I watched Black Rock Shooter Backwards and enjoyed it a lot more than I would have (The Experiment Series)

If you ask me part of being a blogger includes looking for ways to make something more entertaining which can turn into different things from what they originally were. Sometimes making it more enjoyable, sometimes more than they are with the help of different things, and in others turning them into something else left to the discretion of the writer. It’s time for further experimentation to occur in this board. May I present subject No. 1 Black Rock Shooter TV ep1 only watched Backwards. Be prepared by doses purposely incorrect and exaggerated blogging when we go against the order of things.

#10 The ED Theme is the First Thing You See

When a show has no preview the last thing you see besides a black screen is the ED theme of any show when you watch it normally. Contrary to the pic above the first image I see is a chained Miku and facing an incoming fireball coming right at her. When you watch something backwards you can’t always watch it from the very beginning as you keep moving the timer backwards to previous scenes. BRS is no different than you’re regular anime on this aspect as the first thing I see when I start the episode is Miku being greeted by a fireball to the face (which may or may not be prior or after the part about rays and tears).

Basically you get the ED instead of the OP Theme which makes the whole anime more dramatic because ED themes tend to be the total opposite of hyper OP themes. I’m ready to back up more to find out whatever the actual episode was about. Granted probably there won’t be any leekspinnig. I can live with that.

#09 The Last is the first scene

The second image that greets me as I go backwards is Miku being equally chained (ED) and pretty much owned by an evil blonde loli. Right from the start I knew that watching an anime from the end instead of the beginning was going to make little sense. I have to admit here that it had also helped that I only watched half of the original OVA months ago, which turned out to be a total blur. I recall seeing two girls talking then one turning bad then it was all Black Hatsune Miku everywhere in a weird world, then I closed Media Player and resumed my day. I’d say otherwise but that is pretty much how it happened and now I’m back for the TV series writing about the first episode watched backwards.

Seeing Hatsune Miku being chained up and beaten by the evil villain in the first episode wasn’t something I was expecting. All this time I had thought Miku would be an overpowered Mahou Shoujo, sing songs, break into caramelldansen, and leekspin.  Boy, was I wrong. Very very wrong.

#08 Sometimes things just don’t necessarily make sense

The beauty of Anime Backwards is that you have no way of knowing what the hell is going on. More importantly you have no idea why they’re saying what they say. Meanings get lost, the reasons behind them aren’t properly explained, what would normally make sense doesn’t and if it originally doesn’t then it continues to make little sense. Pretty much like made up words regularly used or words like Fessing it up in Iroha. We’re just going to have assume they mean something for now.

 When Miku throws something at me something like “It’s just a trick of the mind” it really could be anything from optical illusions to serious mental conditions. What I see when I watched it backwards is a girl interrupting another while she’s peacefully drawing a roman bust for her club. Hey, you know what, It’s just a trick of the mind.  I know, It’s all very confusing and I’m just the person to find out why. Because that’s what I do.

Next is an older lady hinting at your sexuality.

#07 When things get taken out of context

Or maybe not. Another thing that happens when watching something backwards is that characters have no real introductions whatsoever. Such is that case of the next character whose identity is unknown. The older lady could be Miku’s mon, aunt, or teacher who’s asking her if she wants more sugar. The matter gets confusing when the routine is watched backwards. First she talks about that special someone in a person’s life, proceeds to touch Miku’s chest while telling her if it hurts after telling her that it happens to everybody. Talk about confusing BRS. Or maybe BRS is all about confusion.

But the truth is that the old lady is full of wisdom as she tells her that it’s ok to make enemies because everyone will make them at some point. By now it becomes obvious that the lady is a – teacher – because there are no parents in anime and fewer parents who give proper advice to main characters. That’s just things work in anime, everyone. The whole scene ends with the senpai who exited the room quickly after the heroine came in. As far as that is concerned we’re just going to assume she got the same special treatment as the heroine did.

* Note – I still don’t know why the heroine walked into Mrs. Slippery hands anyway. It might have to do with Miku being uncool with the evil loli throwing sweets (or whatever they really are) at her.
*Note #2 – This text is also too small yet it stands out too much.

#06 Things suddenly start to make sense

Ok, now things are starting to make a lot more sense. Human Miku has bitches flockering around her like at school like her name was Makoto Itou who are making up these stories about counting how many girls will be interested in going. Where? It doesn’t matter for H Miku isn’t interested in going unless Glasses Girl is also going. I’m going to also assume they’re quite an item. After all Miku had already told her that whatever troubles her is just trick of her mind (but that’s really much later on). You just don’t walk up to people in art rooms and tell them there’s something wrong with their mind without a valid reason. Miku knows something I don’t. Do I grow interested.

It’s been roughly +10m worth of story and we’re getting to the juicier parts of the story. Human Miku got her fans and also knows what she wants. But that same isn’t applicable for Magical Miku for not everybody will agree and haters are gonna hate. Especially if they’re blonde, short and drive Megaman Legends spider bots.  What’s the worst part of being beat up by a villain? A villain throwing sweets at you while repeatedly telling you to go home.

Miku: “Let me guess. Not a fan.”

#05 The Random Flashbacks.

Right in the face like a Youtube Copyright infringement notice. Random Flaskbacks add to the chaos of watching something out of the regular order of things. First they are done with a scene then they pick it up again or they might pick something else that happened way before. That’s what we’re dealing here.

I know the leekspinner has her vast following but I will still say that Miku was quite the weakling based on these scenes. I was expecting an all powerful Miku or one that would put a good fight while doing cover songs. I’m starting to think I was expecting too much from Miku after seeing her being beaten up by some loli riding a bot. On the flipside of things I’m also noticing Miku is tremendously resilient as I keep watching BRS backwards.  There are not a lot of non-shounen characters who can take that type of beating and still get up. There are even less who aren’t guys. There are even less shows I would watch. The list goes one. This whole scene watched backwards confirms it for me that wearing a hoodie doesn’t make you any stealthier than you were before entering bizarro territory and that Miku really didn’t think she was going to get that beat up when she was dramatically posing for the camera man. Everybody makes mistakes. We’ve moved on. That’s what counts.

I’m just glad that Miku isn’t hurt or anything after got the same treatment that Berserk got from Rider in Fate Zero or Lancer in Carnival Phantasm. Can this Miku take a punch.

#04 Then There’s the Scenes without connection.

And we’re back to the real world again. When X events happen we usually know why they happen because the stories normally take us to the point. When you’re watching something backwards you get to see the results then as you continue going  backwards you finally get to see the reason why.

In the actual show human Miku is emoing out in her room looking at her phone like she got the news that her favorite manga was cancelled. She then leaves the room and doesn’t say hello to her mom and goes out. The girl disses the curry. What is with this kid?

Oh, that’s right. I’m still watching it backwards and have no idea what caused Human Miku to be this upset but I’m guessing that it has to do with that Yomi girl on her phone and this may just be connected to that special someone with Mrs. Touchy Hands was talking about.  Do I dare ask the reason? Girl below us might had some idea.

First let’s explain what happens when characters aren’t properly introduced.

#03 When Not Properly Introduced Characters Attack

We’re back to making sense and finding out why things happen. Not having characters properly introduced is yet another confusing matter when you’re watching anime backwards. For all we know the girl above could be a friendly, fun-loving genki girl having a bad day and H Miku is plain overreacting.  For all we know Human Miku did something to upset her new friend’s sister. For all we know this could be Taiga after a bad accident. Right now it’s anyone’s guess. Don’t be so be quick to judge.

After a couple of more scenes it has become evident that the reason why Human Miku is distressed is because she was chased out of her new friend’s house by the evil disabled sister who was uncool with sharing her onee-san to strangers. Said imouto likes to play mind tricks with her sister’s friends confusing them in several ways. We’ll soon learn the girl talks in riddle, is a wannabe ventriloquist and her actions are plain contradictory. First she drops a nasty hint telling Human Miku to Home Go then she makes Human Miku eat the cool color chocolates, giving the warm color ones to her sister while keeping the red ones to herself. To wit, first she feeds Human Miku then tells her to get out. I can see how this can be confusing to anyone.

But that’s the part where the events are explained happen to come in.

#02 In which Events are further explained

After learning that her friend’s imouto was a bad element all around I can totally see why her Katakawa Shoujo application was turned down and telling her that her calling wasn’t Visual Novel was letting her go down easy. Remember to never get involved with ventriloquists or dolls in anime. Take it from me for I’ve never seen an anime girl with dolls who wasn’t into some serious shit. Want an old example? Rozen Maiden. Want a recent one? Another. The list goes on.

In all of this it had escaped me how Miku was invited to her friend’s house.  That’s the moment when the things are explained part come in. BRS is shaping up rather well now that I know many of the why’s in the show. Human Miku was invited her friend’s house after they met on the street, the catalyst the twitter bird a book with multicolored bird of sorts full of meanings and symbolism. I’m starting to put most of it together now.  Human Miku wanted to become friends with Glasses Girl, eventually managed to be invited to her friend’s house where she was uncooly kicked out of her friend’s house after being fed chocolate. Somewhere in all of this Magical Miku enters bizarro world and is beaten up by the evil loli driving the bot, eventually Miku’s fate is to be chained and burned by an explosion as the ED suggests.

We’re good now.

Who knows better as far as issues are concerned is Miku’s friend who has been watching plenty of psychological anime. We’re almost done.

#01 Finally coming back to very beginning

And we’re finally back to the natural order of things. The last part is the very beginning of everything where I still don’t get how exactly Human Miku’s haircut works (take Yomi’s hand if you don’t either) Most of the premise for BRS is based on Human Miku wanting to make friends with Glasses Girl in somewhere in all of this magical girls and Mikus happen. I’m not calling it a great premise for a show but it could be lot worse. That’s fairly in the ok-ish realm as far as I’m concerned but things could get incredibly good, granted we might need a total makeover, new characters, new plot, and probably a lot more dancing would be required. But that’s just really just me.

Right now BRS is emulating Puella Magi Madoka without Shaft backing them up or the round heads as well as it is escaping me how Magical Miku vs. other evil mahou shoujo came to be. Do the evil come to corrupt the real world? Do they stay in their world but mess around with unfortunate people? Do all of this affect the real world? How long is this show is going to be? Will the sweets throwing hijinks continue? These are questions. More importantly this was BRS watched backwards.

Experiment Results
Understanding : 40% Especially since this is a 1st episode.
Viewer Entertainment: More than previously imagined.
Blogging Entertainment : Time flies when you’re writing about something backwards.
Randomness Level : Have you not watched it backwards?

Result : A Brak Rok Shuuta


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      Coming to blows > (when) Losing trust > (by) super-powered girls. Any more of that and we’ll have to rename the Leekspinner show.

  1. I’m pretty sure that watching it backwards was way more interesting… specially the scene with Mrs. Bad Touch, that must’ve been confusing.

  2. Fuck yeah! I’ve never seen anybody else do something CRAZY like this! Next time, suggestions could be to watch the entire thing without sound, ‘watch’ the entire thing without video, and blog the episode… before it even airs. Which I’ve just done. Heh.

  3. Goddammit, I just watched Black Rock Shooter SOMEWHAT backwards, unintentionally. I wrote a post about Black Rock Shooter episode 4 after watching it (since I’d already made a post about episode 3), but I forgot that my post about episode 3 was fake… so now, I’m watching episode 3 AFTER watching episode 4, and surprisingly, it still all makes sense…

    ..I guess episode 3 was a useless episode :V

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