

They already got a son. Never mind, that’s Cheese-kun.

Sunrise has been out of the scene for some time now. I’ve missed them. You’ve missed them. I’ve missed Sunrise being Sunrise. You’ve also missed them. I knew they had to come back eventually but I wasn’t expecting them to come back with more Code Geass in 2010 (a year with two Zero’s on it)

It’s been over a year since R2 ended and I’m still looking back on it every now and then, I haven’t forgotten. So I am not going to lie and say that I am not thrilled to hear that I might get to some more of Code Geass after all. I am actually ecstatic to hear the news but there is one tiny winy problem. Is Lelouch going to be on it? I cannot ignore that there is a side of me that doesn’t want me to see more CG or Lelouch. After the epic finale that Code Geas not all of us were that eager to see a continuation of the show. I was also very against this idea since a continuation will only lessen R2 ending. I didn’t want that. Yet, here I am.  Continue reading