I watched Haiyore! Nyaruko-san in Fast Motion (The Chaotic Experiment Series)

The experiments that scrawl up to you with a smile.

Speed it up. But before that a short history lesson. I am no stranger to Hayoire! Nyaruko-san. I not so fondly remember watching a 5 minute flash animation sometime last year. I thought to myself, “I’m probably not going to be watching this show ever again.” Yet here I am. Before Nyaruko-san was a boring show with terrible animation and reference that were easily lost on viewers. Now it is a better show and surprisingly entertaining one at that this season. Welcome to the experiment, welcome to one in which the opposite of slow-motion is applied, where the whole world moves at lightening speed with no stops, red lights or yellow lights and needless to say my lack of knowledge for the Lovecraftian world is more than apparent. This is an experiment. This is an experiment. I’m saying it yet again because it’s  important.

First things first. Last things for last. Step one number (always step number one). The classic objective to follow. Repeat it:

What is watching a show in fast motion, you say? It’s playing your video then clicking the increase speed button until your index finger hurts or voices are beyond recognizable, whatever happens first.  It’s seeing only specks of full scenes before they’re gone in the next second. It’s performing an experiment in which the results of watching a video in a not standard way are recorded.

As said before I am no stranger to Hayoire! Nyaruko-san, neither am I a stranger to titles with exclamation marks for that matter. Experiment Cthulhu-san in Fast Motion is going to be a fun mix of what I already knew and what I don’t know in this episode. I just know it. I already know what it is about. It’s about a boy with the classic brown or black hair with a not too long haircut who goes to school. One day he is attacked or meets a supernatural force or an alien form that Changes his Life Forever. Or until the 12 episodes are up and we’ll eventually find out in season two.

 An Experiment Of Recurring Thoughts

And the thing is I should know what is happening but not for long. Let’s put things in perspective. As previously noted, 1) I’m currently following the show. 2) Nothing has been removed or disabled from the video. 3) As not previously noted, the subs are even turned on. But that’s terribly irrelevant. See, a sped up video goes so fast that it only lets the subtitles work for the first two seconds before it realizes that it’s impossible to keep up with the video speed.

> How much of a problem is that going to be? < You’re probably asking yourselves that question. Fear not. Everyone should be happily surprised that the show makes as much as sense as it regularly does, only this time is hyper (in a good way) and more nonsensical (again, in a good way). But it’s not as easy as it sounds. It makes enough sense if you pay close attention to the screen and do not by any chance miss any of the scenes. This is important. Think of it as chatty Shaft show, one second they’re talking about something the next one they’re talking about something else. Not one eye, both eyes are required. Like driving, subtitles, a memory card game, or magic trick that you can’t figure out how they do it yet you still try to solve it.

You have to pay attention

 An Experiment Of Chipmunks sounds

Oh, the high pitched sounds the world knows it, and the world covers its ears. At x50 speed the sound of voices are no more than rapid squeaky sounds. That’s right. Squeaky sounds. Within the first two minutes I had to turn the volume down. That’s right. It was THAT bad. I’d mute it but that would make things worse and I already did that experiment. The truth is that I, for one, cannot stand chipmunk sounds. It would be my least favorite language if it was a language. I’d be my less favorite book if it was a book. I’d be my least favorite dish if it was food. But we’re all business here and whatever needs to be done will be done. Doing this experiment is like having the whole cast of show inhaling helium for the 20+ minutes it runs. It has its charm for the first minute than it quickly loses it. Watching it normally is the way to go when you’re interested in a show. Speeding up the video isn’t preferred though it may sound tons of fun. You want to real deal here. This is quite different from years ago when I didn’t want to fully watch a video so I fast-forwarded it when no one was looking. VCR.. those were not the days. The point is, to understand the context you do have read, listen to each line, and savor each moment like you should. Some documentaries and educational videos should just hire better narrators.

Nyaruko-san or any other show could do without the chipmunk sounds and I think this is a valid point. Regrettably, there’s not really much that could’ve been done about that. Remember that high-pitch voices will be part of your viewing experience with sped up video. This is a notice. This is a warning. We are not the FBI.

 An Experiment Of Lost Train of Thoughts

“What. What. What
What. What the hell just happened?”

This is the type of thing that catches one by surprise, like an assassin or a sneaking cat because who knows why they do it. No one sees them coming. In such experiments because things happen so fast in one second they’re happy then in the next one they’re sad. There are no breaks and no commas, events just happen. and one cannot be sure of the reason behind them. What I saw was Kuuko taking advantage of the situation when Cthulhu-san was at her weakest. What I saw was MC-kun being the average dickish MC type. What I rapidly saw to my dismay was Nyaruko-san turning grey. > Cue for dramatic music < What just happened? Recurring thoughts in this episode were: Son, I’m disappoint, six months later, forget not that it’s still a tentacle monster, like saying hello in Japan, and a bunch of other things simply not funny outside of the magical 2D realm.

I’m watching this in fast motion and I involuntary still thought MC’s reaction was unnecessary. This Nyaruko-san is a special case but probably we all already knew that. I don’t see MC’s deal. I don’t see what the problem is in this case (YES I DO). I don’t see what’s so dangerous about being Nyaruko-san (YES I DO). Putting down the A Girl of the show. That is just not right. How dare you, I thought. It wasn’t right in all the other shows before Nyaruko-san it’s not right now either. Right now, experiment-wise this symbolizes scenes in which only the viewers can guess what actually happened. Right now, experiment-wise the scenes are too sudden to make full sense of them. Experiment-wise these fan-arts work better than screenshots to drive a point this time around. Like the image below. It’s oddly familiar and I could totally swear I have seen it before. Hint. All SAN points are lost.

An Experiment Of Studying characters

Lead-kun hasn’t done much at all, yet I see him being upset and moaning because a girl was paying attention to him. See. Generic MC. See. Patterns. I actually don’t feel that negative towards MC-kun. When we really mean all things considered MC could have done a lot worse. He could be blander, be more socially inept, and have a super whiny voice to put the icing on the cake. To be fair at least he doesn’t interfere in fights in the worst possible moments. To be fair, he is not Raki. To be fair, he is not Makoto Ito. To be fair, he does OK for a XEBEC show. Yet one thing that MC-kun should be is more appreciative. Experiment or not I gather that much. Experiment-wise As with other experiments some elements boil down to studying the characters of the story. Hayoire-san’s story can be kind of a tragic tale if you look at it from different angles. If you were to gather all the scenes in which MC forcefully rejects Cthulhu-san we’d get a sordid tale of violence and rejection. I am serious. To be more horrified gather and combined all the footage from Zero no Tsukaima and Kill Me, Baby. Me, I’m just glad that I’m following the story and I’m not getting the wrong idea. Me, I’m glad that whatever happened in this episode is solved in the next minute.

What I mean to say is, series such as these normally portray the girls as the damsel in distress or simply the inexplicable enthralled by MC character. There isn’t much depth to them other than that. On Nyaruko’s case she is still portrayed as the mysteriously enthralled to the MC type yet also the meddling type with large hints of (Oh, we’re really doing this) chaotic insanity. It’s really not new yet it is still clever and fresh. Nyaruko-san is fun to watch and that’s the charm of the show. That’s Nyaruko-san. And now this is me saying that probably since the longest time someone outside of its genre has made Kamen Rider poses work. Probably, I’m OK with this as this seems to imply. Probably, I may have overcome my inability to memorize the whole Nyarlathotep name by watching this show.

 An Experiment Of References Missed

And it would not be a proper experiment if nothing would be lost or misinterpreted. Thus far from voices being replace by high pitched sounds to losing the train of thoughts by being suddenly out of the loop to watching characters doing stuff who knows why. One of the things that stand out the most in this experiment are the obvious LACK of REFERENCES. Apart from the hyper heroine Nyaruko-san’s soul are the references it can dish out like they are going out of style. In fact there are so many that you and I probably cannot detect them all. To say Nyaruko-san is the land of references is an understatement for there are too many.

How often do we see that many varied references? How often do we find tentacle alien doing CQC? How often do they tell you they’re saying it twice before it’s important? I don’t read Lovecraft, I don’t watch Kamen Raider, but I catch many of the other references. Nyaruko-san in Fast Motion proves to be a challenging experiment. If before it was difficult, now it is impossible to spot all (if any) references. Just saying, x50 increased speed isn’t to be taken lightly. They’re not Dead Space on normal mode. Good thing that I can rewatch the show after doing this experiment. Good thing, I’m game for that. Good thing that a blog like NyaruReferences exists for all Nyaruko-san references, and that’s why you should all read it.

 An Experiment Of Sped up Scenes

See, there is a process. There’s a veil that creates the illusion that something is happening when it doesn’t always do. Say, there’s 5 major events in a movie, now imagine the first three being revealed in the first 5 minutes. Now, there’s only two more to go. And now they’re all gone. There’s a procedure in which all these events should occur. If we put most of them together they lose their effect, but if we spread them out evenly they create this chain of events. Now finally imagine the events of a 25m actually less than that show going by one by one within minutes. It takes away many things and isn’t that enjoyable. Like a Nico video or public transportation, we wouldn’t if we could help it. You’re better off watching it normally. THIS is what we’re coming down to, imagine all long conversations boiled down a “to make a long story short” approach and have that muddled by super high-pitched voices. It works if you aren’t interested in dialogues. It doesn’t if you do want to know what they’re saying. Just saying.

An Experiment Of Results Found

All this time I thought that most of this experiment would make references to cleverly made emoticon 」・ω・)」うー!(/・ω・)/ or Lovecraft references, but that’s just not possible for  I would have to be versed in his work to do that and the closer I got to it was The Call of Cthulhu PC and there’s other details to cover. Congratulations, we’ve created the TL;DR of video viewing without resorting to actual fast-forwarding. In reality, this was the shortest experiment yet. It ran for no longer than 10m from the +20 something minutes it normally does. This was an odd experiment. More than getting confused, everything went too fast to have time to be confused at all. I missed the audio, I missed the subs, I missed watching it at its regular speed. And I think I lost some serious SAN points.

It was another bizarre experiment conducted. It was a Nyaruk0-san experiment of rapid fire. Of crawling chaos, CQC, tentacle aliens, Lovecraftian, and observation notes. Of scenes and dialogues jumbled by chipmunks sounds. This is an experiment. This is an experiment. I said it twice because it’s really that important.