Fall Digest : Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

and we’re entering the realm of self-deprecating titles.

Good thing they have a sense of humor. It’s an odd feeling when a light novel doesn’t always act like it is a light novel adaptation. That’s the vibe I get from them as of late. Some story, a point to make, moderate doses of fanservice, no imouto, no bentou making involved,  not too forced slapstick comedy, no lead who talks himself more than he should,  no cardboard characters. Color me surprise latest LN adaptation. You’re mad, Haganai. Mad I say.

Quick question. Are we so sure this not a prequel to Denpa Onna, huh? Never mind, BokuDachi’s artist is the same of Denpa Onna thus the similarities. That aside Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai sounded like another anime to skip this season. Totally. Yet another “make-a-club” anime centered around 3-4 students and their high school antics gets boring after a couple of times and is thought to be yet another LN adaptation coming from the far east.

All is good and just the same Haganai jumps back into the cute girls eye candy show. Don’t get me wrong Haganai was a better show that I expected it to be. Aside from the eye candy appeal of the show I was expecting it to be less inspired, dull, and plenty of cliches to go around. Hagani had its fair shares, but what it still came out was a more positive result of than said adjectives.

What otherwise could be no more referred to an anime that sells like hot pancakes, Haganai has a resonable chance to become more interesting, that is, to become a fun ride. Character interactions are king and how deeper this story goes, and Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is still in the process of doing that. For what we’ve seen AIC knows its craft and knowing they how handle these type of shows they’re sure to put another hit under their belt.

And to the revolution in “eye candy art style”” thanks to Buriki, I say help me out here I’m getting Shaft, Silver Link and AIC mixed up, oy.


3 thoughts on “Fall Digest : Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

  1. I know this is just a quick impressions but I can’t help but feel like you didn’t talk about it much at all, aha.
    The first episode has grabbed my interest, I’m going to keep watching it to see if it lives up to it’s potential. I have a feeling is all.

    • That didn’t escape you. It was mostly intentional mainly because I was reminded so much of C3 despite having a different premises that a certain deja vu feel was present the whole time. To say the least Haganai has a strong visual appeal and a promise to be something more. The club idea is a bit overused but overall Haganai is upfront about what it wants. It’ll be worth to stick around for a few episodes to join this club.

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