Fall Digest : C³ Cube x Cursed x Curious – Think Inside the Box

It’s all vibrant pastel-like colors in world of slice of life light novels. It remains a big mystery whether or not they are all animated by one studio going by different names because it is basically the name product elevated to x power. We’ll just give CxCxC the benefit of the doubt on that.

After watching C3, otherwise CubexCursedxCurious, otherwise C Cube, otherwise whathaveyou I don’t feel as bad at about it as I did when I first watched it. It’s still one of those common simple fun, eye candy anime which plays it safe by following  known to man rules about making a romance comedy show work with its biggest downside is adding little new to the genre. 

 A decent depiction of the show

The Bad :

C3 missed a C for cliché, but decided to leave it out because it was redundant for them to openly say it. This is a post that should’ve started with something along the lines of cliche to the third power but otherwise didn’t. That said, C3 actually had a semi-intriguing premise when I first read it. Girl who is a cube and curses sounded interesting and probably could be if it wasn’t a very typical slice of life x comedy x romance combo light novel adaptation.

C3 like many others before it follows the trend of lame lead cute girls insert shaky plot and let the fanservice do all the work.  It actually starts with semi-serious opening lines of the female lead and her tragic life as a box before the lighter stuff kicks in once the actual episode starts. C3 indulges in similar antics that its predecessors did before of leaving a strange/foreigner/alien girl all alone at home for the audience to see how helpless she is. The first episode is as crazy as it will continue to get. A girl acting like a 5 year old destroying the lead’s house because she isn’t human thus can’t know what’s right or wrong and how to do it to name a few things CxCxC does.

The last less (or most) positive aspect, regardless how that may be taken, is that C3 is a fair reminisce of Shaft’s Denpa Onna making it even less spectacular though Denpa Onna is a better representation of the edge C3 aims for.

The Good :

Having said all of that, C3 is a fun show if looking for similar type of fun. If it’s for candy eye appeal then C3’s got it. It’s got good designs, nice animation, and (extra) vibrant color to boot. Not all is bad in C3 as in its most basic fanservice appeal C3 does something right that not everyone lately does by giving the middle finger to censoring. Hey, if it’s what most of the audience are here for then simply give them what they want. No crappy and obnoxious way to get the fans to buy the DVDs for a few censored shots anyway. For being far from a strong competitor even in its genre the likes of Xebec could learn something here about pointless censoring in its fanservice shows. In that department CxCxC’s people has upstaged Xebec in its own department.


2 thoughts on “Fall Digest : C³ Cube x Cursed x Curious – Think Inside the Box

  1. Oh well C3 is a serious light novel, you will see the true C3 hopefully in the next episode. This episode is like the first episode of Madoka Magica. :D

  2. I agree with the poster above. You’ll have to treat it like Madoka Magica. A very deceptive opening. Give it at least 2 -3 Episodes, After all , Madoka Magica took that long to reveal it’s true colors too (=.

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