New Code Geass Project as OVAS is Fine

New Code Geass Project has been kept under wraps so such as long time and when it came it was revealed to be four OVAs instead of a full series. As disappointing as that may sound CG OVAS are a fine move.

You wanted Code Geass, you got Code Geass.

Code Geass Akito The Exiled PV

“The story takes place in Europe in the year a.t.b. 2017. A Knightmare unit made of boys and girls from Area Eleven are thrown into a military operation with a 5% chance of survival. They must rescue an allied unit left behind on the European warfront.”

Better Animation values

Why? Because OVAS usually do. Looking at CG’s animation in general R2 had undoubtedly better animation than the first season. If you rewatch some episodes from R1 you’ll notice a good difference in quality from the dull and average animation of the first episodes to the much crispy animation of R2. Sunrise can do fantastic animation when it can and wants – the OVAs are a perfect way for them to do that. OVAs are often better animated than TV series anyhow because they are smaller projects with higher budgets. See. Hellsing OVAS. See. Rurouni Kenshin OVAS. See. Any other well made OVA. Looking at it that way New Code Geass OVAS will be high quality material if there’s any doubt about them.

It will be set around the same time

New Code Geass will not be one of those stories set in the future 100-500 yrs after its predecessor where so much has changed the story doesn’t remotely feels like the original and it is entirely something else. New Code Geass is set between R1 and R2 in European soil. That. Is. Great. The advantage of this is that we can actually learn what happened around that time and what happened in other parts of the world. The best upside of new Code Geass is that it is set in another country yet takes place within the original series, meaning it won’t directly interfere with the original series. Plus, it will also have a very similar CG feeling despite being a different story.

> But why would this “New Code Geass” will be right for the story when the original story ended and there’s no reason to make sequels anymore.  Do we really to kill the magic of the famous and controversial ending of Code Geass? Do we? “I’m still not convinced. Fuck you, Keikakudoori. I want a full series.”

Let it out, then stop

New Code Geass Will Not Screw Up the Ending

Code Geass fans, don’t talk about the ending and the theories like the final episode just aired last week. That’s a beaten dead horse that keeps getting beaten. Leave Lelouch’s Horse alone. Everyone who has watched and heard of Code Geass is already spoiled and has already heard of all the theories around the ending. Dead or alive, it does not matter. For some it is better if he’s dead, for others the ending is better if he lived. Leave it at that. It was the decision from the creators at that time and everything ends up being a theory. Why is new CG so great anyhow? New Code Geass is set shortly after the first season ended and with new characters. It’s also great because it will not mess with the original ending. That’s right. Fans don’t need to discuss this topic again and everyone can have more of Coke Geass again.

But waiting is still a hassle

Why? Because it always is and it can’t be helped. I actually find all the waiting to be difficult, but I’ll be more than happy to go through that if it means that every OVA will be better than the last one. Sure, waiting is a bother and it sure is a lot longer than waiting for an episode each week or even a month. But think about it and think about it hard. Do you want crap to be aired each week? Or do you want something worthwhile that will blow your mind every 3-6 months? I’ll take the latter any day because history will teach us that Code Geass projects and wannabe Code Geass projects can easily go either way.

OVAS are great. Despite wanting more Code Geass I like the idea of the series not having many episodes.

You know how they say less is more? Yet, it still feels like less? In reality, less will never be more but it can be better. Less is better in this situation. One thing that I’ve learned is that giving a poorly scripted story more episodes can be a recipe for trouble. Look at all those two seasons shows, look at those +50 episodes shows. They all have good episodes but they also have forgettable episodes and arcs which they can either come in as fillers or terribly bad scripted short stories. Having the word ‘original’ story doesn’t mean squat when the story isn’t strong. Anyone can write an original story because original can be good or bad. What matters is how much thought it is put into making it. If the story is as terrible then the anime will be as terrible as it could humanly be.

After the disastrous Guilty Crown there’s more the reason that I don’t look forward to a CG full series. It proved that a badly planned story would still be a bad story, it proved that giving such stories more episodes would add to the problem even with some of the staff that made the original. With more episodes it’s likely that there will be more pointless fanservice antics, more fillers and things that don’t remotely make sense. Code Geass is the type of series can work without that many episodes. Think of it as only watching the best episodes of the series. They will be pressed for time. Decisively pressed in a good way. Every single OVA will count.

And this is me saying that I very much look forward to new Code Geass Gaiden: Boukoku no Akito because it will be like a new Code Geass series and very much not it. It’ll have new characters, be set in a different location, and definitely not be a series trying hard to be another CG copycat face palming inducing project.

As a Code Geass fan I want to see more. As much as part of me would still like to see a ‘full Code Geass series’, the four OVAS will be fine. Really, think of it as getting the best part of the Code Geass franchise instead of all the fillers and the random hit-or-miss lunacy of the franchise. Think of it as seeing another side of the series and how it would work out as OVAS. If that’s not enough then with time and if the OVAS are a hit, the possibility of more future Code Geass projects will always be there. You wanted more Code Geass, you got more Code Geass, and it will be here in August not as a full series but as OVAS. They are very much welcome. More value, more effort, more thought put into it, better animation, and a project pressed with time in a good way.

Finally, some Code Geass that is actually Code Geass.


4 thoughts on “New Code Geass Project as OVAS is Fine

  1. Guys, don’t let the ending deceive you, Lelouch is obviously inside that bag!

  2. Great post is great. I agree with all of your points! Really, if Sunrise doesn’t screw it up, there’s no reason why the Code Geass OVA won’t be awesome.
    Also, re: the last episode of R2, CC was clearly Lelouch in disguise. CC is actually the cart driver. And a ghost. What a twist!

    • Red-herring and twists all over the place. It’s like Death Note all over again.

      Not to mention the OVAS will have theatrical releases. I think that Sunrise cannot screw it up and instead they’ll do a great job like they’re expected. They’re putting a lot of hype and money into this project after all. We can expect more actual Code Geass this year.

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