Umineko Requiem 46 [FINAL] – The Best Tea Party Ever

Final Words:
Requiem of the Golden Witch is the most soothing game to date. It has both calming and eerie music that go perfectly with the atmosphere. The game has a slower pace that is able to explain the mysteries at a very quick pace. Requiem is handled very different than past games. The most disturbing revelations of the game such as Beatrice’ birth are handled with a strange “humanity” of a player that is  interested in knowing and understanding the truth rather than exposing it – getting to the heart of the matter without any of what the witch side is known for. There’s a more human approach to the series that hasn’t been much from the main players making the funeral unique experience.

From the start the story the presence of the Detective is introduced who goes by the name of Willard H. Wright based on the mystery writer Van Dine most known for his detective Philo Vance the ever whimsical detective. The theory crafting in Requiem is absent due to EP7 being an answer arc. It’s really an Answer Arc since from the first hours it is easy to realize where the story is going. The detective in charge piecing everything together for the reader. By the end of funeral it is clear who is the “hinted” person they refer to who is the Golden Witch who it is assumed to be the culprit. The motive is explained, however the reason why the tragedy occurs and the culprit(s) for all episodes is never revealed saving it for the last game. Many theories come to light while theory crafters corroborate their own theories. Many of my theories are included in this Tea Party which simply enhanced my overall experience. Requiem’s Tea Party is the whole package.

One of the most unique parts of Requiem is how much it wants to reveal the truth while not revealing everything that it goes as far as having a showdown between the current Detective and Beatrice’s actor in which the detective “breaks down” the illusion of the witch by solving all mysteries, thus ending Beatrice’s tale as a mystery. Ashes to ashes, illusions to illusion. Thus ending the funeral of the Golden Witch.

When everything is said and done, it wouldn’t be Umineko without a sense of bitter sweet to it. Just as the main story ends the reader realizes that there is a crucial part of the game that isn’t over, most known for its great revelations and twists – The Tea Party. The calm aspect of the game is greatly contrasted by Bernkastel’s brutality making Requiem’s Tea Party the most brutal and at the same time one of the most logically well constructed parts of whose “theories” certainly “make sense” because it explains the who, the why and the how. What it is more interesting is how EP7 Tea Party is able to make reference to all Questions Arcs in the game explaining how things went down while opening other possibilities one last time.

While at times it has a slower pacing, Requiem makes up by the revelations of the story that keeps the reader engaged.  Requiem’s Tea Party is an extremely well made section that deserves its place in one of the most memorable moments of the series. EP7 rightfully earns its place as one of the best games in Umineko letting it be known that the next one will be the last game of this series opening its doors to Twilight of the Golden Witch to our very final game and the of the long long journey to the final truth.


8 thoughts on “Umineko Requiem 46 [FINAL] – The Best Tea Party Ever

  1. Thank you for the blogging…..
    I enjoy Umineko series A LOT!!
    Here is something if you are interested. I found the Umineko no Naku Koro NI EP 7 MANGA!!! and the first few pages are colored.
    The only problems is that it is in Chinese and so far only first 2 chapters are out…. Nevertheless, it is still very good, since I can read Chinese.
    Go to this web, go below, and you will see the first two chapters…

  2. Umineko manga mm that does handle quite well the cousins with different age thing. It is something worth reading. It is not the original work but it is interesting.

    Ep7 Tea party it is interesting and satisfies the bloody scenes quota of an Umineko episode. Buty being it all in it makes it spectacular.

    Great review and congratulations about the things you got right.

    • It is the best tea party ever. Not to mention it is a great contrast to how “smooth” most of the episode was. EP7 Tea Party is there to remind everyone what to be “inside a cat box” really means, that is, that almost anything is possible. Emphasis on the last part.

  3. Great post, i’ve been expecting it. I agree with you about this TP. About Battler forgetting the promise, i think it’s more like he just didn’t give it as much importance as Shannon did and therefore he can’t think of it as a sin (actually in EP1, at the beach, Shannon tells everyone about that white horse thing and it looks like Battler remembers it easily… hum, Umineko had some pretty nice foreshadowings since the very beginning, huh?).

    I’m also looking forward to the second half of Twilight. In fact, lately i’ve been checking daily the translator’s site XD

    Oh, by the way, since i just finished my exams i’ve decided to read The Greene Murder Case based on your suggestion. It looks promising!

    • I whole-hardly urge you to read it. It’s really great. The 1st book was too easy and the 2nd came down to locked room and alibis. The 3rd one is very flexible and varied. Expect plenty of sarcastic remarks and whimsicalness in it too.

      If you see the announcements for the 2nd patch let me know :D

  4. I actually thought that Kyrie and Rudolf’s actions were really unnatural… I mean, I guess something/someone had to be evil somehow for the murders to happen, but I honestly don’t think it’s a normal response to automatically go into mass-murder mode once there’s a lot of money on the line. Maybe I’m just too nice or naive or something, but that seems to me to be the thought process of a psychopath, not a normal person.

    Not to mention, the way Rudolf and Kyrie are regarded in ep 8, I’m just totally left confused as to the truth of ep 7… I really just don’t know what to believe. o_o

  5. Four years later….. man…. i feel so trolled, but so hapy at the same time. I could have never imagined they would make an episode like this one. Just one more remaining.

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