Saya is the worst hero ever (and I’m glad they aren’t for real)

Everyone should watch Blood-C to see how much of a trainwreck this anime is. The levels  Blood-C reach are simply baffling. Saya monstrously fails at playing the hero part and by doing so she steps up to the challenge of being one of the worst heroes ever created in the history of anime. The catch is that Blood-C is a manufactured trainwreck from the very start. The truth is that, Saya could not have possibly been for real.

By now Blood-C has shown its hand better than it did before proving that it is an intentional hair-pulling project to create the most incompetent, the most unfitting, most questionable hero to be created and have the audience baffle at the results each week. Let’s get the most obvious fact out of the way – Saya is not a good hero, mainly she gets an F as far as being a protector goes. She’s the Hancock  before realizing he wasn’t doing it right.  The terribad wannabe protector.  Spiderman never having Uncle Ben to give him advice about the responsibilities of power. It’s that type of recklessness only without the long hero speeches of I’ll protect everyone. Saya – cannot – be – for – real. There are so many things that Saya’s character has been made to fail at that any list would not be able to fully cover them. This is one of them. This is also why Blood-C is such a crafted trainwreck.

Saya fights the Elder Bairns who she knows nothing about –

Saya is doing it to keep the peace in the village and protect the good citizens like any good hero would. Good! But Saya doesn’t question where the hell all of these monsters are coming out from and what their plans are at all. According to Saya she just has to keep fighting them one after another for her role to be fulfilled. That’s it. No questions asked, no snooping around.

Baffling moment: Just about everywhere. Blood-C is a show where it can be appreciated perfectly the questionable role as a hero and super lack of reasoning of an unfitting hero.

Saya has NO techniques –

No fancy secret attacks. No powerful slashes with long names. Zero. Nada. Saya’s character in Blood-C has been purposely questionable from the start for she is the sword master type of character yet audience doesn’t get the feeling she’s the superior fighter.  The deal is that Saya actually isn’t that good. She just barely manages to win each time. First we were surprised that the low level demons were giving Saya a hard time in the first eps. Nah, maybe they weren’t that weak then again maybe Saya wasn’t that good at it either.  When all comes down Saya has superior swordsmanship level compared to humans but a basic swordsmanship level when dealing with monsters, which by having superhuman agility gives her the edge over any human and monsters. Back to the point presented in Blood-C Saya doesn’t know any fancy techniques. She is no Battousai as she probably didn’t receive any serious training to further polish her technique. If she has then she does a perfect job hiding it because all we’re seeing is Saya fighting with her own natural abilities.

Baffling moment: It’s baffling how there are no mentioning of where Saya gets her powers from and why she’s suited to be the protector of the village in the first place. Hold on a minute.. that’s the twist!

Saya gets beat up too often –

That’s OK I’ll heal up in a few hours.

Saya gets injured over and over. While B-C is a show where cake eating is abundant , it is also a gory show where the audience wonders how much pints of blood the lead is going to lose this week like religiously following shounen logic.

Heroes get injured all the times often when protecting others but Saya has received some dumb injuries during battles. The clear lack of training, techniques, and of any strategy are apparent when Saya ends up getting all beat up after each fight that without inhuman healing ability she’d be a goner from all those fatal injuries. It’s not Alucard I’m all powerful that no matter how much you hurt me I’ll always come back from the dead it’s rather I’m very terrible at this Saya kinda of way. Saya has been able continue to playing the hero part because the monsters still haven’t realized they need to aim for a fatal spot and Saya is just that good at dodging fatal blows.

Baffling moment: All battles where an elder bairn is included. She just relies too much on this ability and doesn’t even realize this is the only reason she’s still alive after all those battles.

Saya has ONE super mode

Saya constantly relies on her win-button to save her, which can be appreciated when gets those deep red cat eyes to show her rage. When Saya gets those eyes it means she has won the battle because a mortal slash to the enemy is soon to follow. The problem with relying on rage-mode alone is that the character has to well, excuse the caps, GET IN THAT STATE FIRST. Saya cannot normally beat any of the enemies without going Berserk mode. That’s a reasonable if we were talking Rayne in Blood Rayne relying on a type of blood rage mode for extra damage input, Dante entering Devil Trigger mode for extra stylish demon slaying, Arcueid getting serious to battle. Saya.. Saya is nothing like that. Saya’s rage mode is the only good card she has to defeat her opponents. It’s bad news for everyone when Saya can’t get into rage mode. Saya doesn’t do shit to put it in blunt terms.

Baffling moment: Berserk-mode rage mode has to activate before she can do anything at all. No crazy mode = no nothing. Meanwhile run for cover because there will be blood until Saya gets mad enough to do her job. Blood-C masterfully puts her heroine in an impractical position headed for failure at being a real reliable hero no matter how we turn this.

Saya lets people get killed – Retardedly (again RETARDEDLY)

The guy who went missing in the first episodes is still one of the most notorious example of Saya’s baffling crafted ineptitude as a hero. So everyone knows this guy is missing and Saya knows that there are monsters lurking in the shadows of her not-so-tranquil village and what does do when she spots him walking like zombie late at night? She follows him and lets him enter bizarro train  leading to, of course, the missing guy getting killed by  monster-train. Yep, the still alive guy could’ve been saved but Saya did nothing about it.

Baffling moment: See above for details.

More specifically, Saya lets her friends get killed –

C is for Carnage. Should I kick the monster to the right where all my classmates are escaping to or should I kick it to the left away from the class? Saya is the worst protector ever. She takes forever to realize what is up and to go to rescue and when she does her friends still get killed because she can’t protect them. Blood-C drives well the point home showing the audience how much of crafted trainwreck this show turns out to be when the heroine can’t save a single character in the show.

Baffling moment: When I thought I was reading Gantz instead of watching Blood-C. Moment? Monster massacring the whole class while Saya was present looking at it.

Saya thinks she’s normal –

Save friends or cake time? Cake it is.

One of the reasons heroes have secret identities is because they don’t want their enemies to go after their family and friends and, well, because it is plain inconvenient no matter how we approach it. Only those who run solo, belong to an organization, or are powerful enough can dare go mask-less like they own the place. Saya isn’t one of them. Playing hero is a heavy responsibility specially one going by the book. Saya wants to do this but can’t.  The settling of Blood-C  starts with is having monsters coming out at night then switching to monsters creeping in the shadows at every corner of no-mame town changing the strategy to everything is valid. Saya can’t adjust to any changes. She continues to go to school like nothing is happening. What’s worse she goes to school without her only WEAPON – her katana. She goes outside even after the monsters start attacking randomly without a weapon to defend herself and others. The craziest part of it is that the monsters TELL HER that they have it in for her. Crazy. We all know because as it turns out she’s the one hunting them and it’d be crazy thought they’d track her down for revenge. Saya is a monster magnet that she might as well have wanted poster all around town.

Baffling moment: All episodes in the morning when she goes to the pastry shop where she’s fed weird sweets.

Because it is plain obvious –

Saya doesn’t get any more suspicious than she did when the show started, she doesn’t get suspicious of where the dead bodies are taken to for one thing. Another of baffling parts of Blood-C is how the hero never wonders who exactly gets rid of whatever is left of the bodies after they’ve been half eaten by the monsters. Do the police hide them? The community? Saya’s dad? Another monster comes in to clean up? It’s baffling for anyone to not wonder no matter who you are how come the town doesn’t know of these monsters. The last straw for anyone taking Saya’s hero value seriously is the disappearance of Nene’s body at Saya’s house which is never addressed.

Baffling moment: The reason why no one in the village reports it or finds the bodies. Yep, that could only mean everyone was in it or everyone is as aloof as Saya.

And lastly to end the list of why Blood-c made Saya to be a terrible heroine.

Saya has no common sense whatsoever –

And the trainwreck is ensured. So many things could’ve been prevented if Saya had a bit of more common sense. Being an airhead can’t be a good reason for Saya having that lack of common sense. Saya’s airheadness wouldn’t be that much of a problem if she had any idea what it is going on around her and how to be a proper hero.


But that’s Blood-C’s edge and where all these baffling business of crafted hero failure lie in. One that otherwise would be hair-pulling experience of how much a hero could repeatedly blunder and utterly fail at being a hero. Make no mistake, Blood-C is a majorly intended all along trainwreck of Saya’s tale of a too flawed hero that could not have been for real from that start.

And for that I thank them.

Now this Friday, oh this should be good.

5 thoughts on “Saya is the worst hero ever (and I’m glad they aren’t for real)

  1. This has been one of the worse anime I’ve ever seen, I just keep pushing myself to see how it will end but I feel like I’m killing myself everytime I have to watch an episode. What happened with Clamp?? This doesn’t make any sense, how could they do that?? How can anyone let this show into tv?? I love Clamp but this is a shame. I can’t wait for the end. Saya is THE WORST character ever in the history of anime.

  2. Oh, yeah, the school masacre episode… Everyone getting killed, Saya unsheathes her katana when there are like 4-5 left, all she does is getting her ass handed to her, her friend dies too and THEN she gets serious, “i’ll protect everyone”…My ass! ok, i call bullshit on this one! there’s no way she’s even trying, she lets them all die on purpose. Oh, and for the record, who’s the only one that survived that hell? you got it right, the class-rep, who had a crush on her. It’s only natural she’s a bad hero, she didn’t know this was a battle anime ok? she thought she was the MC of a shoyo, therefore all she does is trying to create a harem… “who cares about monsters? one of those bishies will save me i guess”, that has to be her line of thought. No other explanation.

    And one advise to clamp: if they don’t let you air so many gory scenes, don’t include them! the fucking episode full of rays of light make it look like a fanservice harem anime… ’cause if you want people to buy the DVDs to watch the uncensored version, first you gotta make an interesting series.

    P.S: God, the pic you put at the end says everything: “It’s about time to put an end to it. And end to such an absurd story.”

  3. hmm it’s a shame this anime is a flop…havnt seen it though…but my wife wants to cosplay saya…should i let her knowing the anime is a complete fail? Decisions…decisions…

  4. I took some time to watch the anime in full, mainly because i’m bit of a CLAMP nut. In theory this anime had a lot going for it. It had a neat concept in terms of what’s really going on and the monster designs were pretty dope. The only bad thing is Saya herself. While design wise she’s adorable and at first I was ‘Yeah I can dig this girl.’ But like you aid many things were just…. ugh. The anime does have some value though… just don’t waste cash on the DVD but do watch it on Youtube and form your own opinion.

  5. I have to say, the storyline of the anime could have been worked out better, but a lot of things have been explained and knots tied together. The only thing that pissed me off was that freaking cast, so their deaths made me laugh more then others. Poor baker X)
    I don’t think Saya was ever really meant to be a heroine, just a chick who can kick ass when focused…. But as far as the art goes, this was cool as shit! the monsters (elder bairns) were really tearing the people up and the spuwing blood really gave this great horrific feel. It made it more realistic in my opinion! plus without that effect the anime really would have gone down the drain. its one off the only reasons i finished it…more gore.
    Seriously if those monsters would come around in real life i would totally pass out (O.o)
    I mean 4 real, i think the scariest were; the water statue, the talking eyeball, the floating spine with no emotions or those freaking mutated rabbits…(although those elder bairn really did go fucking beserk in that town; i was like wtf, a blender bag….Lmfao)

    oh yeah, just to freak people out…Guimauve is real ;)
    hahahaha BUT its just a coloured sugar marshmellow in the shape of a cube LOL

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