Once Upon a Time in a Censored World

Once upon a time there was this pony named Pony.
But this was no regular pony, you see for it was a dreamer.
It ran like the wind but it also had a dream.
It wanted to surf. This is its story.

Oh, it longed for.
But it wasn’t always like this. No, it wasn’t. Unfortunately it wasn’t.
For many decades and as old as time they all believe ponies couldn’t surf they were not allowed.
It was foolish and trite to consider.
– so everyone thought.

Why would a pony surf when they could run?
Why would a pony see what it shouldn’t?
Why should a pony experience what it shouldn’t?
You see, that’s what they told the young Pony from day one,
And quickly it was engraved in its mind forever.
But it always questioned this belief,
why can’t I surf?

Years went by and the little pony continued to believe in its dream,
just never dared to do anything about it.

“Will I be able to learn to surf one day?”
“Will I drown?”, “Is the sea breeze as flesh as they say?”
I can only dream – Pony thought.

“I can only dream” – It thought.

 One day Pony got separated from its group while they were roaming the grassy fields,
on that day Pony met another pony which would change this mammal’s life forever.

This pony wasn’t like the other ponies.
It was different,
but Pony couldn’t put place it.
There was something special about this character.

It wasn’t long before our Pony started to come to that place regularly just to see this pony.
Always looking at It from afar.
It was a particular experience, but always melancholic.

It always looked like the grey pony was yelling something,
But Pony couldn’t hear it.
The next day the same thing happened and the next day the same happen again,
But Pony couldn’t hear it.
A whole week went by and the same scenario would repeat as if in a time loop scenario.
Pony couldn’t hear its voice.

Same time, same place. It would repeat again.
The grey pony would go up to that hill and open its mouth as if saying something inaudible.
But Pony couldn’t hear it.

The scene left pony so distraughted that the image was stuck on its mind for days.
It finally asked one of its fellow ponies.
“Who is that pony? What is it trying to do?”
The other phony looked at Phony in the eye and told it to never speak of it again,
It also told it to never speak with any of the other phony either.
“Why?” – said Phony. “It’s forbidden” – said the pony.

Despite the warning Pony asked the rest of the group the same question to no avail.
Pony received the same answer no matter where it went,
they were filled with cold stares and disdain,
much like a bad sequel or a bad movie.
Soon Pony ran out of ponies to question.
Alas, it was pointless as no one would answer its question.
They weren’t wired to think any other way.

It wasn’t so soon before the very same ponies would shun Pony severely and permanently.
Pony was forced to leave its home and roam the vast fields by itself.
Every time It would find a new group the same thing happened,
He was soon shunned when they realized It was the rebel Pony from that village.
But Pony could not forget about that Grey Pony,
and why one day it stopped coming altogether.
Pony could never ask it what it was saying.
What was its message?

Pony wandered the fields for years.
Its limbs were no longer in top shape.
Its body was no longer sturdy.
No longer did its coat shone like the sun that made all the ponies envious.
What kept Pony going was the promise, the rumor, that it had heard from other ponies:

“I hear there’s a hill that looks like a wave.”

Age was significant taking a toll on Pony and reaching the sea would be nearly impossible.
You see no one told Pony that in its world the sea was far away,
that it’d take years to reach it on its own.
Yet, Pony dreamed of riding that wave even if it was a hill.
It dreamed just like It did when It was young and agile.

 The next months were specially taxing on its body which it had taken a turn for the worse.
Finally its contract with life was about to be expire in the next days.
Tired as a mule and beat up, it was about to be over for Pony,
When It spotted a peculiar hill with one of its remaining still working eyes.

 It was it.
The Hill that looked like a wave.

It was as if Pony had been fatally wounded.
But It had to go on. Pony was so close!
It mustered the last of its strength and marched to the top of that hill,
as if its very life depended on it.
In the very last moments its legs stopped working, organs started to fail,
Its eyesight left the creature several times,
but it kept going until it reached it.

Pony had reached its destination,
It had reached the Hill that looked like a wave.

It started at it for a few minutes then it turned its head around.
Pony saw the same grey pony that was so many times on that hill on that day.
Pony asked the mysterious creature with its dying breath,

“What were you trying to say on that hill?”
But the pony said nothing.

“What were you trying to say on that hill?”
But the pony said nothing.
“What were you trying to say on that hill?”
But the pony said nothing.
“What were you trying to say on that hill?”

Finally, the pony spoke as if it with all its strength to tell its tale,
at that moment Pony was finally able to hear the message,
but no sound came out of the other pony’s mouth,

There was only,

(absolutely nothing was coming out from its mouth.)

With its last breath all life was drained from its body and it completely expired on the ground.

The next day a traveler and his young son passed down that road and spotted the creature.

“What is that over there, dad?” – The son asked.
“You mean that?” – said the father.
“What do you call them? Sheep, right?” – said the son.
“We don’t call them sheep, son. We call those ponies” – the father said.
“But it does look like a sheep.” – said the son.
“That is no sheep my boy. It may have looked like a sheep but it sure lived like a pony, son. It sure lived like a pony.”

Today they come for a group then they’ll come for the others the next time.
Fuck off censorship. Fuck off.

      [In memory of a Pony]


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