Villainy Properly Handled After the Break

A friendly Kyubey now near your neighborhood

That is a very long break. Kamisama Dolls is the most villain inconsistent show of the season. There are so many great ways to create villains in a story and how to create your ultimate source of fiendish no-good material in a plot. Does it spell exciting? Does it spell consistent? Evil bishie is upset because he isn’t part of the lead’s life. What a pickle. Whatever shall we do, world. I know let’s throw a bunch of pseudo eviler guys into this soup that is Kamisama Doll to make it work. Madness, it is almost working. 

“Evil village” is a trick that you have to know how to pull properly. It’s not just evil backwards tourist unfriendly place and that’s about it. It’s about giving a damn about said place not saying it to its face out of fear.

I haven’t been hyped about Kamisama Dolls the anime I’ve been more interested by its premise before I watched the show just to find they somehow managed to screw up an interesting premise and turn it into a bland action show and a bit of, why not? Soft Action  consisting of cake serving prior big events and pseudo acts of villainy. Kamisama Doll has been doing extremely poorly. Hell, poorly is an understatement for how bad it’s been doing and how badly it handles villains and its one trick of evil village.

Kamisama dolls introduces a premise that without watching the anime itself it looked to me like grim and serious material. A certain group of people can control mechanical looking avatars as they please just spells some good action. I’m sold. Wait, it is about something entirely different?

That so.

Kamisama Dolls is becoming more the type of anime that hides behind its “big secret” that no one but itself really knows what it is and builds the tension which may come or not come next episode – any time soon, any time soon. The first episode was all about some intriguing incidents followed giving explanations how the characters are involved in. The second episode is about explaining said incidents and shed some light on the reasons behind it. The third should about where the story ought to be going. That seems to be in order. Kamisama Dolls is a story where these ideas don’t materialize well. It is one where villains get switched over by new villains and where an “evil village” is behind everything the show doesn’t tell the audience.

You know. THAT evil village that it is hardly registered in maps.

Meet Kyouhei the quiet type that just got out hick town and went to explore the exciting and fast life in the big city, right? No. Actually, Kyouhei isn’t the dead beat lead that expects to be helped or is afraid to get cooties by touching anyone. Kyouhei is the man just for that. Point for Kamisama dolls after the first episode it shows that the lead is dependable and bearable. What’s the catch? Everything else in the show.

Like this guy

> Village sends its regards. Meanwhile, I’m here to stalk you because that’s what I do

The culprit behind the first murders is no less than Aki’s, Kyouhei’s “old friend”. who missed him so such extent that he followed him to the city instead of running away from the evil village he hates where huge pushies are considered to be gods and everyone is connected want it or not. If that doesn’t spell tourist-friendly town I don’t know what does. Maybe Shiki’s.

> Remember that time I paid for your train ticket?
> I didn’t mean anything by it. I wasn’t really hitting on you, man.

First the villain kills those men in the elevator then he attacks the lead in his own apartment, destroys the room and almost *almost* kills the lead’s sister by throwing her to her death. THAT just about does it for the lead to start to get ticked off and ask some explanations. The guy has more control than a terminator.

Kamisama Dolls’s evil guy falls into the trap of vengeful character yet too obsessed that it is ridiculous to anyone other than himself. I know the solution. So evil guy stalks the lead then kills him. Wait, he doesn’t do that. Then he goes for the people closer to his target? He doesn’t do that either. What does he do? He’s the bad guy with a terrible past. That’s what he is. We’re here to learn about what happened years ago in hick town and how evil that village really is.

Because that is really really really interesting.

– I got you a tuna flavor. They ran out of the good stuff. Said they reserve it for the good guys

These guys were real bros back in the day. You can tell by how much the lead puts up with the grey haired bishie no matter how murderous or a menace to society his old buddy is and how in the other episode he murdered and almost got his sister killed. Well, good thing everything is in the past now and they can move on by Kamisama Dolls’s rules. The reasonable explanation is that there is a huge secret (see above) behind this story justifying everything because that’s how we solve our big mysteries in poorly written shows – by having one event justify everything.

Bishie Down. Alert.

He is injured so we should feel bad.

Hold on. It turns out the bad guy isn’t bad after all. Hold it again, he did kill those guys in the first episode then he murdered the other two guys who were taking him back to the village, right Kamisama? However by Kamisama dolls logic it doesn’t count because they were also the “bad guys” so we’ll let it slide this time. Go grey haired bishie. Do your worst. Go back in there and stalk the lead and make his sister jealous.

– sorry dude. Your death doesn’t count that much.

Kamisama’s glorious portrait of villainy won’t stop there because there are certain people that won’t be pleased by having a menace such as the grey bishie running around stalking his old crush and let him live a normal life. Evil Village strikes back. New evil looms over the tranquil city of Tokyo as the evil village sends its henchmen to clean up the mess they caused.

Like this guy

– My piece – more practical than a knife

Meanwhile again his little sister trains at public places and expects to that capital H Huge Doll to go unnoticed (in a CITY) so she can practice how to control it, though she should’ve done it back in the village. Why is she here again? To be jealous about her older brother having a regular and healthy life? Why is this evil village really thinking? That’s the big question. That’s a huge question considering they hold control of these gods and only send a handful of followers to get back the prisoner they let escape in the first place. These guys just won’t let the main character get out of this show.

Btw, I have to have my say in this. Those things are ridiculously big.

– Like seriously. Those Kamisama Dolls’ ears are just too big for its head.

Still a mystery why the government or big organizations hasn’t caught up with the shenanigans happening in that village other that they want their share in the fun a la Sacred Hella Seven . It is also mysterious how bad Kamisama Dolls is turning out to be where events just happen one after another so haphazardly. Now the village is the evil ones are sending assassins to deal with the problem. Now the killer from the first episodes isn’t the bad guy anymore but becomes the prey from the new evil guys. Meanwhile, we have huge machines flying around and hardly anyone caring about what happens in this city.

I’m not surprised at all the main character of this show wants to be left alone by Kamisama Dolls as I do. It is plain bad.

Now listen to the huge Kyubey flying head and the two reasons situated in Hibino’s chest. Way to build a serious show Kamisama Dolls.


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  1. I thought the anime might be bad as soon as I saw Hibino pair. After the moe sister I realized it would end being even worse. After realizing the in the manga the sister wasn’t so moe I know this is not going to be good. mm but it is not so bad ,I like Ishikawa songs.

  2. Same as Blood-C Kamisama Dolls is another show with less than 13 eps. Good luck with that.

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