The world of Moshidora, the anime that goes off at a tangent and throws a fast one. Minami becomes the team manager of a baseball because her friend is sick. Question is: Can she? And will her 2100-yen budget allow it? 

“A high school girl mistakenly reads Drucker’s Management and she leads a baseball club to victory according to the lessons in the book.”

Oh hell, might as well read it now.

If Minami was that serious about becoming a baseball manager she would get a proper copy of how-to be a baseball manager. If she was serious she would return that book and get her money back. If she was more serious she’d go straight to Amazon slash eBay and get herself a cheap copy online. When anything fails she could ask her parents to purchase the book for her. I’d like to think Minami is being resourceful but she is coming off as cheap by how poorly the show explains her reasoning.

While I wouldn’t doubt the existence of a connection they’re making (also by the fact that the author already worked out the connection himself) Moshidora remains to be a bizarre sports anime aiming to teach management tips and the like. The anime poorly explains the main plot of the story by the character’s inability to not let go to waste her 2100 yen ($25.55) as the reason to not  get herself a more specific reference book, making the story far-fetched as it can get. Definitely, the nicer part of the show is that Minami does try to understand and figure out what each member wants of the team. That’s great. That’s awesome. The idea of using management lessons for the show is what it isn’t properly backed up leaving a rather awkward taste for those who have no idea who Drucker and also wonder why Minami wouldn’t save herself a headache by purchasing a proper book that will teach her something…  closer home.

and they haven’t reach Koshien yet.


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  1. Returning good for your money back is a western practise. In asia, its more like caveat emptor. No refunds especially for the small local shops

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