The Lost and Forgotten Posts of the Fall

There is a time when bloggers don’t update for ages but they still have entries that never went live. Of course, they exist. They’re bits and bits of disorganized ideas and quick thoughts that didn’t make it into a full posts. This is one of those outdated and opinionated posts everybody loves about your old shows from last year that everybody finished but me.
I know. I know the Fall is so last year and  Keikakudoori is a lazy blogger who goes MIA for months and keeps the fun to himself. Jerk.

In which we count how many times Yozora calls Meat Meat because Hagani reached the point where her nickname had completely overshadowed her real name (go figure) and the validity of her name was in the same tier as Osaka’s. What was that one again? It’s the no one really cares anymore type of deal.
Say, imagine that one day everyone starts calling you by a nickname then very soon no one remembers your real name. Now when somebody else asks about you all they tell that person your given nickname instead of name. Hey, what’s that guy called again? I don’t know!
The humanity.

What I learned from Haganai is that you can overuse a nickname to death, that it partially restore my faith, that not all male lead in harems are wimps or bleed profoundly from everything, and that mechas are sensual for some reason.
Don’t ask me they just are.
And why could forget that Yozora just looks that much better with long hair.
I know not what you were thinking Haganai.

The bottom line is that the most satisfactory and intriguing twist for Haganai is making both Yozora and Meat run away together in a lesbian frenzy while they leave the lead hanging about what happened to his harem ending. Look at the OP. Look at the chemistry. Look at the tension between them. That’s right. No good harem inconclusive ending for you, sir.

I thought Haganai about a harem and its lead getting haremettes friends at his local school like every self respecting harem lead. Little did I know that it was about babysitting the young because of lack of day care center, responsible parents, or because of following the trend of parents-are-gone-for-whatever-reason in anime. Sure let’s just dismiss the possibility that there is a huge issue to be solved here when a little sibling acts like she’s heroine from a Shaft show and let’s go along with it. Problems tend to be solved if left them alone. Never mind, that’s never true, let’s just ask Yukiteru and why everyone Future Diary for Yuno other any of the other #’s.

In which it is self-explanatory because Yukiteru simply sucks. He sucked in the manga version he’ll continue to suck in the animation version given that I can hear his voice on top of it. If he were to reincarnate guess what, he would still suck again. There’s a perfectly good reason why Future Diary and the fanbase is religiously Yuno-centric and why Yuno makes all other yandere’s obsessions in anime, manga, VN, and any other type of medium feel like your average puppy love. It’s like this: You either like Yuno or you like Yuno. It’s Yuno-country in Future Diary.

Did I forget to mention why I like Future Diary?
I don’t think it included Yuki. I really don’t think it includes Yuki.

Because they kinda are if you ask me.  Look for fanart for any anime you’ll find that there is more fanart of anime characters than there is about manga characters. Realistically it makes a lot of sense as more attention = more artists and let’s not forget that everybody loves watching flashy and shiny anime. This even applies to Future Diary that despite being so popular it only had a couple of fanarts over the years. This easily changed when the anime came out and now there’s a decent amount of Mirai Nikki fanarts out there.

Yet we have a large abundance of pics of a psychotic at the same time aroused girl with hands on her face out of many fanarts there could be. Tired meme has gotten old. But wait, it’s anime so it’s totally new and cool right?  Sure is, especially if we consider said image that has been around since 2006 to be new in any way.
Thanks world for catching up with the rest of us.
*black screen* 5 years later.

Because I firmly believe that there is a blogger who’s made a list of Guilty Crown top moments of anime logic and it is arranged from A to Z and managing not to skip a single letter of how absurd the show can be at times. One of the big categories would be Gai explaining how impossible the character is. Taking out a mecha by myself? No problem. Purposely risking the lives of dozens of people without knowing for sure a plan would work? Sure thing bring those missiles and I’ll block them with I-guess-we-will-find-out-soon-after-I-try-it-for-the-first-time. It’s pure mystery how the Undertakers had managed to survive this long other than they’re dealing with the likes of Prince Clovis.

In which it is self explanatory for anyone who had watched Guilty Crown in the Fall. In which Shuu still sucks because having crappy character “man up” in an anime is risky move because it actually needs other good and likeable characters to babysit the lead until he gets where he should be.

I’m still looking for Guilty Crown’s edge. What should we look for? Is it deep? Mindless entertainment? Good characters? Guilty Crown has what, Gai? the cat girl? Granted I’m still three episodes behind but nothing I hear makes me be interested in the show again. I don’t think everything I hear is 100% right but they aren’t wrong either. GC had proven to be lackluster in my book. In my case I wouldn’t give GC so much crap if the producers would drop the illusion of a deep and serious show and just say they’re parodying Code Geass. Hey, I can get into that any day.

So professional. Much like the interview.

Because despite liking it, over the past episodes while I was still watching it Chihayafuru had turned into a show of “let’s indulge the bishoujo” more than anything where everybody is Chihaya’s lackey or have an inferiority complex towards the glasses guy.

Not this guy.

The Karuta god.

I think Chihayafuru would work better if Chihaya would be more like the Chihaya from the first episode. I think it’d work better if I would really see that everybody really likes the game because they like the game and not because of the cute girl approves (Taichi anyone?) I think would reeeally like Chihayafuru better if they would lay off some of the drama and focus on the lighter parts of the show.

Chihayafuru reminds me of Iroha without the mean old lady and the slapping. It also reminds me of shows where initially I like them then midway I start to lose interest once the actual stories don’t grab me anymore. I’m still more than a couple eps behind and I’m still that close to dropping it.

Because I want to believe there are still good mystery anime out there and not those cheap mysteries that are crap from start to the finish in which the audience bashes their heads when the culprits are revealed due to pure silliness. I’m (still) stuck on the 2nd episode because F/Z had monopolized my time and I couldn’t watch much of anything.
I just know that a good mystery is supposed to take more than one episode to be great and I think Un-Go was onto something. Based on some mixed quick reviews I’d say that Un-Go is worth picking up again just to find out whether it turns out to be good or bad. It can’t be worse than Gosick, can it? Can it?

Now, I can’t end this entry without saying it.
Dude looks like Seto Kaiba.

Because I’m intrigued and I have no idea regarding to whatever happened in Mawaru Penguin after I put it on hold back in the Fall. It was fun. It was weird. It had crazy transformation. It had Destiny. It had Survival Strategies. It had Rock over Japan.  Whatever else do you need? Not much but time to watch it.

The general consensus is that it was great even if I hear about a weird endings but that’s still probably enough to guarantee a possible chance of picking it up again. So what, it made no sense? Was it as deep as it tried to be? Did everything the show try to do made sense? Will I ever get tired of the flashy and fabulous transformation sequences? Am I just a Rock ‘n’ Roll Man? Big questions here, everyone. BIG questions here.

At the end of the day and for all eternity if that’s the case I may not know any details pertaining the rest of the show until I spoil myself or watch the show, but I know this much for sure: Penguindrum had the best ED Theme of the Season and sometimes it’s just right to IMAGINE for the hell of it.

That Kuma is unbearable but enough that. Compared to Chihayafuru Persona went from dull to a hilarious piece of work that I looked forward to each week. How does it do it? Why is it good? It just is. And come to think of it, am I seriously watching a school anime without romance, student councils, or clubs which isn’t purely a comedy either? I know. The world just got weirder all of the sudden.
I think this show just guaranteed me getting the game this year.

Somehow it made me think the following “Can YOU help Saber guess Lancer’s identity?” only in Dora the explorer’s voice, but that is seriously beside the point.

F/Z had been picking up slowly but I’m no action nut and easily through long dialogues provided they are interesting, informative and they don’t try to make them into documentaries. I dig how F/Z made simple fights seem overly epic, and that’s a compliment here though it may not sound that way. What am I to expect? Servants to be defeated in the first episode? To Saber to lose so early? Fate Zero knew what it was doing and it was clearer in each episode.

I specially liked how secretive they were of their identities. They sure knew how to conceal them. Not like this guy.

Fate/Zero best show of the Fall season. Best show of the season.
Keikakudoori, what a lazy jerk.


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  1. Why does everyone like Gai the most, you say? Because he doesn’t run away on the verge of tears and cowers like a bitch in some abandoned storehouse…
    I really liked Mawaru Penguindrum; as long as it has Survival Strategy, it doesn’t matter that i can’t understand the ending!

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