I watched Nichibros without watching any of the other episodes (The Experiment Series)

Hey, anime. It’s always a group of bored high school girls instead of guys.  How about a show about a group of 3-4 guys doing guy stuff, saying guy stuff and whatnot. But wait a moment, there’s already a show like this and it’s about guys who happen to be bros who happen to be high schoolers, and it happens to be about their daily lives. Concise title and concise description. Ha, but it’s probably some boring show where nothing happens and overly hyped by cute characters. What’s that? It’s not? These bros I’m already liking.

Following the continuation of [The Experiment Series] Nichibros is next on the list. I see that it wasn’t necessary to temporary rid myself of another of the five senses to enjoy it. I know nothing about Nichibros only of their Bro-tier status, but that’s beside the point and how much I little know about the show. For all I know the show could be about guys eating sweets, what parfait they like the most, and who has the best bento. For all I know this show is totally about that. So many possibilities. A weird thing they could tell me is this is a slice of life that actually of builds up from previous episodes. But are the chance of that. That’d be crazy. That’d be weird. I need to hear the right things right now like Nichibros only broadcasts the most interesting parts of their daily lives. What would that be? Great.

It’s as if they’re reading my mind.

In which a show understand time is precious

So Nichibros is an otherwise show that have their priorities straight and doesn’t mess around. Great. I only wish that more shows would follow Nichibros’ steps and manage their characters’ screen time based on entertainment value. That’d be a better system in anime all around where characters won’t need to be a main character to have secured screen-time. I rather watch a show about the sub-main character. I rather watch a show about the supporting characters sometimes. Sometimes, I rather watch a show about a different MC.

We’re off to a good start and soon to demonstrate whatever it entails to have an average school life these days in an average school, in an average life, in an average world. An average routine of coming and going while the sun goes up and down. About spotting a stray dog or cat on the way to school, about running late for class, about not carrying an umbrella the day that it was going to rain. A popular and widely shared trial to find oneself while doing inane stuff that in itself is meaningful.  Possible clichés are abound. I seriously hope that Nichibros isn’t one of them. I seriously hope that Nichibros can dodge the bullet. I seriously hope the show can give the middle finger to tired formulas in anime.

In which a show punch cliches right in the face

It’s a rarity for shows to be that self-aware of themselves. Every show out there that can make fun of clichés without turning themselves into one and every show that can pull this off gains respect from my part. Nichibros makes fun of retardedly overused anime tropes such as a character who wakes up later than s/he should have and rushes to school. I think I’d take points off Daily Bros Days if they were seriously considering such feats for real.

> But Nichibros Knows Better.
Think you’re gonna bump into a main character random toast girl? THINK AGAIN. The dangers of daily lives of a main character may imply bumping into people on the way to school, but never was it mentioned to be mandatory. Off that random girl goes but never managing to bump into anyone that day. We may never know how a trivial development in a morning heading to school may have turned into a potential new series animated next season. May be never know a new plot about an indecisive guy in harems who was never that good at anything but everyone liked him or that a chosen high schooler kid with the “power” to protect the world from evil. May we never see it, but I’ve seen it before and I’ve seen it again. We aren’t missing much. I rather direct my attention to other much pressing matters such as Bro #2’s lack of facial expressions (Tadakuni being Bro #1 and subsequently Yoshitake being Bro #3) Question. Questions. Such as what is up with the purple haired girl in this show. Is she the Literature girl I hear so much about on twitter? That I know not. That I want to know. Like a wise rabbit man once said in a show about social awkwardness and one that recommended talking things out. Let’s Communication.

In which royal tension and awkward situations are shown

Unlike any of previous scenes Nichibros is continuing its story based on previous episodes. What’s this? How am I supposed to keep about with a show I haven’t watched any of the previous episodes before? Madness, Nichibros. Madness. I can totally relate to saying the wrong things, being in there at the worst possible times, and being chased around town. This totally happened to me before. It was a completely different situation and a completely different time in a completely different world involving pigtails, hime-cuts, mysteries and puzzles. Much like the E8 fiasco I rather not talk about it. I rather talk about this character. Who’s this girl and what’s her deal? Jumping that much ahead without watching a single episode robs me of knowing her identity and her previous encounters with any other characters in this story. I MUST KNOW THEIR SITUATION and the whatever happens in this weird relationship, Nichibros.

Daily Lives of bored High School Boys is so much this. From the equally awkward tension of those moments and years and the equally tension of understanding strange situations when they spring on you. A guy wearing a stoic expression who is out of it. An odd girl who expresses herself too much doing the opposite things. What was that about a jacket that needs to be returned? What was that about this girl freaking out whenever Bro #2 is on screen.  Do I not know anything about Nichibros but I’d be right to presume this is a 4-koma.  I can’t determine if Aggressive Girl is tsundere or just bad at expressing herself like every character Kugimiya Rei has ever voiced. More than anything I have the weirdest need to KNOW THEIR SITUATION. These are some facts of the top off my head. Others facts are Fact#1 this show is increasingly getting better. Fact #2  I still think blog is a weird word. Fact #3 I may eventually get around making a 50 Questions entry. Fact #4 I’m far too curious for my own good. Fact #5 Because there were four there had to be fifth fact.

Why, why does the 10th Episode of Nichibros have to be such jerks by featuring spoilers of Another? It’s not even Monday.

In which the dangers of eating hastily is detailly explained

In which I wouldn’t put it past Another to feature a death by chocking or choking on its nonsense. In which I for one applaud a show spreading public awareness of the dangerous of rice cakes and the importance of chewing small portions. Sadly, in which I admit to never having mocha and chances that I won’t any time soon. Nichibros not only raises awareness of eating slowly it also points out the realistic dangers lurking around the corner in every corner. It also shows the absurdity of events simultaneously happening like a bad case of chain reaction. Chocking on food may or may not be a common case in the show but if it was it’d indicate bad and hazardous eating patterns affecting the health of the person. Please see a professional.

Chocking on food in anime forever may it remain as an isolated problem as there are no known serious casualties in the slice of life genre of anime due to choking when the daily ritual of eating is performed.  May we never see an Osaka choking on a deadly rice ball (or maybe we did). May be never see a Kotana choking on a pockey and no one would pay her attention due to her constant kidding. May see lesson not go unnoticed. Next time I’ll have something I’ll chew slowly just in case. Daily Dangers aside Nichibros is about absurd moments and twists in a daily life. Stories about a high schooler learning to ride a bike for the first time to chase after a wallet thief, stories about tripping on a banana peel and slipping on ice. Stories about cuisine and a brother who cooks better than his sister. That’s right. A younger brother who cooks better than his older sister. It was an awkward day that day for them like the day I mixed up oranges and grapefruits.

In which in a show everybody had squinty eyes (or lack eyes)

Questions arise. And why was your sister too lazy to make dinner and why were you equally lazy to make it either. In which neither were great cooks and neither bothered to. In which the average person doesn’t know how to make a proper dish and deep down I fear for the cooks of the future from my generation and the next ones. Nichibros dodged another cliché bullet by not letting the sister cook dinner and massively fail at making an edible dinner. Then again maybe that’s because that’s mostly reserved for childhood characters. Why you’re asking, Nichi Dudes?  Because doing dumb stuff is cute. That’s why, Daily Lives. That’s why. That’s also why we’re back now back on the topic of squinty eyes and I can say that the author preferred them over huge and sparking ones for a reason. I can see where the mangaka was going with it. The story is about their bored daily lives where nothing mayor occurs. I don’t want to see pretty eyes. I don’t way to see sparking everywhere. I want to how regular they are. I want to see down to earth. Nichibros is as balanced as it can get to balance out all the fancy action anime with impossible plots and impossible developments out there about teenagers’ stories about transfer students, super powers, alien invasions, and why we must get all jewels, balls, crystals so nothing terrible won’t happen. Call it a consequence, call it natural selection, but squinty eyes were bound to happen after so many endless battles in the alternate worlds of anime and there’s just so many times you can ask a MC to save the world again.

In which a day of public absurdity finalizes and of experiment results

Because the day is about to be over. Because guys in Daily Lives of High Schoolers look like they haven’t slept properly in weeks and look like they’re too numb to mind. That’s just me stating a fact of a state of ennui of those years. There’s a slight sense of universal monotony in said years with not much to do for hours and days apart from the required school duties. A monotony where mundane events are the highlights of it and eventually becoming memorable memories. Regular stories about absurdity taking a stabs at life and cliché anime. A guy wearing glasses who is bored and asks another to play a game. You know what, I’m bored. Let’s play a game. Let’s play ball. But we don’t a ball. The ball doesn’t exist. We have a jacket. A jacket is good. I think a jacket will be good.

The jacket was no good. Neither was the shoe. Public idiocy of the age that looking back on it we thought, “Man, was that dumb.” A familiar feeling when okay ideas turn out to be bad ideas, bad ideas turn out to be terribad ideas, and flimsy plans turn out to be badly executed plan. This needs to be rethink for a couple of more minutes. But who has time. Let’s just do it. Step one. Nichibros. Step two. There is no step two.

– Experiment results –

In which on that day the Experiment Chart wasn’t utilized and instead a rundown of the Experiment Episode was. In conclusion of Experiment: Daily Lives, Nichibros is a series that I’ve never watched and neither had any previous experiences, but it really needs little. It’s just about the right show that anyone can jump right into. A simplistically grand, a simplistic story about the Life of bored high schooler, misadventures, and the welcomed idiosyncrasies of the day. In which High schoolers around the planet are the same wherever one may travel. In which a feeling of déjà vu and nostalgia drive was generated. Today I saw a guy learn to ride a bike for the first time. Today I learn that it’s not advisable to replace a ball for a jacket. Today I equally to use a shoe as ball isn’t either. Today three guys at the same time choke on rice cakes. Today.. today was another inane day, but an inanely fun day, and I’m ok with that. Experiencing daily lives. Nichibros. Partaking in public absurdity. Of one and many transcendental events on that day. It wasn’t transcendental. It wasn’t an event. It wasn’t even on that day.


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  1. Reading this actually made me appreciate the series. Still not sure how thaat happened…Lol. Thx

  2. t’s always a group of bored high school girls instead of guys. How about a show about a group of 3-4 guys doing guy stuff, saying guy stuff and whatnot.”

    I know a show like this, it’s called Beelzebub ~

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