Maou-sama and when Demon Kings stopped sucking

Hataraku Maou-sama 00

Stories about demon kings in anime have been around as long as I remember yet the stories are relatively the same. A hero, by that we mean the good guy, by that we often mean the protagonist, goes on in his quest to vanquish the nefarious existence of this shady two-horned, cape-wearing character publicly called the demon king (because whysoever would you make yourself an easier target). Let me tell you something about demon kings and why I have watched Maou-sama and rather watch it than any of its predecessors. Continue reading


Before and Now The (Ongoing) Progress of Psycho-Pass


Expectations, expectations. What a word. Some stories reach their high point early, others like to take their sweet time. Expectations from Urobuchi’s latest project set the bar high for Psycho-Pass before the season even began. How great is Psycho-Pass  going to be, what is it going to bring, why should I stick with it.  Continue reading

Secret Santa Project : Hyakko Where Boys be Ambitious is actually about Girls

Hyakko Secret Santa Project

Remember that oblivious easy going friend back in school who was always upbeat always mysteriously in a good mood for no apparent reason. The classmate who got himself or herself in trouble and sometimes made you tag along for the ride. This is the same person who sometimes said and acted in ways that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, to many even to this day. Torako is that type of person. Not a whole lot intelligent with a short attention span and neither a lot coherent nor consistent. But much fun to be around. Continue reading

Code Breaker is Kind of Ingenious in a Dumb Way

I remember back in the day I read Code Breaker’s first chapters just to be put on indefinite hold once there were no more translated releases in months ending up being forever forgotten with all other manga that took too long to be picked up by any translation groups, or really anyone. I can tell you I’m glad I stopped reading it back then because the animated version is a real treat. Continue reading

Cultural References and Insufficient Power Level

Based on the general consensus I watched Joshiraku for the first time expecting it to be completely cryptic like alien written in ancient tablets, too difficult and obscure to remotely understand it. Based on the general consensus Joshiraku would be incomprehensible, very much Japanese-only, providing the ultimate realization of knowing a show isn’t meant for you. In fact, they are not so wrong about that. Continue reading