And Then There was Twilight of the Golden Witch

That is why Just as Planned is not a review site, that’s why JaP isn’t an episodic place either because I don’t wish it to be one. There are too many places that cover those and though sometimes something of that sort is written here this place isn’t meant to be the same as others because this place is meant to be something else. The word blog is a given term loosely used to describe what a site is. What this place is, is a game board of ideas and pieces moving around.  An array of ideas and ideas expressed in different ways. Ideas that can be expressed in different ways and in different voices to express different takes. Ideas with different meanings, ideas in different colors and sizes. Ideas that don’t necessarily make sense right away until they’re read once again. Ideas that surprise, ideas that corroborate, ideas that make one think.

The time for solving mysteries is already over. The time for reasoning has already passed; it is time for general opinions, impressions of story as they are presently read, and time for final thoughts. It’s not a review and it won’t ever be a place for reviews saying what everyone has read without new information. It’s about thoughts and ideas. It’s about things we all knew, it’s about things we don’t want to hear but had still thought about them, it’s about the little things and small details. Because I care about the little details and breathing life into the writing as much as possible when it requires this much to do so.

However, however.. It is also as a result time to stop writing as there will be no more material because no more pages to the big mysteries will be added. It would be a reasonable guess that perhaps that was one of the main reasons why I didn’t want to write them and post them was because it’ll also mean the end of the story and the end of writing about these stories. That’s one possible truth for that question. The other one is that there isn’t enough time and time hasn’t been forgivable since forever and it probably won’t be for a long time.  There are other matters and there will always be other matters outside the gameboard, yet those matter have to temporarily be put aside to dedicate some time to writing and writing about what is to me one of the most original and out there stories to be created to date. The final tale of this journey, it needs to be written. And it needed to be written one way or another. It was only a matter of time and having the time to do it. The curious thing is that I don’t think the decision of writing the final tale was even up to me either because it was going to be written one way or another. It was impossible these entries wouldn’t be eventually written. They were supposed to be posted back in March, however, due to time contrasting reasons it became impossible. If I had a pot of gold I’d spend it all buying time because there is so little time and still so much to do. I presume you could also say that I dislike leaving things undone and you could similarly definitely say that not writing Twilight was a disservice to myself as a reader and to everyone looking forward to reading more Umineko. Same as the very original story, Twilight of the Golden Witch, had to be read, for me EP8 had to be written to tell of its legendary tales, these impossible situations worthy for the books.

And so after several months of wait for the final version will be released which was the patch and after several months of writing (and writing), the final version of Umineko will be posted once a month (unless said otherwise) for the following months here. The decision has been made so that in the meantime it’ll be possible to finish writing the rest of the final chapters and to keep the content varied. It will be difficult but everything that has to be said will attempt to be said.

What I aspire and what I have been aspiring in blogging Umineko VN is to recreate all of these ideas into entries and narrate the events as they unfold as well as the overall idea of the final chapter. The most informal ways will be used for the peculiar details while reserving the most formal for the grand finale and conclusion of the story. But it’s too early for that, right now it is time for the overflow of diverse and random ideas to be poured out in order to get where we ultimately will go. It’s presently time to openly and in the most appropriate and inappropriate manners to explain detailed and in general talk about everything that stood out in the final EP and what didn’t. The final EP should be the most memorable chapter for they will be the final impressions, for they will be the last time to properly talk about them. Narration filled contrast, narration which does not follow, positive cynism used to address an impossible to fully describe story, of narration filled with ecstasy from the mind bogging events, tales of sword fights, of plump tea, tales of family conferences, of frenzied goats, of closed rooms murders, tea parties filled witch cackling, mingling with intellectual criminals, mandatory intellectual masturbation and Umineko-gasm to match the equally jaw dropping moments in possibly one of the most bizarre stories to be written.

Up this point the world knows the why, who, and how. Up to this point everyone’s got an idea of what they think the answer is. I’ve already said my part before the final chapter was even released and being absolved from the role as detective after the mystery was over I have only thoughts and truths I wanted to corroborate. I’m a reader as well as the narrator of the final tale. We all know the ending, we all have read the final episode, therefore this will be the final narration of the events. Like it was done and Requiem and taking it to the next level this will be purely Narration with small moments here and there track-backing to previous theories to tie up some loose ends, but still this is a tale of narration. This will be fragments and fragments of the story ultimately becoming a compilation of everything of what the story is.

The purpose of this entry was a reminder of how out there things can become around here. The purpose is not to look for the common, the purpose is not to do what’s been done before. The purpose is to as closely recreate an entire story and its universe in different ways. I still have too much to say and there isn’t enough space to put everything here. So I’ll switch to my matter-of-fact voice, I’ll switch to narrator mode to narrate the final Game in my own words. It’ll get pretty wild. It’ll get pretty mad, more than usual. But, hey that’s exactly up to Umineko’s theatergoer corner.

So if you enjoy reading about Umineko or this game board stop by once a month to read about the final tale of the When they Cry Series. Readers are welcomed to comment, like, or share the final tales of this journey. This is my final script for the final tale to all readers.

From the Game Master of this game board
–  Have a Nice Day. See you on the other side.

* Actual post to start before the day is over.