Book of Shadows is not the sequel Corpse Party deserved but the sequel it needed


I confess am one of those awfully strange individuals who is of the outlandish opinion that horror ought to have a story, events that one can remember, and why not, characters who one can, fictional and hand-drawn as they may be, be memorable and important. Point is that the audience shouldn’t always believe all that the characters they are reading in a horror are going to perish horribly just because they inevitably are. Regardless of the outcome I would ask horror titles to not be so blatant about it. It’s possible they won’t meet their unspeakable demise. There is the possibility that somewhere there is a good end that no one expected it. That choice is up to the story. The final result only known the moment it happens – hard to predict, obscure. Continue reading

I watched under 5 seconds of OP Themes instead of the Season (The Experiment Series)


First impressions matter. You have 25 minutes and I got less than 5 seconds per show. Watching anime is such a herculean task. Sitting through 25 minutes of uninterrupted animation, paying attention, and reading subtitles. That, that is something I wouldn’t say. Even so, the prospect of checking out every show that comes out each season is not something I’m terribly fond of. It’s like fishing. Pick a few and let the rest be. I’d compare it to watching every show that comes out in a certain channel just because I happen to like that channel. Much like fake tanning, I just don’t that. Continue reading

In not so many words what I actually thought of Gantz’ Ending

Gantz manga the end

I recall a summer back in 2005-2006 when I picked up Gantz the first time. Little did I know that late evening and my sleep would be gone instead dedicated to Gantz the moment I read the first chapter. Before I knew it I was over the first 100 chapters into a story of personal survival, to save the earth, unspeakable monsters, and ultra tight black suits. My mind filled with contents I wouldn’t wish to others unless they’d agree to it. I confess that this is not a rare experience as many who have picked up Gantz reacted in a similar way – they can’t put it down. Much like those freakishly bizarre aliens. That’s because Gantz is an experience on its own. Everything has to end at some point. If there is any team of people who has earned their rest in the manga story, I’m sure Gantz would be up there. Continue reading

Maou-sama and when Demon Kings stopped sucking

Hataraku Maou-sama 00

Stories about demon kings in anime have been around as long as I remember yet the stories are relatively the same. A hero, by that we mean the good guy, by that we often mean the protagonist, goes on in his quest to vanquish the nefarious existence of this shady two-horned, cape-wearing character publicly called the demon king (because whysoever would you make yourself an easier target). Let me tell you something about demon kings and why I have watched Maou-sama and rather watch it than any of its predecessors. Continue reading

Why We Drop Things : – SPOILERS –

Compared to cases where personal preferences is what makes all the difference between watching and dropping a show halfway, this is one quite different. To not continue to watch a show because of being spoiled is one of the rarer cases that though, rare as it may sound, is a possibility for many.

Imagine you heard it accidentally. Imagine one day after a long day you are surfing through the nebula of the Internet like usual then the next thing you know your eyes are accidentally and suddenly subjected to a fierce barrage of spoilers that your mind wasn’t quick enough to not process.  Continue reading