Sometimes you just have to

Another answers its true calling creating the perfect icebreaker for any school, horror and mystery anime.

G L O R I O US _ D A N C I N G

When in trouble – Dance.
When your parakeet knows only 3 words – Dance.
When there’s a curse in the village taking out everyone – Dance.
When you’re shunned by your class – Dance.
When your class is doomed – Dance.

Forget the parakeet for now. Focus on the timing. Do the backstroke. Do it now, Patch.


Yes now.

There you go.

This show. This is what Another should be about. Dancing has always made everything better.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to

  1. Any horror needs comedy relief. Next episode Glasses-kun will probably begin a killing spree in the classroom, but this episode… this episode is all about dancing!

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