Guide to Surviving The Second Episode of Muv-Luv Alternative

Sometimes being a character in a story and all they don’t tell you the whole story. What it is going to happen or not happen, such is the case for Muv-Luv Alternative. You’re a character, you’re in it. Muv-Luv will want you for an unwanted early retirement. This is your guide to making it to the next episode.

#1 – The First Character that Gets Excited or Rejoices

Yay for bad news! I am not kidding you though I wish I was in this case. It is the case for whoever gets excited in these stories will leave the show early. They mess up, they put their guard down for a split second. Think of it as the first one who rushes into battle without his team behind him. Think of it as the first example that things are going to get extremely gory within the next minutes.

The first category of surviving the second episode of Muv-Luv consists of put the guard down for quick second. Look ahead, eyes on the road. It usually happens so fast no one has time to react. Not to be confused with Yay, I did it.

# 2- YAY, I did it.

The second scenario is similar to the first only that it happens in a more predictable way, that is, the audience can see it coming the moment the camera was shooting straight at the character’s face then the next moment the camera is zooming out as it stays there for the next seconds. – Something is happening – Yay, I did it! is more obvious in nature. Obvious as regular manga adaptations getting 12-13 eps, obvious as fanservice shows having a no girl is ever picked ending.

The character is clearly rejoiced to have done something correctly (the nerve of them!) therefore helped the team to prevent an otherwise ominous and incoming defeat. Bad news is that mutant scorpions from out of space thought otherwise.

Do keep in mind #2 and that it is not recommended to openly rejoice when in dire life and death situations. Save it for later.

#3 – When You are Part of the Other Group

Nothing will guarantee to make it out alive just because you’re part of the main crew. When Muv-Luv wants you to go you have to go. Nevertheless, being part of the main crew at least guarantees a small chance of survival. When you’re part of the other resistance group, part of the other squad, part of the crew there’s a higher chance of leaving the show early quicker than they can tell us their names. Special mention when you’re part of the cannon-fodder squad. Watch out, prepare handling waves of incoming evil aliens and no AOE damage.

# 4 – When You are Higher in Rank than the Protagonist

The commander, the general, lieutenant, whoever is in charged above the main character is the next character that will leave the show early. The reason they picked whoever is above the MC in rank and waste that character is because that character was the best trained in their unit. The logic behind is that if a better trained soldier died then how could anyone else make it? Being a instructor, being one in command means that when they’re gone the next one in line will take over to have some spotlight. I want to see more shows where a higher in command makes it.

# 5 – When You Barely Had a Single Decent Shot in the Episode

And there probably won’t be wallpapers of you anytime soon. Another terrible indication that things won’t go according to plan. When we know you’re there but we only heard your voice and hardly saw your face. Strange and disconcerting? Completely justified, my friends. That is a huge death flag above your head following you everywhere. Get it off before it is completely triggered.

# 6- When You Don’t Even Get a Sprite

> Who
> was
> that
> character
> again?

# 7 – When You Get to Act Too Cool and You Are Not the Protagonist

When you look like a great and well trained solider but are not the main character, this is not a rescue mission, and we aren’t approaching the ending credits as there is plenty of minutes left THEN you’re probably getting the axe too.

I know. I was like oh shi- not him too, but this was also the case for instructor guy, but that’s how things play out in Muv-luv alternative. Humanity is attacked by crabs from out of space and we send teenagers to fight battles. Get used to it. That is just how things work.

* Special mention and similar variation is the guy who will stay behind so the MC can pass. Rumor has it they only have one clip left.

# 8 – When It is THAT Character who has to Come Back

Several variations exist but they all have one thing in common – they all have to have a goal in mind or a promise to keep. Muv-Luv characters could’ve increased their chances of survival by not saying they had boyfriends or that they had to come back for certain reasons, but these aliens still thought otherwise.

Notice how every character who has a reason to come back is often killed. There’s a mystifying reason why they aren’t allowed to come back in the first place. You know, that person is waiting for me. Or when I come back I’m going to get engaged. You know what? As fictional characters and in such scenarios let’s take precautions and not mention to anyone we’re expected to come back. For that matter it is best not to mention that anything at all is going to happen when we come back. That is one of the tickets to surviving the world of Muv-luv.

# 9 – When You’re the Last Member of the Protagonist’s Unit

In other words when they really want to start with a clean slate the next episode. And above everything the true way to survive Muv-Luv Alt is – to not be a character and in a situation –

First aliens came for the city then they came to take away the fanservice.

# 10 – When Introduced in a story called Part I-II of the Main Story

A couple of pointers here and there. When a show wants to clean house this is how they do it. So we take it that after this episode everybody will be into Muv-Luv, right?