I watched Tari-Tari and only the ED Theme (Experiment Series)

I’m basically picking up shows randomly.

In which we do the opposite of an OP theme Only experiment. Like blue and orange, like light and dark, like Ufotable and DEEN, like up and down and all that jazz.

Where exactly will I be going with this new experiment? To be frank, not many places as we will soon see. Our scope is more narrow than it could’ve been before. If OP theme was limited before then right now it is less than that. Not because of a lack of understanding but for actual lack of available material. I thought to myself what am I supposed to do with only 5 images and a post to do? This.

If watching the OP only was a bit limited then watching the ED only would be even more. I know. I know. That’s a tad strange. But why would that be the case if they run about the same length? It’s a list of things or rather the lack of many things such as longer and more  eventful animated sequences to give an example.

Let’s start analyzing Tari-Tari Ending Theme. See how many details we can find.

Such as a common shtick in anime ED themes, Starting Depressing but then Getting Better

It seems like every respectable Ending Theme (and by respectable we do mean the standard) since the dawn of time happens to be soothing or nostalgic. Sometimes both at the same time. It’s not surprising for an ED theme to be sad in nature and that’s exactly what happens in Tari-Tari ED though we aren’t sure what exactly they’re particularly down about. We have already mentioned it but between me, you, and rainy days in ending themes, Tari-Tari’s ED is exactly what one would expect of an standard ending theme.

In anime it is a cool thing to wear those huge headphones outdoors

On explanatory material and of theoretical scenes.

I have kinda wondered about the characters in shows ever going to the places where they are featured in these themes. Do they ever go to such places or do those happen after the main show is over? Think about it, viewers follow the whole show and often they never got to witness those scenes. Did x character go to beach? Was x character wearing the same clothes? Is looking back in a rainy day a common thing or is it just one episode deal for dramatic effect? ED themes I would ask you when exactly did they happen, but we may not have a full answer to that question. Is this really that important? Of course not, it is however pointed out that such scenes are shown for a reason.

The opposite of possible theoretical scenes. There are those which are considered to be more actual in nature. 

Compared to the case where it was difficult to buy into extraordinary off-screen events before then there are also scenes that fit perfectly in the actual story. Such is the example of these two characters shown in the most normal way in the most normal day. For that one can easily see such scenes happening in more than one occasion. Compared to imagery and abstract interpretations of events, simple scenes that could happen in any day are more authentic. I can say that I could positively see this happening in the actual show.

Finally the ED reaches the part showing what certain main characters are best known for.

So is the case for main characters in a story, to be more specific one, and what would viewers would right away link them to. We immediately imagine such characters to be part of the archery club (despite not knowing for certain) and so such specific scenes such as shooting an arrow are entirely common and more than feasible. Are they accurate descriptions of the characters or just for the sake of showing them in different lights without a strong correlation to the core story? I’d like to think they are. I’d be opposed to being depicted in a way that would misrepresent me. In my case if I was shown in an astronomy club instead of the art club or something similar then that wouldn’t be correct, then we would fall into misrepresentation. OP and ED sequences represent vastly character’s main traits and attitudes so this is assumed to be true. What we’re saying is that x main character’s favorite club activity is archery and possibly she is better known for her archery skills. OK, possibly not, but we get the point. (It was either that or be part of the student council)

Most exciting ED theme of the season

Experiment Results:
Experiment conducted : C
Enjoyment of experiment : C
Headphones : C

What we’re doing is overanalyzing scenes because there is a limited amount of data. For the amount of time the number of scenes are awfully limiting, even being able to be counted with one hand.  Tari-Tari’s ED lacks actual sequences suddenly becoming idle in the final seconds just before the ED is over. It gets the job done, doesn’t go beyond it.

The point of it all? Ending themes serve to convey events that supposedly happen before the show or while show is running. Experiment-wise there wasn’t much material to work with in the first place. Tari-Tari’s ED is so short to tell its story. Guys and gals going to school and stuff happens on those days? That’s probably it. As for me I would personally include them in the actual story and seeing such events actually occur.