6th Week – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Jelly


We’re riding that train

[The good]

KAIJI reaching its 6th episode last week can only mean the Underground Chinchiro arc might be about to end. Oh, yeah. The Kaiji has been back for weeks now and I’m only starting to feel part of the greatness of the 1st season back in short spasm that come in go in-between zawa and zawa. The opponents are far from memorable in the new season, in fact we have only one mini boss so far. I can’t help but realize this season is mainly the phase where Kaiji gets his gambling skills “back” (and under control) and that’ll be about it.

I’m awfully optimist that Kaiji will turn out all right no matter what despite the fact that this arc is taking most of the season. Question is, will it? See, I’m awfully optimist because I figure Kaiji will get a third season sometime after the 2nd Season ends. Crazy thought here. Crazier because Madhouse has felt like a stranger in the last what? 3, 4 anime seasons? And with no official announcement hoping for a 3rd season from Madhouse sounds like a real gamble for a change.

[The Bad]

Those moments when that certain moment in spoiled by a random announcement or awkward scenes while you watch a show. Atsumu never had a proper chance. The poor guy. I’d also hate it when a random announcement and a weird sound appear as I’m about to mean business. So what I *EEK* want to *EEK* say is *EEK* that I.. *EEK*. See what I mean? AnoHana has what it takes to be a successful show and be the first A-1 show in a good while that hasn’t disappointed. Let’s go back to that. A-1 and not overwhelming disappointment? Really? They tend to drop the ball quiet easily as history has taught us (those butterfingers of theirs). Good point? The fact that Yamakan isn’t directing this one but rather Honey and Clover’s director has my hopes up for AnoHana. The bad part is that I feel all crappy after watching the show because they lay it on quite thick.

Thank you

[The Ugly]

Maria+Holic continues to go downhill like hungry mountain goats during winter. I half appreciate Shaft changing the OPs themes in each episode if only that amount of effort would go in the show. Neither the singing nor the writing is clever enough for the 2nd season to do better than the 1st. I’m considering the first season to be superior to this one and that’s saying a lot. There’s so many times they can repeat the same jokes and still be funny. To say the least the show has been reduced to making Infinite Stratos references. Infinite Stratos. If that isn’t a call for help then I don’t know what is. Why do I continue to watch this show despite the fact I have little problems dropping shows is beyond me. Oh right, there’s Matsurika one of the few selected redeemable characters of Maria Holic, I already watched the first season, and this is one of the few roles where Yuu Kobayashi voices a male character that doesn’t suck the life out of a show. It’s like watching a supernatural event happen in front of the eyes.

There are still half of the season left – where Shaft proves they can be try to be creative at making Opening sequences and anime references instead of going anywhere. Shaft, I thought we agreed that were mainly reserved for SZS.

I bet you never considered that fruit to be used in a serious context

[The Jelly]

I’m pretty damn sure I watch this show to listen all the characters of the show babble on and on and guess what? I like it. I suspect that this is one of those shows where a VA has a show for himself. Jun Fukuyama shines in whatever show he is when he does that deep evil villain voice. Mamoru Miyano shines the most when he’s being a grade-A egocentric. That’s just one of the facts of anime you learn to appreciate.

Steins;Gate has finally established the base it needed to build a proper story only that it took six episodes to get it right. We have people that had been experimented on by a (evil) European organization, we have Mayuri continuing to make strange noises, we got Lab Coats (Note. Important), we have Daaru making sexual harassment jokes, and we have Hououin wasting no chances to laugh heartily at the screen. This show could become anything with time. Contrary to popular belief concerning VN adaptions Steins Gates is expected to deliver. Who knew. Start breaking the vicious circle of quality again.


2 thoughts on “6th Week – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Jelly

  1. > The bad part is that I feel all crappy after watching the show because they lay it on quite thick.

    A show about a ghost-girl who died tragically and her former friends, all traumatized over her death… yeah, that’s bound to be a feel-good show :)

    All non-serious sarcasm aside, that Stratos parody in Maria+Holic had me stupefied. I half-expected it to be followed up with a lame Heroman Joey-crossdressing gag, topped off with a Mazinger “Beast-o fiyah!” pun.

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