I watched Jormungand and only the Final Episode (The Experiment Series)

In the past, now and forever there will always shows one skips for whatever reason. Lack of time, interest, bad subs. My case in point being there will be always be that or those shows everyone decides to sit this one out. Should this stop us from watching a show? No, not all. Maybe not if you’re watching a show seriously and consistently. Most recommended if you’re doing experiments. Continue reading


I watched Haiyore! Nyaruko-san in Fast Motion (The Chaotic Experiment Series)

The experiments that scrawl up to you with a smile.

Speed it up. But before that a short history lesson. I am no stranger to Hayoire! Nyaruko-san. I not so fondly remember watching a 5 minute flash animation sometime last year. I thought to myself, “I’m probably not going to be watching this show ever again.” Yet here I am. Before Nyaruko-san was a boring show with terrible animation and reference that were easily lost on viewers. Now it is a better show and surprisingly entertaining one at that this season. Welcome to the experiment, welcome to one in which the opposite of slow-motion is applied, where the whole world moves at lightening speed with no stops, red lights or yellow lights and needless to say my lack of knowledge for the Lovecraftian world is more than apparent. This is an experiment. This is an experiment. I’m saying it yet again because it’s  important. Continue reading

I watched Fate Zero and without Subtitles (Experiment Series)

In a world without available translations there’s only sounds, words, and images to guide you to the true meaning of what is being said. Everything can be heard but not understood. Only little pieces and pieces are known, the rest are all mixed messages muddled by illogical unknown sounds. It’s the weirdest thing. Curious nonsense for they hardly make any sense. This is one of the more curious ones.  It’s a good thing. Continue reading

I watched Sankarea and only the OP Theme (Experiment Series)

Watching an episode without X elements is about getting a different perspective from what a show wants to project and along with it new results. Take it a level higher, cut it in half then less than that then less than that until the only thing that remains is the OP part. No karaoke either. Warning may contain both studios. Continue reading

I watched Nichibros without watching any of the other episodes (The Experiment Series)

Hey, anime. It’s always a group of bored high school girls instead of guys.  How about a show about a group of 3-4 guys doing guy stuff, saying guy stuff and whatnot. But wait a moment, there’s already a show like this and it’s about guys who happen to be bros who happen to be high schoolers, and it happens to be about their daily lives. Concise title and concise description. Ha, but it’s probably Continue reading