10 Things that ought to be said about [C]

10 things to say about [C] the Money of Soul and the Possibility of control.

[OPEN DEAL] I wish ATM machines were like C’s

[C]all it what you want. We hardly knew ye that well, C. As much as I enjoyed what C was offering it explained itself very poorly at times. Expanding on some essential aspects of the battle system to name a few for the first eps would’ve been HUGELY appreciated. Expanding on the rules of the world of C would’ve been also something to be appreciated. Come on, give to all of us laymen in the field of economics a break and give it to everyone else who wanted to understand C badly. Because the better C was explained the more enjoyed it was going to be for everyone.

I’m Kimimaru the MC. Do not be bothered by how passive I am

[C]haracter – It was a tossup in the main character department. Kimimaru was a one-dimensional character who from day one to the last day was the good guy of the story. Kimimaru was a so-so, passive character. Too passive – if you ask me – until the last episodes. Kimimaru is the type of character needed A LOT more character – an edge. Because C was never exactly the happy all butterflies and rainbows world I found Kimimaru’s attitude to be somewhat justified though still needing a better edge. I was expecting for Kimimaru to do something more exciting, drastic, different that would set him apart from other characters. Maybe by making him initially use recklessly his money then make him realize the damage Midas Money and C were doing to the world would be a better way to give him a better edge.

Takahiro Sakurai stole the show. Best performance. Hands down.

[C]lowntastic – I’m sure someone in the industry (namely Kenji Nakamura ) thought to himself “let’s get the medicine man from Mononoke and put him on crack,” and I’m glad he thought that because it worked perfectly.  Masakaki was the creepy, all business man from the financial district going crazy about each deal that you could feel his enthusiasm. So much energy, so much dedication. The guy clearly enjoys his job more than anyone else could. If you ask me, compared to everyone in the show he was the most consistent character.

Not necessarily you Msyu

[C]GI the possibility of it – Everyone know this and we accepted it. C had terrible CGI. Most new anime become known for either for its story and the characters, C became known for the show with less than stellar graphics and being compared to Yugioh. Graphic fanatics had a point there. Personally, I wasn’t that bothered by it, only thought the show was better off. The character designs on the other hand wasn’t something I was thrilled about as they looked plain. Also for being a college student Kimamura looks like he’s still in high school.

It’s like English subs, only the opposite

[C]ontained delicious Engrish – At first I found it awkward but after a while like most Engrish it comes down to getting used to. I grew used to the spoken voice English commands all in big caps [DIRECT] [YOU HAVE GAIN] [OPEN DEAL] that I’m going to miss them every time I make a transaction of any type. How can you not love hearing a [Microflation] attack?

Lip reading Mikumi : my sister in a comma trumps your hypothetical future daughter/sister/whathaveyou

[C]ome on – Unfortunately it had its share of predictability. Though C had a couple of good twists up its sleeve. The most remarkable were the people disappearing from the world, cannibalization ability (wtf?), buying the future. On the not so bright side Kimimaru going against Mikuni could be seen a hundred miles away that everyone could expect to happen in the very last episode. Actually, it is right in the OP sequence.

[C] is confused over what this is

[C]onvoluted confusing finale – It’s that ending that woud’ve been better without an open to interpretation ending. Calling it open to interpretation is a kind use of the term though. C’s ending didn’t have much of that, it was a mesh of ideas with few explanations. Good ride, unconvincing ending. Kimimaru wins and the world is saved. The god –slash- creator of C gives Kimimaru the future he bought and give him a lecture of how messy though very well constructed are the plans for creating the world. Bluntly put, I would not blame anyone for calling C’s ending a bullshit ending for it is its weakest link.

When the jazz started I had the strangest MGS2 finale dejavu

[C]onstrasts – and the allegories. C was a total mirror of society. It made plenty of analogies to the real world and how these system we all live in works and can be used in different ways. How money represents power and it can create a future. Also the buying and selling, the black Midas money, economy inflation, among others. There’s possibly more than the viewers realized there were, and that’s a good thing because it’s nice to see they took the time to come up with these references and make a show about it.

[C]ould have been better – Yes. While it lost points for its ending, it gained points for being an original project. C had more ups than downs and that’s key here because the rushed ending didn’t completely take away the merits from the show. It hit hard like it did the Southeast Asian Financial district but it survived nonetheless. Noitamina show earns another badge for a job well done. As Summer shows go C was up there flawed as it was.

[C]oming to Terms – So when asked what to think of C I’d say the following: Good show, far from perfect.  Now, deal with it. And that’s how we’re ending this entry.

Just my two cents.


5 thoughts on “10 Things that ought to be said about [C]

  1. Totally agree. I liked C from the start because it had some interesting ideas but sadly that was it, they left them as just ideas.

    They could’ve gone deeper in subjects like the Financial District’s origin or how people’s futures are used and they shouldn’t have made such a rushed predictable ending. Also there were a lot of things that i didn’t understand really well since i’m an idiot at economics, so explaining things better would’ve been nice. There’s also the battle system: it was an interesting idea how they bet money on an attack and profit if it lands on the opponent, but again that was it, they expleined how it worked in 2 episodes and from then on did nothing especial about the battles. It was cool and interesting but needed some twists (before the anime began, seeing the trailers i had thought it would be a battle of wits…).
    The idea of having the Asset be a personification of the Entre’s lost future (well, that’s how i think it was…) was cool but once again it went nowhere. Yes, what pissed me off was the ending, they could have tried many different things (even if they stayed with the Mikuni vs Kimimaro idea) but in the end they did nothing: the hero(?) MC Falcon Punches the antagonist and makes him see a new path in life. Actually the one who solved the situation was the information brocker Mr Golden teeth, if not for hin, even if Kimimaro got the future used for collateral back Japan would have disappeared. And all of this happened in an instant and with the MC completely oblibious of it.

    Well, it may look like i hated C after reading this but if it pisses me off is because i actually really liked it and think it could’ve been sth big. I mean, would it have really been so bad to make it twenty-sth episodes ang going a bit deeper in the plot… Oh well, the OP and ED were cool, the battle system was cool, Takahiro Sakurai was hilarious and it showed an interesting way of seeing economy. Let’s remember that.

  2. Second season? Probably not but it’d answer some questions the show didn’t cover.

  3. I enjoyed following [C] from start to finish. It wasn’t the most consistent show, but it knew what it was doing for most of its run, with the exception of that bizarre ending. An epilogue wouldn’t be out of place to tie up some loose ends, maybe as an OAV. Even if it were just a reason to give an infodump, it’d allow greater appreciation of prior episodes.
    Again, I enjoyed [C]. Masakaki was enjoyable as the honest villain, Mikuni wasn’t all that detestable, and it veered into a silliness that was hard to dislike at times. And hell, I caught myself saying “You have gain!” when I cashed a couple checks at the bank yesterday, much to my confusion, so it had some kind of impact at the very least.

  4. Not to be a grammar nazi (not that it’s even grammar that’s incorrect), but it’s “Mononoke”, and for the second to last [C] you put [C]could.

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