I watched Jormungand and only the Final Episode (The Experiment Series)

In the past, now and forever there will always shows one skips for whatever reason. Lack of time, interest, bad subs. My case in point being there will be always be that or those shows everyone decides to sit this one out. Should this stop us from watching a show? No, not all. Maybe not if you’re watching a show seriously and consistently. Most recommended if you’re doing experiments.

Pros(+) of Watching the Final Episode
1) I get to skip a bunch of episodes. 2) That I actually get to watch what the fuzz was about. 3) I’m spoiler free. 4) She’s Koko. She’s loco.

Cons(-) of Watching the Final Episode
1) I didn’t say “Oh no”. This happens to be very important.

I’m feeling good about this experiment. I feel about it because Jormungand seems like a good show to talk about. Moreover, Jormungand looks like a good match for the experiment series. I have been of spoilers free for most part and I will be only making as much sense of what the show is about from what this (Last) episode will tell me.

What can I say about Jormungand? Always a very good question. There are many things that could be said about Jormungand. That Koko hardly changes her expressions, that Koko looks like an albino transvestite, that appearance-wise Koko reminds one of Integra, that Koko looks too young for her age, that her voice sounds off, that the music is too cheesy, that sometimes I call the show Juggernaut instead of Jormungand.

These things will NOT be said. What will be said of is how insane Jormungand, how it likes opera music, how good a shot they are, how bad of a shot they are, how they have always stood on the borderland.

~ eeni meeny miny moe. What to say? ~

> Of Those Lyrics

I know nothing about nothing and this should be known in all these experiments. Again that’s a good thing. A bad thing would be knowing too much. A bad thing would be being majorly spoiled. A bad thing would be being on Koko’s bad side.

I did not do my homework and it will become obvious that I didn’t. Of course, I didn’t do much homework as that would totally spoil this experiment, so would leaving a milk outside the bridge, so would watching the final episode without watching the other 11 eps like decent people would. I have been terribly curious what Jormungand’s OP theme would be like. Is it death metal a la Maximum The Hormone? Me, I was certain it was going to be something closer to Red Fraction. Not to say it was far from it. Not to say that link was clicked just now. Jormungand’s stellar OP theme is a high-pitched j-pop song about Always standing on the borderline. If there is anything I have been learning from watching Black Lagoon-ish shows is to expect delicious Engrish bouts to be followed. I am not complaining at all and I am not calling it master piece either. Call it whatever but deep down I get the strange feeling that any other OP would not fit Jormungand.

> Of Logic going out of the Windows (of bullets and Driving backwards)

I’m no guns expert therefore it should be imperative to mention that my experience with guns goes no further than that of a person with gaming system and that of a person who watched an array of action-pack explosive Hollywood movies where things go boom for the smallest thing. It is so terribly dramatic. The GTA series will tell me that cars go boom after they are upside down after 5 seconds have gone by. Max Payne would tell me that I can recover from gun shots by taking painkillers. FEAR would tell me a single player can take out a private army of clone soldiers. A confusing world. Who. To. Believe? I know this much – I am positive that bulletproof vest or not a person would feel the recoil from several shots after being shot in the back. It may be just me, but that would surely happen to me unlike the scene where the masked man in Jormungand looked like he was bitten by a mosquito. I am not that mosquito, neither I am the masked man who was shot at, nor I am that gun. At times when I’m alone I wish I was a bird.

The supernatural, Youtube featured videos, news blogs, CANAAN. We tend to ignore things and things tend to be ignored. Jormungand also ignores many things that we mean they discard them entirely. – No, Jormungand runs wildly with that. – A couple minutes into it and I’m already feeling I am making a terrible mistake in taking Jormungand’s physics remotely seriously. This was fully noted and likely a deciding factor in who was going to drop or stick with Jormungand. Who me? I am neither. I just started watching the show and this is the final episode. Whatever Jormungand tells me in my first and final episode will mark what I would think of the show.

> Of What is Koko Always Smiling About (and Of Her Voice)

Koko : <says something>
Keikakudoori: “But why does she SOUND like that?”

There’s something off about Koko’s voice enough to compare it to what Medaka’s voice was in the summer season. I do not know but it sounds like Koko should have a different voice for her character based on her looks and her line of work. This is not working out, Jormungand. Koko’s face makes her somewhat creepier than it does making her more interesting. Not to say she would for sure but I can see how Koko’s character losing me in the long run if I was watching Jormungand since the very beginning. I was expecting so much of Koko’s character. Expecting to deliver in every scene and performance. There’s something tedious about watching Koko keeping the same reaction in 80% of the scenes. I make a fair distinction between expressionless and keeping the same one. Hey, how about we create a character but only give her a few expressions so we don’t have to draw more? I don’t know, this is just me – like everything else here – but it seems pretty lazy of the artist.

> Of Lack of Involvement of a Main Character in the Final Episode.

Only watching the Final Episode means you have no real knowledge of knowing what usually happens and what doesn’t. I have to wonder if Koko’s character always takes a back seat to the action in the series. A rule in anime (sometimes not the best one) is giving the majority of screen time to the main character regardless of whether they’re good or bad. For a final episode Koko wasn’t featured as much as I figured neither did she take much part in it. The good news is that Koko is no screentime hogger. The bad news is that this is my first episode and also my final one of Jormungand so Koko-wise related info is limited. There’s so much I can speculate about Koko’s character even less when the only episode I watch there is a serious lack of her. From what I gather and word on the street is that she sells weapons and that she is demented enough to call her loco. I listen to the public.

But this keeps begging the question, from a scale 1-10 how loco is Koko? These types of answers I can hope Jormungand answered throughout the story. There are stages to insanity as we can guess, or know, let’s go with guess. I would otherwise be indignant if Koko’s insanity was never properly addressed in her own show. If the case was that it was never addressed than we’ll have to say that we find these assumptions profoundly presumptuous. I may be missing something here – like the other 11 episodes I skipped – but I don’t see why I should necessarily say oh, no. Perhaps Jormungand ought to give examples of what they mean. Perhaps Jormungand has to do a step-by-step of how loco Koko is.

Worst shot ever

> Of Rushed Final Battles

I can only hope one day I might learn the art of outrunning bullets like they do in anime. Those going against Jormungand may realize that going against arms dealers wasn’t such a great idea after they cannot take care of one of Koko’s crew. As for me I’d be in need of serious +agility attributes to do what Jormungand characters do. Better yet to not be in scenarios requiring dodging barrels of bullets. As for me as I’m not Koko’s crew material and so such feats are impossible. Unlike eye-patch big sis I would have to tremendously reconsider the disadvantages of fighting a private army with only one working an eye.

My question was: who was this old man? And did it take this long for these two to fight it out to the death? I can’t tell. I know the final episode of Jormungand explained bits of it seeing this final scene unleashed so fast can be disconcerting. They must’ve built it up since half the beginning or half the series introducing parts of it. Hey, eye-patch-san has been acting strange, Koko. “It’s because of *that* man.” Introduce flashbacks of the old man’s face. Introduce eye-patch-san distressed expression. Introduce Koko’s Hellsing smile.

Was the fight between the old man and eye-patch onee-san necessary for the final episode? Was this what Jormungand was about? I don’t know. I know that this is something the eye-patch big sister had to do, that this was the moment for the kid of the group to prove himself that he was also a main character, that Koko’s crew takes crap from no one. So many things. So few hats.

> Of Stranger Turn of Events

One would expect the opposing side to the filled with the worst type of characters imaginable. Jormungand shows there are other sides to it and that in the end everyone regardless what they fight for are still people.

This is really just me but I, for one, am against the idea of leisurely strolling an area of conflict after being done with a mission. But I’m not part of Koko’s screw and I am qualified to join them. Jormungand characters have proven they can take some serious damage and come out with a few scratches minus the old man. I can say with certainty that the characters in Jormungand sure can take a lot of bullets without dying. Development-wise Jormungand is a cluster of over the top events and developments seen in action movies. There were plenty of bullets being fired and characters getting shot at. None of them with fatal casualties incurred.

I know what you’re thinking. How is this possible? And this is not like that critical thinking puzzle about a bomb going off and a person sitting in front of it not dying where the solution was that [he was watching TV]. The solution to this question is – it’s the Jormungand universe. That is all I can tell you. The saying that People don’t die when they’re killed amply applies to Jormungand. I have been warned about it and now I know for sure.

I don’t care where you’re from, eating sandwiches like that is just not right.

> Of Characters No one Knows

I. do. not. know. this. people.

You’d HAVE to jump straight to the final episode of a show and experience this such as it was done in this experiment. Questions about all characters featured in the OP are common, however, easily answered by their role in the story. This guy is the driver. That guy is the gun-expert. That gal is good with knives. Koko is undoubtly loco. We KNOW this. This is not the case for all the other remaining characters not featured in the OP or covered throughout the episode and therefore not so evident. Were these characters remotely mentioned, hinted, had cameos in the other 11 episodes Jormungand ran? No? Yes? I will never know. This is watching the final episode of a show while ignoring the other 11 episodes because that’s what we do. This is watching Jormungand with nothing else than knowing the main character is an arms sellers and her crew is possibly called Jormungand.

You have got to let me know Jormungand as you have been doing it little by little. Who are these people and what I have been watching. There’s that unknown guy with the thickest foggiest glasses EVER waiting in a chapel and then another unknown person walking in to meet glasses guy. SAW. SAW. R. THE END.

I can’t say it feels like a final episode at all. I don’t know how everyone else who had followed Jormungand actually feels about the final episode but even knowing there’s a second season coming soon such ending was abrupt. Did everyone know who glasses guy was? Was this final episode a fair depiction of how Jormungand usually is? Huh, I could I believe so.

Of Related Questions

What about the eye-patch big sis and the old man? Was their feud introduced back in the first episodes?
How could that masked guy withstand that many shots?
Are walls in Jormungand world broken so easily?
Is there a reason why Koko and the kid both have grey hair? For that matter, how does grey hair works in Jormungand?
Is it too odd to think that for being arms dealers they spend more time fighting than selling guns? And did anyone think of the “Eye Have You guy”.
Is everyone cool with the OP theme?
Why do the glasses guy’s family only have one slice of bread instead of two?
Did the hat have a great significance at all?
Would it kill us to spread awareness of the secret war going on that will not let .mkv files be part of the world of .gifs?
Are sudden Derp faces popular in Jormungand?
Whatever happened to Koko’s last driver?
And after eeni meeny miny moe. Did they find what they should say?
Who were those two men in the chapel?

And the question everyone is asking themselves.

Will the assassin group EVER get to open that restaurant? To Be Continued.
So. Many. Unanswered. Questions.

And the biggest question of ALL.

Experiment Grades :
Experiment conducted : B-
Enjoyment of experiment: B
Making .gifs : C –

Did I ever find out why Koko was Loco? No, I did not. I could catch glimpses of it, same as I could only catch glimpses of what Jormungand was. My pressing questions remain unanswered. Will I have a different idea of the show if I had watched the other 11 eps like normal folks? Possibly I would. Oh, yes, possibly I would. After all watching the final episode only provides the most basic idea of what a show was about. There are plenty of details that will remain left up to the imagination. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the bit of Jormungand that I watched. It will remain for me about many things. About Guns, guns being fired. Not everyone dying after being shot at multiple times. Driving backwards. Short monologues consisting of nicknames. Acrobatic moves. Close-ups to Koko’s face. Oh. No. Ohhhhh no.


3 thoughts on “I watched Jormungand and only the Final Episode (The Experiment Series)

  1. You pick the most unlogical series of the season. but I still think Fate/zero fist part ending was worse because it left a battle in the middle.

    I. do. not. know. this. people. << I do not know either and I have watched the 11 episodes.

    But I think you got what the series is about more and less. So good experiment.

    I guess I still watch this series because of Sayaka Ohara. I don't think I have any more reason left.

    • They really didn’t? I’m guessing those two will be major players next season of uh, something. Still, I never got the point of the final episode apart from what the last episode mentioned or why they were fighting in the first place. Why were they fighting anyway? Internal disputes? Rivals?

      Overall, interesting experience for me. Getting to see a bit here and there. Turning the brain off for some hot-blooded action. Something of that sort.

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