Fall Digest : C³ Cube x Cursed x Curious – Think Inside the Box

It’s all vibrant pastel-like colors in world of slice of life light novels. It remains a big mystery whether or not they are all animated by one studio going by different names because it is basically the name product elevated to x power. We’ll just give CxCxC the benefit of the doubt on that.

After watching C3, otherwise CubexCursedxCurious, otherwise C Cube, otherwise whathaveyou I don’t feel as bad at about it as I did when I first watched it. It’s still one of those common simple fun, eye candy anime which plays it safe by following  known to man rules about making a romance comedy show work with its biggest downside is adding little new to the genre.  Continue reading


SKET Dansu

It does sound a lot cooler when you say it like that

It shall hereby be called Dansu from now on. Hold a sec, did Dansu just outdo Ookami-san and Gosick at the same time or was it just as bad? Lies. I couldn’t finish neither but surely it couldn’t be worse than Ookami-san. Let’s ask J.C Staff and wait for it to get back to us..

– You know next season. Continue reading

Nichijou – The KyoAni Slice of Life Machine Continues

Let’s say this: Nichijou is not totally impressive, but an anime with the name of “My ordinary Life” shouldn’t be anyway. Nichijou is a tame slice of life, where everything just happens, everyone gets along, and they don’t recall what happened in past episodes (I call it 4Koma selective amnesia) Nichijou is Nichijou the type of 4-Koma that follows the slice-of-life bread and butter to talk about food and their everyday lives as a standard. Sounds about right? Yup. Continue reading

Tiger $ Bunny – Whenever in Doubt – Sunrise

Question. How many heroes does it take to catch a criminal?
Answer. Ask Sunrise.

There’s the good. There’s the bad. There’s the bad Sunrise that can be good. See? It has a currency sign instead because relates to advertising. Tiger and Bunny separates me in three parts. Part of me thinks this is what Cowboy Bebop would be like if it was done by Sunrise. The second part is busying making sense of Tiger and Bunny. The last part of me thinks they don’t make shameless advertising like they used to. In fact, they got a whole lot better. I’ll have you know Sunrise, I’m more of a heavy Coke drinker by decision. If you can’t respect that I think we’re through here. Continue reading

It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World

Seven Arcs, what are you doing acrobatics for? Get down from there. You ain’t this guy

When they said Dog Days they meant it. Dogs days is making its own rules of war as it goes. One that involves no real losses and people turn into cats and dogs once they’re taken out. It’s like 4Kidz’s editing team wet dream I tell you. Dog Days makes as much sense as Funimation decisions as of late, which is one where a character summoned (euphemism for kidnapping) by a country with the name of pastry and thrown in a war that can be solved by athletics events. Only Princess Peach could be this helpless under pressure. What can we say? It’s a crazy world. Continue reading