15 Episodes into Darker than Black

Darker than Black is one of those shows popular shows everyone has watched but me. Rhetorical question number one, what’s so great about it? Rhetorical question number two, again what is so great about it? So many things.

A hobo assassin, a deadpan companion, and a talking cat get together go undercover, do missions, face contractors, and electrocute a lot people. Darker than Black story is about Hei, a contractor working for a secret organization, who along with his partners do missions from eliminating dangerous targets to securing items.

Howling in the shadows

Coming to know Darker Than Black

DTB is more action packed than story packed as there’s a number of details that aren’t fully explained or understood throughout the episodes giving a idea of not knowing what it is happening. The story gives little of what is happening. Be it because I watched the first episode a long time ago to remember those key details, or be it because the story didn’t initially expand on them enough. At first I didn’t realize there was something wrong at all with the earth. Then after a couple more episodes in a couple of clues are dropped that the earth isn’t what it used to. It seemed odd to not mentioned and explained such details seeing they are of major important in the story. Not much is known about Hei’s organization either though a currently unofficial working theory is the Pizza Hut is The Syndicate’s real identity. Despite feeling out-of-the-loop in more than on occasion nothing about these lack of details detract much from the main story.

It is my firm belief that at some point in time Hei will bitch slap everyone in Darker
than Black.

> Multiple organizations

The fact the there are multiple groups/organizations in the story. A common detail in most stories is the existence of two opposing forces this being ‘good’ vs. ‘evil’. As it turns out everyone is lumped into these two groups. Darker than Black introduces other factions who can or not support one group given the circumstances. After introductions are over it becomes more obvious who they’re ultimately supporting but it does no harm to break the mold. Darker than Black more than welcomes opposing factions in its story.

> The fights

Superpowers aren’t a problem. I think that the problem is being to over the top about them. You don’t give a character a win-button for everything. Or an ability to eliminate and counter every possible technique. It’s about giving characters certain abilities, that they not alone, but used in more creative ways become far deadlier.  DTB  reminds one of Fullmetal Alchemist where Ed wasn’t only using a cutting blade or finishing off opponents with the same technique over and over, but it was always more about making clever use of the surroundings. We get plenty of that in Darker than Black.

> Stories

One of the best parts of Darker than Black is dedicating two episodes to each story. With one episode there is so much that can be done without appearing forcibly rushed. DTB knows that it takes more than one episode to deliver a story. Thank you, Darker than Black.

> Characters

Some parts of DTB reminds one of Baccano. Be that the character designs or the battles. November 11. Those names. Character-wise, given the circumstances, Hei makes a perfect lead for Darker than Black. There’s always a rather curious switch in his personality when he is undercover compared to his behavior when he is BK-201. Everyone is all business in Darker than Black. Very mission focused. Also a talking cat. A talking cat.

And Beyond : Darker than Black sounds exactly like the show that I’d be interested and after watching 15 episodes it still looks like something one would finish completely even jump to the sequels and bonus material.

15 eps in and I can only expect it to deliver more.


2 thoughts on “15 Episodes into Darker than Black

  1. DTB’s fights are pretty creative with their use of abilities indeed. Hei is such a badass, and yes, dat talking cat indeed.

  2. The pimp hand is strong with this one… sorry, i had to say it.
    Yeah, DTB is awesome, it’s one of the reasons i became an anime fan. Still now, when i think about how an anime should be, this is one of those that come to mind. Season 2 and the OVAs aren’t on the same level, but they’re still worth it.
    Oh, there’s also a manga with an original story: DTB Shikkoku no Hana, cool story and awesome art, i totally recommend it.

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