Fall Digest : This is how it is being in Middle of Nowhere

In the future, also, we have half-naked men running around, women are either pettanko or double DDs. They forgot to mention that too. Lack of enough info dump.

Now we know. Ok, seriously. Why is anime so confusing lately?  I don’t mean that it’s intricate with so much depth that the concepts are hard to grasp in one go. I mean the total opposite, I’m talking about shows presented in a fashion so stripped from any sense that makes sense only to the creators of the show. This is something that I’d like to address in greater detail at some point, but I’ll leave that discussion for later. Anime, start making sense from the start or at least give us something that tells us you’re doing it on purpose.

What you can possibly expect of a anime called Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere? The name is ambitious enough to mean anything possible. A couple of questions first. One are we 100% sure this anime isn’t based on  some eroge? Second one, is that guy.. yeah, everyone totally saw coming Fukuyama Juun the lead. Thirdly,  I can see why anybody would suppress the liberty of the people in this show. Moreso if said freedom involves what we just witnessed in the first episodes – a hodgepodge of hodgepodges.

The good :

+ I’m sure there’s some good in this anime. It’s just that everything is so clustered and buried among boobies and half-naked guys running and jumping around that no can tell what is happening. Thank you ED credits.

+ The colorful and nice character designs is something new anime is particularly good at (if not the best thing) In more than  one way this is true.

Yes, way.

The Bad:

  They’re just dumping info with all the actual details in the last-minute of the show while the ED credits roll? Really? The first episode does little of what any series should – properly being explaining what direction the story will take. More than 90% of the episode is based on random antics like playing tag with the teacher.

Very very sloppy direction of the whole episode and probably of the series.

Plot almost non-existent. Correction. The plot does exist but the semi-serious plot is totally completely different to what the audience witnessed. It’s a battle between trying to portrait a serious plot, but by not using a serious characters. The whole suppressing rights, liberty, and having their countries taken over comes out of nowhere.

Confusing at best. Hard to tell what is happening when not anything meaningful is happening. We’re in the middle of nowhere.

The Curry man speaks out if he could : 

Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere is a hodgepodge, a conflict between a serious story and lack of one. Personally, unless reviewing the new season I’m not in the habit of always reading plot description as I expect a show to explain itself in the first episode in some manner, which they usually do. Either way I end up looking up the description of what I just watched in case I was getting the wrong idea. Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere is the anime that you can’t just watch and expect to tell you anything until the very first episode is over. It’s very light material in nature trying to do something serious while getting little done. It’ll be surprising if this show manages to pick up from here. As random as it was I know one thing for sure about Horizon on the middle of nowhere – watching the girls in this show makes my back hurt.


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  1. This is interesting, coming from the stigma of ‘being impossible to adapt’. I’m intrigued to see where this goes, I’ll probably wait a couple episodes before picking it up.

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