Blood C Ends Go Watch the Movie Next Year

bunnies are set loose, bunnies everywhere we look

We sure will, doc. We sure will. After 12 weeks the mad creation of Blood x Clamp X I.G. ends. Blood-C had an idea. It wasn’t a bad idea, not that it was original either, but they were very very bad at actually doing it. The Blood-C team confused rather than surprised the audience with a slice of life meets horror show product Continue reading

Saya is the worst hero ever (and I’m glad they aren’t for real)

Everyone should watch Blood-C to see how much of a trainwreck this anime is. The levels  Blood-C reach are simply baffling. Saya monstrously fails at playing the hero part and by doing so she steps up to the challenge of being one of the worst heroes ever created in the history of anime. The catch is that Blood-C is a manufactured trainwreck from the very start. The truth is that, Saya could not have possibly been for real. Continue reading

It’s totally fine to like Blood-C again

It’s all fun, moeblobing, and cake until twins get hurt.

It is Redemption week for Blood-C and word on the street is that Blood-C isn’t so sucky anymore. The idea that anything remotely happening in B-C was possible yet there was no luck thus far, but here it is. When there is show that is so off its track to a point that it being off its track even feels off one wonders what exactly it is going on. What did Blood-C need? This. A serious dose of this.

Continue reading

Soft Action

Many have called Blood C dull. That’s too vague I think, I’m calling it a softer version of an action show, a softer version of a monster of the week show, an underdeveloped and ambiguous variation of a fighting show project that has still to find its own niche. Facetiously, I’ll refer to Blood-C’s lead as Kobato dropping the duty of healing hearts and picking up swordsmanship instead. More seriously, I’ll refer to Blood-C as a mixed bag of action with supernatural elements where more than 80% of the time it is nothing about neither of those themes. Continue reading