Umineko Requiem 45 – The Rokkenjima Murder Case, S.S Van Dine

Clap. Clap. Clap. Earth to earth. Dust to dust. Illusions to Illusion. Illusions of a witch. Illusions of a crime. Time to take out the black sword that cuts through all the Witch’s illusions. After this see you in two weeks for the final two parts of the 7th Game. 

The man who elucidated the mystery and brought to a close that palimpsest of horror was, curiously enough, in no way officially connected to the game; and in all the published accounts of the murder his name was not once mentioned. And yet, had it not been for him and his novel methods of criminal deduction, the heinous plot against the Ushiromiya family would have been conclusively successful. The police in their researches were dealing dogmatically with the evidential appearances of the crime, whereas the operations of the criminal were being conducted on a plane quite beyond the comprehension of the ordinary investigator. This man who, of sedulous and disheartening analysis, eventually ferreted out the source of the horror. His name I am not at liberty to divulge, but for the purposes of these chronicles I have chosen to call him – Willard H. Wright.

The last chapter of Requiem next to The Best Tea Party is certainly the best section of the Game. Will solves all four games in one go. Commentary follows each section while throwing some theories and speculations of the crimes. Note that there might be some contradiction with the red truths however they’re made to point out that there must exist a hole in those claims. These claims are in no way final since it isn’t impossible that some evidence might’ve been overlooked. Also not to mention, Will’s claims can be interpreted in different ways. This entry should clear and reinforce some points already made in this mystery.

Dust to dust, earth to earth, illusions to illusion.

The 1st Game – The general idea is that someone WAS faking his/her death in the 1st twilight. That’s what generally one would think after the later events. Will speaks of a corpse that cannot return to earth meaning that it isn’t real, cannot die, or it hasn’t been completely killed yet I presume. The corpse returns to being an illusion. Key moment is the cousins reaching the garden shed, George asking Hideyoshi about Shannon. Also without a doubt the fact that ONLY Nanjo and Hideyoshi entered the garden shed and were the ones who confirmed (according to them) everyone’s identities. The first crime in Rokkenjima 1986.

“Illusions to illusion. .. A chain of illusion can only hold back illusions.”

Illusion of a closed room. It’s possible the chain was never set properly set, or rather that the furniture lied about the chain’s state. Genji and Kanon are the ones who noticed something was wrong inside of Eva and Hideyoshi’s room as they were not answering when they knocked.  Both of the furniture go to bring cutters and to call Natsuhi leaving the door unattended.  Kanon (along with Kumasawa) are the ones who reached the room first and cut the chain. When they came back they found a magic scribble that wasn’t there when they first arrived.

Going by what Dawn told us a double closed room of a chain set + locked door meant that victim was faking his own death.  Assuming that both Eva and Hideyoshi cannot be faking their death it should mean that, A) the culprit was inside the room and escaped afterwards (What do we do about the chain?) and that group that entered later failed to catch him. B) The moment Kanon cut the chain it meant the closed room was destroyed at that time. I stress that that’s probably the most important part because without the chain set it is no locked room as the culprit must’ve had a master-key at this point to open and lock the door. Kanon and Genji’s testimony that Eva’s room had the chain set on is the illusion here because Kanon is the one cuts the chain himself. The chain is the illusion. The chain has been tampered with after the culprit killed both Eva and Hideyoshi inside their room to make it look like a closed-room.

4th twilight: “The old Head from the closed room study, confined in a scorching furnace.”

Kinzo is, as everyone knows, dead before the start of all games. The man of illusions is him who no longer lives. It isn’t completely clear if Natsuhi gave the order to have Kinzo burned or not;  it sounds desperate I’d say and not much like her though not impossible. Possible suspects who threw Kinzo’s corpse into the fire are the ones who along with Natsuhi knew Kinzo had died. That’s just about almost all the servants minus Gohda at the mansion. What we got from this is that this is indeed Kinzo’s body and not a fake. Destroying any possibility that there is another person who suffers from polydactyl on Rokkenjima, it must mean that this is kinzo’s body.

Note that at this point Genji mentions the Ushiromiya ring is missing. Also later in the game Genji mentions that was when he recovered the 2nd key to Kinzo’s study. A lie because a dead man has no need for keys meaning that either Natsuhi or Genji were in possession of the keys. The illusion Genji and Natsuhi created was that Kinzo was alive.  Illusions to illusion, Kinzo is dead.

Did it really happen? This claim refers to Kanon as the illusion and the illusion he sees, someone who is there. By the following it means that Kanon was pierced by an illusion implying that he was not attacked by anyone. The sound of the door closing before he came down to the basement says otherwise, but there was plenty of time before Kumasawa and the rest got to Kanon’s body – anything could’ve happened in that time.

Going by the assumption that Kanon was in fact attacked it (“All of the survivors have alibis! Let us include the dead as well!! In short, no kind of human or dead person on the island could have killed Kanon!”) it means the illusion of Kanon is destroyed at this moment. The concept of Kanon is “dead” at this point. The stake is a metaphor that kills Kanon’s personality but does not kill him physically for it makes the reader doubt the injury is real despite what the rest sees. It’s greatly emphasized that Kanon was carried to another room to be taken care of by Dr. Nanjo and a few more. Natsuhi, Battler and others do not corroborate Kanon’s death. Nanjo announces there was nothing he could do. By his statement and those who followed him, Kanon is thought to be dead.  There is no other proof other than their word. “Kanon did not commit suicide” (Beatrice) Illusion to Illusion – Kanon did not commit suicide because Kanon is not Dead!

“Maria, who was in the same room, did not kill them!”
“And of course, the three were killed by other people!”
“Regarding the unidentified corpses, all of their identities are guaranteed. Therefore, no body double tricks exist!”

Once again the illusion of the closed room means it was never a real closed room. Maria never witnessed the killings because she was facing the wall according to the story. The big three, Yasu’s accomplices, are murdered in that room which is the last sacrifice for the witch to resurrect.  When it is assumed that Maria did not spend her time singing facing the wall from the beginning to finish it destroys the closed room. Maria or a servant opened the door to the culprit and at that point the culprit shot the three. It works the same way theorizing that Beatrice and Maria already had a worked out a plan (Maria is believed to have wished to watch TV) as to where the group that was going to be separated from the others should go. The culprit was either inside the room hiding or was let in by someone in the group. Judging why the position of the corpses it is presumed the culprit was near the door when s/he shot the three. When a person is alive in the closed room, it is no closed room. Maria singing is a possible solution because it creates the illusion she never moved away from the phone meaning she didn’t witness the murder meaning she never took part of it.  The crime must’ve happened before Maria called Natsuhi because shots from the Winchester would’ve been heard otherwise. Moreover, it’s unlikely Maria knew the extension to Kinzo’s study unless this information was revealed to her, which means a servant or more likely the culprit is who dialed the number himself after committing the murders. The illusion is destroyed at this moment.

Illusions to Illusion, the illusion of a closed room is created by Maria’s testimony. Even though the parlor was locked when Natsuhi’s group arrived, Maria’s testimony is invalid because there is a possibility she locked the door herself after Beatrice left. Moreover, she claimed she never witnessed the crime itself or had zero part in it. The only evidence supporting this claim is her own word.

” That was a risky game from the very start. What if the guy really wanted to see that dead face just stepped inside?”
That’s what it means to abandon one’s self to fate.
“.. and that’s the roulette you were talking about.”

Out of the men remaining the only ones who did not enter the shed were Battler and George. Based on Yasu’s story she refers to Battler at this point and that if he would’ve entered the garden shed he would’ve noticed something off. This something refers to Shannon’s body. Btw, NANJO and Hideyoshi were the ones who looked at Shannon’s corpse and could verify her identity. Assuming Shannon was not there it means both of them lied for a reason. The emphasis is put in Shannon having half her face destroyed which was either truth (a lie if Shannon is alive) or something Hideyoshi made up at the moment.

What the reader sees after 24:00 PM is fiction as the bomb explodes killing everyone.

2nd Game _ Turn of the Golden Witch

“Illusions to illusion. .. The gold truth lock of illusions.”

The six people were already dead by the time they were discovered!
All were killed by other people!
All six were genuine victims, and did not take part in a mutual murder!
There was no simultaneous murder!!
There was no one hiding in the chapel.

As the events of Requiem Tea Party would later indicate the famous shoot-out occurs in the underground VIP room when the money is found. We have to doubt if there was any shoot out here according to the red. Answer. There wasn’t one unless we assume that all the shots hit the victims in the stomach. That’s impossible unless the victims were unable to move or were unconscious. By the following it is theorized that, the victims were drugged had their stomachs opened after they were killed by the culprit. The killer either lured the victims to the chapel to kill them or had them killed somewhere else (the dining room according to the blood stains found) and dragged them to the chapel. What the reader is left is with guessing how the key the witch gave Maria, which was the only key to the chapel, played its part here…. after all, “Starting when Maria’s key was received, and until the instant Rosa unsealed it the next day, it passed through no one’s hands!!”

“Kanon was killed in this room

Jessica who is a regular human is dead at this point. There’s no other way around it. Kanon who was also killed along with Jessica is the illusion. Kanon is the illusion that once dead never leaves a corpse for a reason. Once Kanon is killed his role is fulfilled he disappears.

Shannon, Gohda and George are killed in this twilight. I’d have to mention this: What exactly “Earth to Earth” means and what does it mean comparing it to “Illusions to Illusion”?  Earth to earth would imply that this event really happened. The interpretation might be different but it is closer to reality than illusion to illusion. Moreover, the result is the same and there’s a no trick other than the one the culprit created. In case SKhannon (Yasu) is completely dead it means the Bomb device has already been activated to go off at 24:00. Accepting that this is indeed a closed room it means that all the three has been killed.

*Note. Rosa stops Battler from touching anyone to not disturb the crime scene, but not before Battler moves Shannon’s body and sees that there’s a stake going though her forehead. Suffice to say, neither Rosa, nor Battler nor Genji undergo a serious inspection to check their status. They all immediately leave the room.

Kumasawa and Nanjo’s death is classified at the 7th and 8th yet they supposedly died when “ghost” Kanon was found in the kitchen by the servants. Kanon supposedly killed both of them leaving Gohda, Genji and Shannon alive. The bodies of Kumasawa and Nanjo are found dead later by Rosa’s group outside in the heavy rain after Genji informs them he has found Kumasawa and Nanjo’s body.  No illusion can create a corpse refers that Kanon the “ghost” was not Kumasawa and Nanjo’s killer but somebody else. These statements about magic which allowed a phantom to exist are false.

3rd Game: Banquet of the Golden Witch

The order in which it is explains puts Shannon as the beginning and Kanon as the end. Evidently, no one killed Kinzo therefore there had to be someone who locked him up. At this point, the game can go several ways; one of them being Natsuhi being the one who initiated the “game” such as Battler did in Dawn himself. The existence of Kinzo’s body is what puts a hole in this theory as Natsuhi would not shove him in some room for the sake of it. As we recall the plan was to make Kinzo “go missing” to avoid explaining when he died a year ago, among other things. Moreover, whoever made the linked closed rooms had already found Kinzo’s body. We remember in Dawn the whole 1st Twilight was made up of people creating fake closed rooms for themselves. Should there be any red confirming their deaths it means they were finally killed by the culprit after the survivors checked their deaths. This red (“The six people died instantly!”) contradicts that claim. Ignoring that red it means the culprit killed the other 5, only locked the doors using a single master key, then after s/he was done with the others came back to put the keys inside the envelope next to the victims or a similar method.  The order of the murders and order the envelopes were placed is the solution to the riddle. Illusion to Illusion, Shanon (at the parlor) was the first and Kanon (at the chapel) was the last one. The end and the beginning do overlap

“Rosa and Maria died”
“Rosa and Maria were killed by other people”

Earth to Earth both Rosa and Maria are in fact dead without a doubt. As the red states they were killed by other people.  The culprit was the one who faked his/her death and created the linked closed rooms of the 1st twilight and (same as Battler did in Dawn) left the room and slipped away afterwards. Maria clearly mentions she sees “Beatrice” when she meets Eva  B. Maria refers to Eva B as the same Beatrice she knew when she visited the family conference. Eva B at this point is also an illusion that doesn’t necessarily represent Eva, but the illusion of the culprit. Judging by Maria’s statement in Requiem, Beatrice’s identity is furniture. Beatrice has to be SKanon assuming that Beatrice is the only one Maria acknowledges as the Golden Witch and no one else. Mind, at this point most of the siblings were together inside the guesthouse making it harder to think any of them were responsible for Rosa and Maria’s death at the rose garden.

Maria and Rosa’s killer is the survivor of the 1st Twilight. The culprit pushes Rosa to her death while they were arguing. Possibly the culprit saw her chance when Maria distracted Rosa with her claims about Beatrice being real. The culprit took out Maria as there could not be any survivors.

Hideyoshi, Kyrie and Rudolf make up this twilight. According to this claim there are no “falsehoods” in their final movement. I have an incredibly hard time accepting that all of them are completely dead as it contradicts EP7 Tea Party’ culprit(s) theory. According to EP3, Kyrie suspected something therefore she had to go to the mansion, of course she had to go with Rudolf just to be safe. Hideyoshi is the one who should be outgunned and outnumbered in case he was the culprit, but he’s also dead. According to evidence, they were all killed, however it is never stated they were killed by different people. It’s possible Kyrie or Rudolf killed Hideyoshi then the culprit who followed them to the mansion shot the one who didn’t fire the gun (see EP7 TP), then proceed to kill Hideyoshi’s murder. There are many ways this scene coud’ve played, however it isn’t easy to picture all three (two with guns) being taken out by a single enemy unless there was a scenario that gave the culprit the upper hand.

I’m just about to fully exonerate Natsuhi and Krauss as being the culprits in this episode seeing that it is impossible for them to move around to freely to carry out any of the murders. The culprit who as I mentioned faked his/her death in the 1st twilight (despite the red), who killed Rosa and Maria and who ambushed 4th-6th Twilight group was the one who possibly killed Krauss and Natsuhi. The murder weapon should be a rope or something similar judging by the marks. However, the possibility that two grown people were killed by a sole person is implausible moreso when there were people upstairs. That can only mean Natsuhi and Krauss were killed by: A) Two culprits who were necessary to subdue Natsuhi and Krauss otherwise the ruckus would’ve surely been heard by the cousins upstairs. And  B) the possibility of them were killed separately, one after the other then carried them outside to the rose garden.

Onto the last game.

4th Game: Alliance of the Golden Witch

1st Twilight – Here what exactly does “gold truth” refer to? In the context I’ve seen it possibly refers to the magic side, the illusions we see while the real stuff is happening that has to do with the inheritance. These are the fabricated stories by the survivors of a tale that never happened the way they claimed it did. What I can say is that there was a massive shoot out. One of the possibilities is that the reason behind it was Yasu’s identity being revealed, which does corroborate the claim that they “acknowledged” Kinzo (the successor I presume and possibly the motive). The other one is that the culprit and its accomplices killed everyone who got in the way or disagree with the plan. Then the culprit had his/her accomplices to fool the survivors into believing the story of witches and magic. As mentioned before, the trials are meant to trick the survivors into leaving the safety of the guesthouse.

2nd Twilight – The call was obviously a set up by the culprit’s orders. Notice that at this point only Kyrie and Krauss are presumed to be still alive as they hold full conversations with their children.  George was ambushed by the culprit and so was Jessica.  There’s no way around George being alive after Battler saw half of his face destroyed after he found George’s corpse in the middle of the rain. Jessica was murdered by the culprit who was already waiting insider her room.

Fiction is the key word. They were murdered at different times, not necessarily in the same order. Shannon is shot, Kyrie is shot, and Krauss is also shot. Kanon who is also shot disappears. Silent corpses must mean they were never able to tell what they saw and more importantly knew. The culprit killed them so her identity would never be revealed.

Illusion to Illusion. The World of Rokkenjima 1986, the bomb that destroys all evidence and creates a world of multiple realities inside a cat box.

“Who.. aam I…?”
“Illusion.. to illusions. ..the promised reaper lowers the curtains on the tale regardless of the witch’s will.”

The reaper possibly refers to the bomb activated by someone who knows of its existence or an action that causes it to go off. The “promised” reaper also can refer likely to a person that dictates the witch’s fate and why the tragedy repeats over and over. As the word promised implies that person it refers to is possibly Battler.

Solving the riddle is one thing, watching someone else do it flawlessly is another. Will completely defeats Beatrice in one go. Throughout the whole Illusion to Illusion I got goosebumps. Is Ryukishi07 really doing it? Can it be? Is that riddle being solved right in from of me? That’s how epic, and I’m not using the term loosely, it was. Clair Beatrice leaves the stage completely and disappears from the game after Will has understood her heart and carried out her funeral.

The legendary detective solves the Rokkenjima case and we’re going home.

One of the most intriguing parts is that Will mentions this. Will should’ve completely cracked the case because he knows the who, why, and how on top of solving the epitaph yet he mentions there isn’t a clear answer to the endless taste. The world Umineko is based on makes it almost impossible to believe in one side unless you deny the other. And that’s one of the biggest questions of this game – What is real? What is not? What does this world mean? What is the Truth? As this part is concerned Will probably means he had solved the riddle of the game Bernkastel put before him and one a possible solution to that riddle. Implying that there could be other solution to it, which we may not know about. Truly, a cat box.

Bernkastel’s job is done. It goes without saying that Requiem was an exquisite logical Game to be enjoyed, though most of the job was done by Will and I had to sit back and let him handle the mystery. A strange and mixed feeling I’ll say. I spent my time figuring out the fantasy part of the story and translate it into a logical argument such as the ghost story, the missing keys, Yasu’s actions, Yasu’s identity, and also learned the solution of the epitaph and had some of my theories corroborated. It should also go without saying that I’m vastly interested in these observer witches Bernkastel mentions as I’m interested in reading Twilight of the Golden Witch right now.

Will totally wronged Bernkastel, right? This was an amazing game. With the puzzle solved, the tale is over. Everyone gets to go home. Aurora is satisfied, Bernkastel leaves and this game board is folded. That sounds like a good ending. Let’s hear the applause for the actors of this play as we lower the curtains of our 7th Game.

[The End]


43 thoughts on “Umineko Requiem 45 – The Rokkenjima Murder Case, S.S Van Dine

  1. After reading Episode 7 I think that Ryukishi cheated on us with the trick of “personality death”. When Yasu discards Kanon’s persona the Witch is able to say in red “Kanon is dead”. This makes the solution impossible to see until the hint at the end of Episode 5 (“There are only 17 people”). Yet Ryukishi claimed that the game was solvable with the first 4 episodes.
    I also disliked that the whole first 6 episodes were revealed to be nothing more than fiction. The first two tales were written by Yasu-Beatrice herself and released as messages in the bottles as possible outcomes of her “gamble”. The next 4 tales were crafted by “Hachijou Touya” in an attempt to solve the mistery. I felt cheated to have wasted my brain cells trying to solve a fictional murder mistery (yeah, I mean “fiction IN fiction”).
    One last complaint. Will didn’t tackle Episode 5 and 6. I was especially interested in the solution of the “knock and letter” trick in Ep5 and in Battler’s escape in Ep6. On the former I have no clue, the latter can be solved again with Kanon’s personality death, but its’ a cheap trick.

    • I’m (still) against the Skanon theory and I’d like to think the split-personality was still a joke, but seeing that’s not the case based on the 6th and 7th Game.. I have to accept it. In my opinion, this split personality trick could’ve been used in some other characters (i.e Rosa, Jessica, Natsuhi) and not exploited so much in Umineko. Overall, based on the solutions in Requiem we’re forced to assume that yes, Skanon has to be the solution to most of the mysteries. Also you’re right. Beatrice can say Kanon is dead in red yet that possibly only applies to the personality known as Kanon, making the mystery impossible to solve unless we believe in “Skanon theory” in the first place. Pre-Chiru most of us didn’t think of it seriously.

      I’m also extremely interested in knowing that solution to the “knock and letter.” That thing haunted me badly. I can tackle most of the other mysteries but that one, I have to admit, was extremely hard. Really frustrating puzzle. Probably the answer to it also also has to do with a split personality.

      I also thought Will was going to also solve the 5th-6th game too, then again those were not made by Beatrice but by Lambda and Battler so it makes sense. I suppose R07 didn’t include the 6th because it’d reveal way too much. The question is, will we ever know? Are those mysteries ever going to be fully explained? Twilight? Hmm…

  2. The “Knock and Letter” trick can be explained through a trick we’ve already seen. Quite elegant when you re-read the scene. For all of Lambda’s red truths she never says that the letter was on the ground, or that anyone heard a knock. Thus just like the door in Episode 2, Rudolph faked hearing the knock and pretended to pick a letter up off of the ground. No one misidentified a knocking sound because no one heard a knocking sound to begin with!

    Regarding the solution, I always took it to be Will solving it from the Beatrice culprit perspective, like what Clair (as the villain) wanted. However we spent so long in Episode 5 and 6 establishing the possibility of multiple truths, that to stop there would be to ignore the lessons of Erika Furudo.

    Let’s take the third game as the example. The first two “Earth to Earth” deaths feature no falsehoods in the final moments as told. What happens in their final moments? Rosa and Maria are confronted by Eva (Beatrice) in the garden, and killed. Rudolph and Kyrie are confronted by Eva (Beatrice) in the mansion and after eluding the traps of the prior Beatrice, are killed by some Chiesters that Eva brought with her. Hideyoshi was horrified by this, and killed when he refuses to go along with Eva.

    The last “Earth to Earth” death sure looks like it was done by a rope, but remember that the OBVIOUS killer uses a mutable blade. The obvious killer in this tale is Eva, and both Knox and Van Dine would object to the fact that a rope doesn’t even seem to have been shown up to this point. But Eva does promise to make Kraus and Natsuhi some coffee. Death by poison would produce facial contortions much like death by strangling.

    The possibility of multiple culprits are why I think the post-Twilight murders weren’t discussed, because Nanjo’s murder cannot be solved by an Eva theory (that I can see), but could be solved by Nanjo being Eva’s accomplice and killed by someone who Eva hadn’t quite finished off, just like Battler predicted in Episode 4.

    I think that Will did what Bernakstel wanted, by reducing everything to what appeared to be one theory, but he also outfoxed her by presenting his truths in a vague enough fashion to still allow for more than one truth to exist.

    • For the letter in EP5 to be found (assuming there were no devices used) it had to mean someone in that group was the one who left it there I think I’ll believe any theories based around that premise. The letter was indeed similar to the letters left by Beatrice after each twilight which are “mysteriously” left on the ground and no one claims to have left it there. Assuming it was impossible to enter the room and there were no devices used it had to mean someone in the room was responsible for the letters, which is similar to EP1 when everyone is holed up in Kinzo’s study yet a letter is found. Probably we could apply something similar to explain how Beatrice’s letters mysteriously pop up out of nowhere.

      That Will. He solved the mysteries despite not completely giving away the answer and as you mentioned was ambiguous enough that the answer he created did not contradict the real truth, therefore to solve the mystery he had to stick to one where the answer was solvable. He basically gives it away when he mentions that no one knows for sure what was the truth behind the multiple worlds because of the cat box. Ingenious.

  3. Brilliant read, but what a bittersweet ending to this chapter..
    I must say that ever since Evatrice’s red web, I’ve believed in the personality death theory. It’s a cheap move but allows the red to be used mercilessly.
    I’m also really glad that Will’s answers were cryptic enough to protect the cat box..

    • Indeed, merciless use of the red was merciless. Unless we believe in the theory of multiple personalities the puzzle is otherwise impossible to solve. Basically they’re lying, yet they aren’t.

      The cryptic part (next to TP) was the best of Requiem. There was so much emotion to it. I doubt it could’ve been done any better. Props to R07 and 7th Expansion for that. Well, Will did give away many secrets but there were also some that are really up to the reader’s interpretations which makes the whole experience unique.

      Earth to Earth. Illusions to Illusion.

  4. Yep, Skanon is a bit cheap, but i guess the mistery had to be difficult if R07 was going to make 4 Episodes out of it… By the way, this split personality trick is what R07 meant by umineko’s rule Z, even he said it wasn´t very fair.
    Overall i loved this part in Ep 7, i was able to confirm my theories and find the last clues i needed. It could have totally ended at this point. I wasn´t really bothered by the Tea Party: even if Bern says it´s the truth, it´s just an example of ‘last part queen problem’ (the actual mistery we had to solve was Ep 1-4); but i´m really worried about what Twilight´s gonna be like. I hope it makes for a suitable end.

    • I think it was something hinted near the end of Dawn Battler mentions that the solution to the last closed room (Kanon disappearing) probably would make the readers think this wasn’t a mystery anymore or something similar. He probably referred to the split personality.

      Yep, it’s all about Twilight.

  5. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention.
    I’m very confident that Bernkastel’s ‘observer witches’ refers to us, the readers. We don’t have any influence on the story, but we’re always observing, formulating theories…

    • I’d even go so far as to say that Will is a ‘representative of the readership’. The result of all our theorizing and inquisition.

  6. Umineko Vol 7 manga is here!!!!
    Go to this website, although the language is in Chinese and click – 海猫鸣泣之时EP7 01集, the chapter will open up.

    So far only chapter 1 is released. The first few page is nicely colored.

  7. Magnificent post.
    First twilight: 5 people dead. Shannon fakes her death. Second twilight: Genji and Kannon go different ways. We can assume Kanon makes the drawing. Also, the chain. It can be explained by the chain trick explained in episode 6. The murders were commited either after the chain was cut, or prior, as long as somebody exchanged places with whoever was inside. I myself will say the following: The murderer was hiding in the room. The room was not thoroughly checked to leave it “to the police” ,and the murderer later comes out. Shannon was probably in the room. Kanon faked his death. Kinzo was already dead. Maria opens the room to the killer, who can be Kanon or Shanon, or both of them, and kill them. Then leave. Bomb goes off, killing everybody else. Game over.

    First twilight. Kanon or Shanon give Maria the key. The killer attacks the 6 victims and drags their body to the chapel. Maria opens the door for them, later closes it. Thus, the key went through nobody’s hands but Maria’s. Kanon kills Jessica. Kanon is later killed by somebody else. “Yasu intends to live as much as possible to make sure everybody dies (my opinion)”. Thus, the death of Kanon, and Shannon’s in the next one, are done by somebody else.
    -It is imperative that the identity of this new killer is found. For now, it remains X.
    X kills George, Gohda and Shannon. No tricks here. Kumasawa and Nanjo die. Who is the illusion? Did one of these two not die? They probably did. I agree with you, the “No illusion can create a corpse” is a reference to the killer. The illusion was Kanon. The true killer might be Kanon if it hadn’t been proclaimed yet in read his death. If it was, then it was Genji or Rosa.
    The ones that remain alive are Genji, Battler, Rosa and Maria. They all die because of the bomb.
    *Note: The appearance of gold in the first twilight is a huge clue in my opinion. It is not something seen in other games (I think). I shall take it as proof that somebody found the gold. Somebody solved the puzzle. Rosa and Eva have the ability to solve it. Both are capable of murder. Because Rosa is left alive at the end of the game, and because Eva was killed so quickly, I shall make this claim: Rosa killed Kanon. Rosa killed George, Gohda and Shannon. Rosa dies because of the bomb*
    -Haven’t played the game in a long time. The identity of the killer of Shannon, Gohda, Kanon and George should be settled.

    Third game. I don’t understand your explanation. Here is mine: The boiler room has a door few people know of. It’s barely mentioned in the game. It is “rarely locked” if I remember well. The trick is in assuming there’s only one door to each room, and that the key to said door is in somebody’s else room. Because the boiler has two doors, this destroys the ring. It’s not hidden or anything. Just rarely used.

    “The culprit was the one who faked his/her death and created the linked closed rooms of the 1st twilight”
    Who faked his death? We are given for sure that all 6 people in the 6 rooms of the closed ring are dead. I like my theory more than “Somebody was killed after their room was opened”. I believe Eva killed Rosa and Maria. She is probably responsible for the first twilight. This is about when Evil Eva gets the title of the new witch. She gets the title because she has now taken the role of Beatrice, after the killing in the first twilight. She then reunites with her husband, and they go to the room. Where she fakes being sick, when she’s in the mansion. Hideyoshi, Kyrie and Rudolf get killed. Kyrye and Rudolf must have confronted Hideyoshi, and this scene could work in many ways. Put simply, Hideyoshi dies, and Eva kills whoever killed Hideyoshi. Now, Krauss and Natsuhi die. I believe everyone is thinking of Eva right now. Obvious culprit wields a gun.
    You forgot these? Time to solve Jessica and Nanjo’s murder. The only ones who could kill Nanjo were Krauss, Natsuhi and George. Those 3 + Kinzo + 6 victims of the first twilight + 2 victims of the second twilight + Kyrie, Rudolf, Hideyoshi + Jessica, Eva and Battler = everybody. So, Krauss, Natushi or George murder Nanjo. No contradiction with the red web. The only ones capable of commiting the murder were the ones supposedly killed just before that, meaning the prior twilight. Eva runs to the hidden mansion. Everybody else dies in the explosion as the bomb go off.
    The last game is the best one. I’m too lazy to reason it right now. Not like this helps, because its’ damn obvious, but in the first twilight, the adults solve the riddle and engange in mutual killing. And Battler is the only one who stays alive and gets killed by the bomb.

    • Nice reasoning =D

      I believe that Kanon definitely faked his death in the 1st Game. What gives it away is that the servants take his body away and this happens while Battler goes outside chasing after the culprit along with Natsuhi. When Nanjo and Jessica come back and they’re questioned Jessica fakes her “illness” to not answer the question. The really puts Jessica and the servants under suspicion for working with Kanon because we have no idea what Kanon did or said to them. He never committed “suicide” because he never died – bypassing the red. The bomb detonate and kills everyone. The final moments are pure magic.

      “The killer attacks the 6 victims and drags their body to the chapel. Maria opens the door for them, later closes it. Thus, the key went through nobody’s hands but Maria’s.”

      I think I’ll just buy that. After EP7 and after I concluded that in the 1st game that Maria is absolutely helping the culprit I think is clear she did her part. I agree with this theory of yours.

      I remember you mentioning the boiler room door, when I watched the 1st arc of the anime I remembered what you said early and it made sense. Also even if the door WAS locked Kanon could’ve opened it when he went downstairs alone to create the illusion the culprit escaped through that door to draw attention away from him. Assuming that door isn’t locked (and the boiler room isn’t locked either) anyone could’ve left and enter the mansion through there and not use the main door.

      The 3rd Game.
      Basically, what I meant is that the culprit to be the furniture s/he had to fake his death (somehow) in the 1st twilight and then come back to kill Rosa and Maria which would be make sense with Maria’s testimony, but I like your explanation better. Eva could easily be the culprit of that game which would create a reverse psychology of a reverse psychology of yeah, Eva was the culprit.

      4th Game. Yep, Tea Party explains EP4 and we can easily theorized what happened back then.

      *Another point. When Kinzo died the furniture probably gave the ring to Yasu (when they accepted Yasu as the new master) and when asked by Natsuhi they claimed it was missing or something similar. The reason why Krauss & Natsuhi never said anything about the ring when it is found in Beatrice’s letter is that they’d be force to admit Kinzo had died a year ago and this is the family ring that went missing (along with him).

      I might re-do this section with some corrections after I’m done Blogging Requiem, in some way. I watched the 1st arc of the anime again and noticed plenty of stuff I missed so I’ll probably find more when I re-watch the rest of the series, that is, if Twilight doesn’t come before I’m done. Ah, Twilight. Our last game :(

      • Great reasoning to you too :D. We’ve come a huge way, haven’t we? xD. I just wanted to add that I personally don’t feel cheated by Yasu (one person out of two humans. Three people out of two humans).

        I mean, think about it. Yasu only tells us that the culprits are Shannon and Kannon, except when they get killed instead. Yasu tells us to focus on them when possible. Knowing “Yasu” isn’t essential to solving the crimes. It just makes it a lot easier because we know the culprits. Even if we had no knowledge of Yasu, and no explanation for the final words of episode 5, we could have still thought that Shannon faked her death in the first game, and so on.

        I personally think R07 was right when he said “It’s not impossible, it’s just very hard to solve Umineko with the first 4 games alone”. The thing was that we spent countless games suspecting of everybody. Yasu makes it so we look at only two people and realize they could have made it all in games like EP1.

        Anyways, I also think that Bern’s “observer witches” are us, the reader. Oh, and regarding the fourth game, to be kinda honest, I don’t really know what went on in that game. The details are so vague that you could come up with several theories just for the first game. I guess it’s there that the true cat box resides. We’ll never know what happened for sure. Kinda like Hideyoshi’s death in the third game. Was it Rudolf or Kyrie who killed him? We’ll never know. We can just affirm it wasn’t made by silly magic.

  8. Just a few comments on ideas you’re slightly mistaken on:

    “Maria singing is a possible solution because it creates the illusion she never moved away from the phone meaning she didn’t witness the murder meaning she never took part of it. The crime must’ve happened before Maria called Natsuhi because shots from the Winchester would’ve been heard otherwise. Moreover, it’s unlikely Maria knew the extension to Kinzo’s study unless this information was revealed to her, which means a servant or more likely the culprit is who dialed the number himself after committing the murders. The illusion is destroyed at this moment.”

    Maria didn’t call the study – this is made pretty clear when they describe her voice as distant and not coming through the receiver. Also, the entire time the gang is walking down to the parlor (which is slow because they’re being cautious) they hear Maria singing. Every EP has established that if nothing else, Maria is honest…she wouldn’t lie. She’s just (obviously) mistaken about many things. If she says ‘Beatrice’ (the culprit) told her to face the wall and sing for a long time then we can assume that she did not stop singing from the moment she started until the moment Battler grabs her by the shoulders and stops her. The culprit is 99% likely to be the one who dialed the study, as you said, but the chance that it was Maria is close to 0. The other possibility is that one of the victims did it before dying, but as you also say, we would have likely heard the sounds of them being killed were that the case so it’s far more likely that the culprit did it as a means of luring the remaining group out of the study post-murders. This tells me Maria almost certainly didn’t lock the door behind the culprit, either, because she dutifully kept singing the entire time…which means the culprit had some trick to re-lock the door behind them, or that they were still hiding in the room when the gang arrives. The latter bothers me a bit because of the way Natsuhi prevents escape from the inside when she walks off reading a letter, and obviously confronts the culprit then, and the culprit would have had to leave the room BEFORE Natsuhi, making it doubtful that they were still lurking in the parlor when the gang arrived. I can’t quite explain the door being locked, but I sincerely doubt it was Maria’s doing because she would have been honestly singing the entire time and wouldn’t have gone to lock the door behind ‘Beatrice’ and then return to the wall singing.

    “Btw, NANJO and Hideyoshi were the ones who looked at Shannon’s corpse and could verify her identity. Assuming Shannon was not there it means both of them lied for a reason. ”

    Actually, while I’m pretty sure this crime is very difficult if not impossible (in most EPs) without Nanjo as an accomplice, we have to keep our information straight. Nanjo did not actually see or claim to see Shannon…he did enter the shed and confirm the deaths of the other visible corpses, but the only two people who went to the back and ‘saw’ Shannon were Hideyoshi and Kanon. We can’t trust Kanon’s perspective for obvious reasons, so Hideyoshi is the only liar here whose motive we don’t know. All we know is that he most certainly lies to George about Shannon being there, having half her face crushed, and having the ring on her finger. I think it’s most likely that ‘Kanon’ asked him to lie, though again, I can’t fathom a reason for the ‘why’ on that…but Hideyoshi’s interference makes it more likely that George will obey and not rush in to check the body, so he serves as a distraction. For whatever reasons, Kanon probably told him to lie about the half-crushed face and the ring to further the distraction (the face so George had no reason to double-check and make sure it was Shannon – daddy says he can see half her face, so it must be, no reason to check…and the ring to help further distract and solve for time with the following conversation). Also, you assume that the ‘he’ in question is Battler…I think it’s obvious that it’s referring to George. George is the one who would have been in a fit and rushing to see his fiancee one last time, not Battler, who was more distraught over his parents. The ‘he’ who may have been desperate and gone in anyways but Yasu took a gamble on is George. The fact that the liar in the scenario is Hideyoshi further reinforces that, since who better to dissuade George from double-checking than his much-respected father? Don’t confuse the real person Yasu’s attention is on (Battler) with the facts, here…George is most certainly the ‘he’ who may have been so desperate to check for a corpse that the plan could have fallen apart. Luckily for Yasu, the Hideyoshi gambit worked out and that didn’t end up happening.

    “That’s impossible unless the victims were unable to move or were unconscious. By the following it is theorized that, the victims were drugged had their stomachs opened after they were killed by the culprit. The killer either lured the victims to the chapel to kill them or had them killed somewhere else (the dining room according to the blood stains found) and dragged them to the chapel.”

    You should be really careful when you’re constructing theories to solve an entire episode to not confuse details with another episode. The blood stains found in the dining hall were in EP1, not EP2. It’s a bit absurd to assume that the victims in EP2 were killed anywhere but the chapel, as it is the last place we seem them when they’re still alive. Why would ‘Beatrice’ have gone through the trouble of taking them to chapel, then having them leave, killing them, only to bring them back to the chapel? That’s way too much unnecessary work, especially when we consider the age/frailty of our ‘Beatrice’ (who we have to assume is the culprit at least for the first twilight here), in the middle of a raging typhoon, AND the additional work of setting up the ‘Halloween Party’, cutting open their stomaches, pulling out their guts and stuffing them with candy. That’s already a lot of work to go through…remember in Higurashi, how exhausted Keiichi was having to dig holes and chase Satoko’s uncle around? That was only in rain, not a typhoon…and he’s a healthy young male which our Beatrice is not (if he is male, he’s definitely small and frail and not likely to be in the same physical condition as Keiichi). It’s an exhausting amount of work!! The fact that the adults were last seen alive in the chapel, conceding that Beatrice was a witch, means that this has to be the place where they were killed (drugged, small bombs, or whatever the cause may have been). There’s no way Beatrice would make things more complicated by having them leave only to kill and bring them back. The blood stains in the dining hall apply to EP1, where they were killed in the mansion and then dragged to the shed to be mutilated…not EP2.

    “Jessica who is a regular human is dead at this point. There’s no other way around it.”

    This is more of a personal sidebar, but this still bugs me a lot. There’s too much suspicious red in EP2 dodging the fact that Jessica is dead, so I genuinely don’t believe she was. Obviously Kanon is the real illusion being refered to here, but personally I think the whole second twilight was staged and that neither Jessica nor ‘Kanon’ died at all, but were just made to look that way. Jessica is probably still alive at the time everyone gathers in her room, pretending to be dead…after all, again it is only the ever-suspicious Dr. Nanjo who actually examines the body closely.

    “There’s no way around George being alive after Battler saw half of his face destroyed after he found George’s corpse in the middle of the rain.”

    George’s face was not half-destroyed. The magic explanation is that after Jessica’s punch kills him, Gaap rebuilds his corpse and then stamps her heel through his forehead. The real explanation would likely be George was shot in the forehead. Bottom line is he had a bullet-like hole in his forehead…his face is not half-destroyed. He is also the only corpse Battler discovers before his Tea Party investigation (which is on the second day, so George is the only one he presumably sees on the first day). I agree he is most assuredly dead, but still, don’t confuse the details of death.

    “Jessica was murdered by the culprit who was already waiting insider her room.”

    I have a problem with this but it might just be me. Battler later questions how Jessica knew about George’s death when his corpse location can’t be seen from her bedroom. Sure, we could say that she was attacked, not fatally injured and had time to call Battler before dying of blood loss…but why is her story just as bullshit magical as the others? Isn’t it clear that Jessica is in on whatever this faking plan is? If that’s the case then she probably isn’t really dying from being attacked by a human killer here…but is killed later, after the phonecall. I guess she’d still be in her bedroom, though, since that’s where her body was found, but something about her death just feels off to me. I guess you’re not wrong to guess the culprit is waiting for her in her room anyways, but it certainly doesn’t feel like an ambush situation to me…more like, once she’s fulfilled her role of making the phonecall, the culprit right beside her who she was working with decided she was no longer any use and killed her.

    Other than that, good deductions overall.

    • Hideyoshi is the only liar here whose motive we don’t know.
      Money is the motive.

  9. Maria could have been asked to lock the door behind. We don’t know if she was asked anything else. Let us not create more mysteries, the whole thing could have played in many ways, all we need to is to provide a logical explanation. Also, I don’t think Hideyoshi lied. IMO Shannon was there, playing dead. Nobody actually checks her body to see if she IS alive. Hideyoshi just saw her body there, assumed she was dead like everybody else, told George that she had a ring on her, and that’s it. I don’t think Hideyoshi lied.

    I also thought for a long time that Kanon was dead and that the illusion was Jessica’s death, but I ended throwing that idea away because honestly, if we start suspecting Jessica also kills people, I think we’re letting our imaginations go wild and not sticking to Yasu.

    Oh, and excellent point. I totally forgot that Jessica DOES know George is dead. We can perfectly assume that she is told to lie through the telephone and tell that stuff to Battler. Hell, she might not have seen George’s corpse. We could say she was told George was dead and to tell Battler about that.

  10. I´ll point some things i think you´re mistaken with:

    EP1- The last three twilights: the culprit had a master key so he just opened and closed the door with it (you´re making it too difficult xD). The part about Maria was as told.

    EP2- First twilight: i don´t think Maria opened the door. Battler asked Beato to say in red: “since the evening of the first day, the letter passed by no-one´s hands but Maria´s” but Beato omited the part about the time, so it could refer to handing the key to her after the murder (just a word play)

    i´m sure Jessica was really dead. Also i don´t think Rosa killed anyone she was just an accomplice, separating everyone with that sheep and wolves puzzle. Shannon killed George and Gohda, then self (that´s why the room is a coffin). The bits of magic at the end represent Genji telling Battler about Yasu (that´s why we see him surrendering) and telling Rosa about the bomb (that´s why she tries to escape).

    EP3- the second door to the boiler room doesn´t explain anything: how did Kanon enter the chapel if the key was still in the boiler room? i think that Rudolf and Kyrie were accomplices since the beggining of all ep (that´s why they made Ange fall ill) so there are two possibilities: either Rudolf lied about the door of the chapel being closed (there´s no red about this) or Kanon went in after the adults (we didn´t see how they found him so it could be possible if they went farther inside the chapel while he sneaked in)

    about the rest: Beato didn´t kill Rosa and Maria since Rosa would have shot any stranger or anyone who should be dead. i don´t think it was eva. it was probably Rudolf or Kyrie (they would had noticed that someone solved the epitaph since Beato wanted to stop the ceremony). they couldn´t get anything from Rosa so they tried with Hideyoshi. then Beato probably took revenge for Maria killing then (not sure about this). Krauss and Natsuhi should have been killed by Eva (obvius culprit) since she could think that they were the murderers, but did she take them outside? then Beato gouge the bodies with the stakes? i have doubts. the rest was carried out by Beato and Eva shot the last one standing.

    EP4 – IMO no-one solved the riddle. Beato came to the siblings as Head (that´s why she was represented as Kinzo) and killed some, locked others in rooms in the mansion. Then she told Krauss, Kyrie and Jessica to make calls and say whatever she wanted. She then arranged the corpses, met Battler as Beatrice then disguised as Shannon and shot herself (the stake wasn´t buried in her corpse and she was near some bushes so the gun could have fallen there and remain hidden.

    well… i just wanted to point some things but in the end i explained all my theories lol.
    if you have different ideas please tell me

    • Besides facts and some mixed ups in the crimes (duly noted), I prefer the term “difference of opinion.”

      For most part there are many ways the crimes might’ve happened because the red is opened to interpretation. Maria could easily be Beatrice’ accomplice, not to mention she also claims she would help Beatrice’s resurrection in EP7. Believing that she is involved makes the crimes easier.

      I’ll agree with Sacchi that the culprit “must try to stay alive as much as possible”. I’m not big on suicide theories mainly because I’m positive the culprit would only kill himself when he knew no one would be left alive. But here’s the thing as we’ve seen the culprit even in the last minutes before midnight continues to carry out the killings to make sure no one escapes. Suicide is a possibility but not one that I’m easily willing to accept.

      3rd Game.
      I’m basing my theory that it had to be furniture that killed Rosa and Maria on the basis of Maria’s statement of recognizing “Beatrice”. Maria’s POV is messed up, I’ve always accepted that but in great part whenever she has met Beatrice she refers to the original S/Kanon. If she met “another” witch she probably would call her by another name. Maria calls Rosa the black witch rather than Beatrice so it is also possible she’d call other “witches” by another name. But this is only a theory that I’m applying to EP3. Anyone could could’ve killed Maria and Rosa but there’s a limited number of people Maria would acknowledge as Beatrice. I believe that whenever Maria says she met Beatrice there’s a high chance that it is probably Shannon.

      Now, the reason why Rosa didn’t shoot Eva B at sight it’s because they were talking about the gold which Rosa and Eva found a couple of minutes earlier. If we assume it was Yasu they met then it makes sense that Rosa didn’t shoot and it also makes sense why she says “not in front of Maria” (about money) which probably wouldn’t be the case if it was Rudolf and Kyrie, at least in the same context. As I mentioned, assuming there was a conversation at all between them, Maria probably distracted Rosa in some way and the culprit pushed her to her death before strangling Maria. No weapons were used because the culprit didn’t wish to draw attention.

      Some of the other points I agree with.

  11. @Sacchi:

    “Also, I don’t think Hideyoshi lied. IMO Shannon was there, playing dead. Nobody actually checks her body to see if she IS alive. Hideyoshi just saw her body there, assumed she was dead like everybody else, told George that she had a ring on her, and that’s it. I don’t think Hideyoshi lied. ”

    Have you been reading the story this far? This is impossible. Shannon cannot be lying there playing dead because she’s standing right next to Hideyoshi at the time. Shannon and Kanon are one in the same. It’s impossible for Shannon to have actually been there playing dead to fool someone when she’s wearing the guise of Kanon right out in the open. Hideyoshi lied, plain and simple, there is no debating this fact. The question is WHY he lied, which we can’t easily explain as the details are not presented to us in any arc. But if you’ve actually been following the story so far, particularly EP6 and most of all 7, you would know that Shannon and Kanon are the same person. They’re both manufactured personalities of Yasu, and Yasu cannot pretend to be dead AND pretend to be Kanon at the same time.

    • The result of a person with multiple personalities is that no matter how many that person has once s/he dies (and by that we mean actually dies) all of the other personalities, of course, also die. Assuming Shannon was actually killed in the 1st twilight Kanon must also be dead by the assumption that they are the same people. Based on the later events of the 1st game Kanon is seen very much alive until he is killed by an invincible killer in the boiler room thus leaving the game board or so it tries to make it that way.

      Coming back to 1st Game, in the shed if Shannon was killed (for real) Kanon would not be alive and his body would not be found and the reason for this is that they share the same body. Meaning that Hideyoshi’s statement is false going by the theory that Shannon is dead = Kanon is dead. One of the matter of importance is the fact that Hideyoshi was fairly accurate on his description too which he doesn’t have any problem repeating back what George “wanted to hear”.

      We come to the conclusion that Hideyoshi knew this because. Mind you, I’m merely listing the possibilities.

      A) Kanon (Shannon) told him the information since s/he met George last night. Why? Because Shannon knew all about the ring.
      B) George told Hideyoshi all the details last night, therefore Hideyoshi knew of these details. George asked this to make him seem less suspicious. (Going by George is the culprit) EP7 about “him” going inside to check makes little sense if we assume George is the culprit in this EP.
      C) The killer himself would know this fact because he killed Shannon. He then saw the ring when he killed her. Going by Shannon isn’t dead = no body in the shed the culprit would not know this information since there is no body to be found anyhow.
      D) The easiest solution of all. Hideyoshi already suspected George was going to propose to Shannon on that day. It’s common knowledge engagement rings go on the left ring finger, therefore Hideyoshi had little problem guessing this when asked. The ring? He or another Ushiromiya probably saw it before. A plus to this theory is that “Rudolf” overheard George practicing proposing to Shannon in one of the EPs so Rudolf either commented this to Hideyoshi or Hideyoshi probably already suspected it.

      The conclusion is that either Hideyoshi knew these details for a fact or that he must’ve heard the details from someone else. We can pick whichever fits our theories best.

      As for the reason I’ll leave that to anyone’s imagination. I’ll point out that Nanjo is also in the shed and he never contradicts Hideyoshi’s statement. I’ll point out that Eva and ‘Hideyoshi’ (who “lied”) are chosen for the next sacrifices, probably to also shut Hideyoshi up. Lastly, it is the same Nanjo (along with others) that take Kanon (Shanon) body after he is attacked to attempt to save his life before declaring him “dead” in the first game.

      • The Fernando guy is right I believe. Kanon and Shannon are the same person. Meaning, the same human. Same body. Two different personalities of the same human, whose name is Yasu. Not two humans that make a third personality which we considered this third to be Yasu.

        I conclude this after skimming through all anime episodes. I haven’t found a single scene where Shannon and Kannon are together and there’s enough validity to believe what we’re being told. Usually, normal NPCs like Battler talk to one or another, but not too much at the same time. When they are together, they’re either talking to Beatrice (read: Magical scenes that we can’t trust) or with servants (read: They got used to the fact that this kid had two personalities and recognized it. That also explains why Yasu isn’t like any normal person that goes to the mansion, earns some money and then leaves it to get another job. He’s different, not only for being Kinzo’s true son, but also because of his personality disorders, which were probably acquired due to Natsuhi’s attempt of murder on him.)

        • And another thing. George doesn’t see Shannon too much. Shannon’s personality appears when Yasu is around him, more or less. Basically, George has no way of knowing that Kannon and Shannon are the same person. Now, Jessica does. But it’s more logic with her. After all, Yasu IS a boy, and she’s the one who stays in the mansion living with Yasu all the time. So she falls in love with a boy, who happens to have personality disorders.

          Oh god, Friday 13th best day ever ^_^. The doors this theory opens…so..many…explanations…

    • I disagree. Shannon could be on the floor playing dead. Imagine she covered herself in some blood and stood still in the floor. Please, you see 5 corpses all very much dead with their heads half destroyed. You see another person in the floor not moving. You just assume they are also dead. It’s not like Hideyoshi is going to check if Shannon is dead or not personally. He just assumes stuff like any normal human being would. He’s currently very shocked because of where he is dealing with his son, whose lover is standing there in the floor probably dead. They focus on the hand, on the ring. But they never focus on the corpse itself (meaning checking if Shannon is alive). So no, I totally disagree. Shannon played dead. So no, Hideyoshi lyin is far from a fact. Don’t act like it’s freaking obvious, it’s not, and Hideyoshi didn’t need to lie, he could have mistaken a Shannon on the floor for another corpse. Plain and simple.

      Keikakudoori: You don’t believe in suicide theories, agreed. Except for the bomb. Yasu plan is the following: Activate the bombs, and kill everybody. If Yasu ends dead for some reason, the bomb will take care of it (episodes 2 3 4). Even if Yasu is still alive, they commit suicide by the bomb (episode 1).

      • I read that part of the novel again and it seems Kanon was the one who lead Genji, Hideyoshi and Eva to the storehouse “after he found the magic circle on the door”. Even if he really was lying on the floor later, he would have needed to change into Shannon´s disguise at least, so there´s no way Hideyoshi and Eva wouldn´t know (Genji came back alone to take Nanjo and Natsuhi so those two were at the storehouse the whole time).

      • What don’t you understand about the fact that Kanon and Shannon are the same person? Kanon is STANDING there. He is the one who noticed the circle on the shed and summoned everyone else there, unlocked the shed, the works. IT IS THEREBY IMPOSSIBLE FOR SHANNON TO ACTUALLY BE THERE, DEAD FOR REAL OR FAKING. SHE CANNOT BE THERE BECAUSE SHE IS STANDING IN FRONT OF EVERYONE IN THE GUISE OF KANON AT THE TIME.

        This is not up for debate. If you have read EP6 and 7 then you should know this already.

        • First, and with all due respect, stop freaking talking like that. You’re not the authority, you don’t know all the answers. You’re just some person saying stuff like we all are. There’s room for disagreement and no need to talk like that. The whole point of this is beating the mystery, not the other guy. Get your goals right. If you believe otherwise, please explain why. Don’t just say that stuff is like that because you declare it.

          Now, even if you’re a freaking asshole, and I say that honestly, your theory is starting to grow on me. I had concluded from episode 7 that Yasu was a personality made out of two humans, Shannon and Kannon. When Beatrice said there were only 17 people in the island, I counted everybody but Kinzo, because he’s dead .That way, it resulted in 17. Your theory makes it so that Kinzo is counted, but not Kannon and Shannon as the same one. It also explains why Shannon calling Kanon in episode 7 would result in a game over.

          So, I don’t like you. But dammit, you’re right. The more I try to prove you wrong the more I realize you’re right and I was wrong. Thank you for letting me understand that. Even if I still don’t like you.

          • 17 people, with Erika included. Kanon and Shannon are the same person.

            • Nope, Yasu isn’t needed to solve that, matter of fact, it’s solvable by the absolute most basic and obvious meta used in Umineko yet is the most overlooked.

  12. EP8 first patch is already available at The Witch Hunt! Covers 50% of the ep

    • Oh god. I’m not sure I can do this. I wanna play the whole game, not only 50%. Oh oh oh. I can wait…I think T_T

  13. Rosa and Maria’s death in 3rd Game

    Yasu saw abusive Rosa going best mom ever and killed her. Maria got angry so Yasu felt Maria was being ungrateful so she killed her.

  14. First game first twilight.

    There was probably only 5 corpses and the illusion of Shannon melted out of existance.

    It was risky because whar if MetaBattler discovered there were to realize yhere was only five and not six bodies.

  15. Eva and Hideyoshi first twilight

    Yasu simply broke the chain and claimed that the room was locked.

  16. I am just a random guy passing by. Magnificent post, the only thing I can’t accept is your reasoning about SKannon being the “obvious culprit” in episode 3. How can that be? Especially when Beatrice stated in red that she “keeps her promises”? The riddle has been solved, yet the killings continue, invalidating the roulette’s rules. I can’t stand it, the culprit has to be Eva, definitely more obvious.

  17. 1st game 1st twilight:
    Illusions to Illusions. A father in law’s lies or a falsified corpse.

    1st game 2nd twilight:
    Illusions to Illusions, a chain never bolted holds back no-one.

    1st game 4rd twilight:
    Illusions to illusions, a corpse cannot die again

    1st game 5th twilight
    Illusions to illusions, A dishonest doctor’s lies.

    1st game 6th-8th twilights .
    Illusions to Illusions, a closed room still containing someone isn’t closed.

    2nd game 1st twilight
    Illusions to illusions, a door never locked bars no-one.

    2nd game 2nd twilight
    Illusions to illusions, A dishonest doctor and a lesbian’s lie.

    2nd game 4th-6th twilight
    Earth to earth, mutual killings and/or suicide.

    2nd game 7th-8th twilight
    Earth to Earth, Illusions to Illusions, the lesbian’s dress-up game fools the honest chef.

    3rd game 1st twilight
    Illusions to Illusions, the dishonest doctor, the fast moving culprit, and the most accessible room starting point.

    3rd game 2nd twilight
    Earth to earth, two witches commit murder.

    3rd game 4-6th twilight
    Earth to earth, two witches commit murder, a husband takes exception.

    3rd game 7-8th twilight
    Earth to earth, poisoned coffee and a red herring rope.

    3rd game, Nanjo’s murder
    Earth to earth, the second witch kills under her own name.

    4th game 1st twilight
    Illusions to illusions. The illusion of murder, the lies told by the cook to test the children

    4th game 2nd twilight
    Illusions to illusions. The failed children join the illusion as well,

    4th game 5th -8th twilights
    Earth to Earth, Illusions to Illusions. The scorned woman makes the illusion real. Suicide by the master and apprentice witches seal the truth.

    all games, 9th twilight
    The exploding goats devour all.

  18. There is a theory a person made that is reasonable too. One that does not need to involve multiple-personalities. I’m not a shkanon theory fan, and I don’t neccessarily think that his theory is right, but it is the most reasonable and realistic I’ve ever seen. The Rosa/George theory.
    It caught me because of Beatrice’s motive. She wants Battler to recognize her existence as a witch, by seeing her magic with love (since without love it cannot be seen, therefore with love it can be seen; and if she wants him to see it as magic, therefore she wants him to see it with love). She wants his love because she had none in her life. Rosa didn’t receive Kinzo’s love, nor her brother’s love, nor her husband’s love, nor her daughter’s love, not even her own love, since she carries the burden of having killed Beatrice, Kinzo’s daughter.
    I’m actually trying to make my own theory, one that does not involve nor Rosa, Eva or Kyrie, since it looks like Ryukishi wants to trick us all to think someone who looks suspicious in the first four games must be the culprit :P
    I’ve never believed the ShKanon theory, but I did think that Shannon and Kanon were culprits after seeing Chiru. Now I don’t think that this is the one truth o: Besides, what I thought when I saw, “Even with you’re with us” and “We’re still 17 people” was that those red truths doesn’t neccessarily include Erika, since they were said sepparately. Just a little delusion of mine xD
    Anyways, I think the motive is the one thing that led Will to investigate ONLY Rosa, Maria, Genji and Kinzo on the 7th game.
    I don’t know, it’s what I think c: I’m just posting a comment here. :3

  19. “The Corpse that cannot return to Earth.”
    Just a quick note:
    The name George refers to Earth.
    So, “The Corpse that cannot return to George.”

  20. “Eva and Hideyoshi first twilight

    Yasu simply broke the chain and claimed that the room was locked.”

    Eva: “As I thought, it’s relaxing if it’s just the family.It was quite presumptious of Natsuhi to tell us not to leave the parlor.It’d be fine if everyone just secluded themselves in their rooms and locked the doors.”
    Hideyoshi: It’s been a while since we’ve been together like this with just the two of us….
    When I’m with you, I feel like my life has become enjoyable, something that other men “can never taste.”Let’s enjoy ourselves in the Maledives, we’ll just continue to live like Newlyweds!”
    Eva: No…right now is fine.
    /start making out/implied sex.
    Eva wanted it – staked by Lust
    Hideyoshi went on about wanting and tasting love – staked by Glutton
    So, despite the two doing each other, the door was kept unlocked and the door was unlocked and no chain set despite Eva believing doing so is the way.
    The only one they would have unlocked it for, would be George.

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