In which 19 Qs. about Rose Guns Days Demo are Answered

It’s a welcome surprise when a demo dishes out as much as possible as it can. Doing better than it could do wrong Rose Gun Days is a pleasant surprise from 07th Expansion works this year. A fresh story, a new adventure, improved graphics, upbeat music, the sizzling hard-boiled of it all. It’s like I’m dealing with something completely different.

1Q. Are there any new features?

A. Pleasing (and hoping there will be more) is the option to move around the city exactly like there are in other visual novels. That’s right, we aren’t in a closed environment such as in a village we can’t leave or on an island. Actually, we still are in an island but that’s not the point. There are no penalties for not selecting destinations in the correct order, if that was ever a concern. Why is this great? First readers are in charge of the main characters if ever so slightly. Second, it is a great feature that doesn’t restrict readers in any way plus it gives the chance to go places as they continue with the story. Hey, we’re starting to look like an actual VN. This could be the beginning of many exciting things.

2Q. Will the new graphics look inappropriate? I sure miss Ryukishi’s drawings

A. So do I, so do I, to the shock of many who may disagree. One of my preoccupations was that the new designs will be too much. They are a noticeable step up from the old designs but they aren’t overwhelmingly flashy, which is a good thing. In other words they look right for the occasion.

3Q. How long is the demo ver?

A. 2-3 hours max. Actually, more like 2 solid hours max reading leisurely. The demo covers 3 chapters. It’s worth mentioning that the amount it covers is fantastically appropriate for a demo. Should there be a list of top visual novel demos Rose Guns Days would make the top five. It’ll give you a bit and will leave you wanting for more – exactly how a demo should.

4Q. Is it free?

A. Completely legally free. Free as air, free as birds, free as EVA B on a jelly spree. Very very magical. The demo version is available for download at the 07th expansion page the patch from Witchhunt’s page. It may take a while to download depending on internet connection. No, it won’t take more than two days.

5Q. Is this related to Guns N’ Roses?

A. Let’s get it out of the way before we explode, which it really isn’t good for the livers. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. It may be just me but we can be sure that RGD isn’t in any way related.

6Q. I hear there are mini games in Rose Gun Days. Explain.

A. Incredibly easy to beat provided readers have a mouse with new batteries to go with it. That’s correct. There is even a tutorial before you begin playing. We KNOW things are going to get serious when they include a tutorial. I get the feeling I mentioned it already..

Things are getting serious.

7Q. Are there Witches, youkais, furniture, [insert supernatural being] in RGD?

A. Thus far there are none in the trial version. This is not to say that there won’t be any in the future but everything seems to indicate RGD will be very much down to earth. I’m OK with this.

8Q. Favorite characters in Rose Gun Days?

A. Asking the wrong question here, question is WHO ISN’T A FAVORITE CHARACTER? RGD’s characters are upbeat, fun, and most importantly fun to watch. The demo didn’t manage to delve into their personalities but so far it looks like a fun ride.

9Q. Is Rose Gun Days the same as Higanbana taking screen shot-wise?

A. For those who don’t know Higanbana’s text cannot be hidden at all, be that patch or the original version. Text could be hidden in both Higurashi and Umineko same as it can be done in most visual novels to take screenshots. A con is RGD making the same mistake Higanbana did. It’s safe to believe RGD will lack this feature based on the demo, which is something I oppose. No clean screenshots for fans or bloggers. This simply baffles me.

10Q. Name a con of Rose Gun Days has story-wise.

A. RGD reminds me of Hanachirasu’s story and its somewhat strong nationalism angle. RGD’s story is rooted of “We vs. Them” approach, even if it isn’t it gives that idea. The good thing is that RGD doesn’t go too overboard. I expect RGD to take a more neutral approach or rather a more worldly approach to the matter. Just something to keep in mind.

11Q. I heard Philip Butler is in it

A. And I heard that Sakutaro was in Higanbana as well, to which I may say, wasn’t entirely true. If by that we mean, he *is* in it then he is technically in it. Unfortunately, he is not part of the main characters crew and he is not featured in the demo version. He’ll probably appear in the full game and have no connection to another popular red-headed guy so don’t wait for something like that. We’ll just have to wait until it is fully translated to know his role.

12Q. Can you see yourself reading Rose Guns Days a year from now or whenever the patch is released?

     A. I think I can and I think I can do it well. Also throwing this out there, favorite line from demo is “I am a pen.” This could be thing.

13Q. Why is it called Rose Guns Days? If not officially stated or not familiar with this then take a guess.

A. Rose is the main character. Guns because they use guns. Days because that’s how we express a certain time in which certain memorable events occurred. What do we get? Rose Guns Days. 07th Expansion guys thought this was a great name. We’ll see how it grows on us.

14Q. Character-wise RGS how exactly are we doing?

      A.Just so we’re clear. We all are +Rose and +Stella, correct?

15Q. What about fabulous shipping? Will there be shipping, for that matter will there be boats?

A. There’s a triangle, square that it is in fact a regular pairing and that’s about it. Actually, it is fairly straightforward where this will be going. As for the rest, I’m not one to ship. But I may own ships (I don’t own any ships).

16Q. Let’s have those RGD Predictions.

A. Leo will [rescue Rose or this will span for more than one episode] They will all face a grander evil in the city. The story will go back and forth like we’re dealing with Tohya. By the end of the final chapter everything comes together. 7 EPs? That’s awfully big number of episodes for a single story, but we’ll see how this goes without feeling drawn-out at all.

17Q. I take it there will be amazing BGM pieces as usual.

A. Rose Guns Days’s theme and atmosphere is like anything seen before in 07th Expansion works. It’s way more action-packed and definitely will continue to be hard-boiled through the series. The BGM pieces fit the more action-centric story instead of melancholic cathartic When they Cry.

18Q Does Rose Gun Days look like blogging material?

A. If by blogging we mean writing about it and if by writing material we mean that it practically writes itself then YES. No entries write themselves but they can sure can close to that. There probably will be some highlights for some EPS. We’ll all be playing the game anyway, so why not make a tea party out of it.

19Q. Rate the glorious demo version.

A. Rose Guns Days’ demo gets a solid 8. The game is awfully well put together for a demo. And it is surprising for such a short demo to be so concise and a good evidence of what fans can ultimately expect. Thinking back on it, 07th Expansions stories needed so much time to develop, which was a concern because they took a really long time (granted necessary) for the story to take off. RGS prides itself getting right to the point and delivering the goods. The writing will be different, the characters will be different, everything will be different. I can see Ryukishi trying something new and being successful with Rose Guns Days formula. Rose Guns Days is a new experience coming figuratively and literally all guns blazing.

* Stay tuned for more Rose Guns Days madness. We’re all sure to hear more of it.


3 thoughts on “In which 19 Qs. about Rose Guns Days Demo are Answered

  1. Hi, Yirba from Spider Lily Translations here.

    You mentioned the lack of ability to hide the text in Higanbana and Rose Guns Days. This is something other people have asked us about as well. So maybe we’ll try to include such a feature in future patches. I’ll also see what can be done for Rose Guns Days.

    • That sounds amazing.

      I’m interested in knowing if there was a particular reason for the original release to be that way seeing the average game gives the readers that option by default. It is negligible story-wise but I’m sure many people would be interested and would be overjoyed to see a feature like that for both Higanbana and Rose Guns Days for many reasons.

      • Well, I had a go at implementing that feature in Higanbana, but it turns out that it’s all a lot more complicated than it first appears. It actually appears that 07th Expansion tried to put in that feature, since there is code in the game to hide the text, but it was commented out for the actual release. Not saying it’s impossible, but it’s quite troublesome. I imagine it’s the same thing for Rose Guns Days.

        (I also had a go at making the glossary accessible from the right-click menu, but that didn’t go too well, either.)

        We’ll keep trying, although we have other priorities, of course.

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