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We sure will, doc. We sure will. After 12 weeks the mad creation of Blood x Clamp X I.G. ends. Blood-C had an idea. It wasn’t a bad idea, not that it was original either, but they were very very bad at actually doing it. The Blood-C team confused rather than surprised the audience with a slice of life meets horror show product that progressed so slowly that not everyone would get what they were trying to do. The signs were there, the odd elements of ambiguity in the plot were there. A series that if being directed in a different way could have been something very different, but it wasn’t.

*inserts Blood-c main theme music*

Asides from calling out Clamp’s newest creation, there is a necessity to call out for something that they are known for that is – not fishing the projects they start. Yeah, we all know that Clamp is great that at least among the many titles they’re responsible for, you have got to like one of them. Well, Blood-C was not one of them. It seems they got overly ambitious with a simple idea totally ignoring how the basic process how to make it work in the first place was necessary. This product was Blood-C. Time for to give this show a quick final  lowdown of what it was.

Who and What we didn’t care for

Most of it. Kanako, Saya’s teacher, was a poor man’s Takano Miyo‘s going for the crazy researcher/reporter/what-have-you who all her co-workers and associates viewed are a loony or a fraud because her theories/finds were too crazy for this world, it was almost so forced that it was ridiculous. The annoying twins pretty much had it coming since they showed their true colors and in the last episode before the final one and acted like they knew it was time for them to bow out. Not even Saya’s boyfriend-to-be Tokizane-san who died a pathetic death at the paws of one of the Elder Bairns scored high points because so little was known about his real story that his (second) death lacked impact. Heck, the very idea that everyone in the show were ‘actors’ took a heavy toll on how the audience thought of them.

What and who we cared about (sort of)

It isn’t a good sign when you don’t really care for anyone in the show and that’s what happened in Blood-C.  As call out here multiple times Saya’s incompetence as a hero and as a main lead made everything worse. In the very end only a few characters became more likeable in their final moments. Itsuki, the quiet glasses guy, who no one cared about was shot down by the special forces (who really made sure he was dead) trying to stop Saya got his moment in the spotlight for being her only classmate who cared for her. The best example out of the group was Saya’s father who along with Itsuki were the only ones who cared for Saya and were the closest to anything of a good guy in this story.

Blood-C related News

Because Blood-C was in the news more than a few times. Common strategy as of late, huh.

[of course that was before the final episode]

Director Mizushima Tsutomu replied to critical comments from fans regarding the direction of Blood-C. via MAL news (09-18-11)

Question: Did you put an emphasis on the brutal scenes?
Mizushima: No, I didn’t. I regret that such scenes appeared to be emphasized due to the censorship by the TV companies.

Question: The bleeding blood is spouting like tap water. Did you directed in that way because this is “Blood” series?
Mizushima: I know it’s exaggerated too much, but I made the bleeding scenes unreal not to make the audience feel unpleasant. Being a “Blood” series is unrelated to the direction.

Question: I heard you intentionally direct the anime in a way to show it incongruous, but I think excessive unnaturalness will end up spoiling the anime and the audience will be bored. What do you think?
Mizushima: If you think Blood-C is boring, I feel really sorry for that. However, I’ll keep on believing in my policy of direction since I don’t know how to control the impression of the audience. Please don’t take that I won’t listen to the opinions from fans. Of course, I respect the reactions of the audience, but please let me sort out among them.

I’m  calling BS. I’m more than fine with graphic material. You won’t see me calling out a show for being too gory other than calling the show out for being pointlessly gory for no good reason. So I take Blood C’s director words and compare it to the last episode. Brutal Elder Bairns’ death? Fine. Massacring Saya’s friends-who-in-fact-are-in-it in the show? Fine. That’s part of the whole Saya is a terrible hero idea Blood-C had. A bunch of silly bunnies massacring people, throwing them inside bags, and liquefying humans while all the other white bunnies are getting their kicks? Now, that’s just being outrageous for the hell of it.

I do agree on one point he made about the Japanese TV stations meddling in the anime making a series seem extra violent in some cases – censoring is a pile of crap moreso when a show is targeted at an older audience.

And Blood-C Movie Wins Financial Aid From Japanese Government (source)

“According to Anime!Anime!, Japan Agency of Cultural Affairs has announced to aid the production of two anime movies: Production I.G’s “Blood-C” and Tezuka Production’s “Gusukobudori no Denki”. The support will be carried out as a part of International Film Production Support Project of the agency. Production I.G will receive 50 million yen ($650,000) from Japanese government.”

Words escape me. I can only think Fumito does have a connection in the government for them to be interested in a Blood-C movie.

And now the last words to wrap up all this trainwreck.

The Bloody End

Saya is shot in the eye and falls to the ground while the obvious too-nice-it’s-creepy villain Fumito is unscathed, and gets away in a helicopter. Everything is so gotten out of Hollywood movie that Saya running while the credits roll just make all this tale so unbelievably unreal. Do I want to see more? Think that I.G. & Clamp partly succeeded in making the audience interested in Blood-C’s movie coming up next year. I also think that it is a huge downer that the whole series gives the idea that everything done in there was so they could make the movie for some nice cash. If that was their objective they won in the way.  Just so, similarly, they lost a bunch of audience by doing so. I’d be lying if I say that I won’t watch the movie when it comes out next year but it doesn’t mean that I’m looking forward to it as much as I would’ve liked the TV series to have a proper ending.

B-C had its high and lows with more lows to be counted. The later half being the best part of show while the first half the lackluster of the series. I’ll probably remember Blood-C was a graphic show with one big twist show with a bad heroine and as a too ambiguous project that had idea, just were very bad doing it. I.G.. Clamp.. whatever happened here.


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