Umineko Requiem 44 – The Day the Witch Revived

Ah, sometimes you’re no fun, Bernkastel

Let’s stop the theatergoing and let’s get back business. We’re jumping straight to the matter at hand. Requiem has to be next to EP5 the most anti fantasy episode thus far. We’ve had our share of clashes between fantasy side vs. anti fantasy side vs. Mystery  side. Anti-fantasy side is just beating everyone when the illusion of the Witch is broken down courtesy of Requiem and Wizard Hunting Wright in EP7.

Beatrice, this witch, finds Kinzo’s epitaph and how it can help her with her resurrection. Ok, right off the bat, contradictions here. The Witch didn’t die. In fact the “witch” they refer to in Requiem is never specified to be a dead person who needs resurrecting. Yasu decided to go to the magic side and become a witch. Yasu doesn’t need to revive because according to the story she never did die because she never “existed” (which I don’t believe either). Beatrice at this moment has no reason to even want her resurrection. What makes sense is the Beatrice (from a witch’s stand point) wants her power back assuming they were lost at some point. As we know they weren’t lost, but Beatrice wanted more people to believe in her. Also Kinzo is no real magician. He can’t do magic. He’s “lucky” and that luck may bring miracles, that is however a metaphor.  Beatrice calling Kinzo a magician has no sense when we notice this Beatrice’s current position of a powerless spirit. 「This is the type of talk that is only real for the magic side and not for the game board. An illusion that is adorned by fantasy」

Kinzo and Genji either working together or separately made it so Yasu would solve the riddle of the epitaph. That’s for sure. Here we can see Genji giving the furniture (note) hints as to where Kinzo’s beloved hometown was. IIRC Genji never gave the siblings any good hints because he saw no reason at all to do it. Why? because they were not the people he (or rather Kinzo) wanted to solve the riddle.  The person who Kinzo wanted to succeed him was Beatrice’s daughter/son Yasu because he believed that whoever would solve the riddle would have something of Beatrice in her. Further proof that he always wanted someone close to him to solve the riddle was the fact that he hid the gold on the island – where only residents would have access to. If he would’ve wanted anyone to solve it he would’ve put the gold in some other special island or place and not so close home.

Maria was the one who further fueled Yasu’s magic mania. Maria was the one knowledgeable about the occult and the like. Remember how in earlier part of the EP Will theatergoes Maria and she confesses that at first Beatrice didn’t seem too powerful/had much knowledge of the occult so she didn’t think she was that great? That’s exactly it. That was when the furniture started to meet Maria in disguise or simply acted in a way different from his/her own and played with her. Maria taught and gave names to Beatrice’s furniture that had to do with the occult. This information escaped Beatrice because she didn’t know much about that field. What does that do to the Beatrice we knew? It means that Beatrice was a regular person who learned from another one, then possibly learn a bit more on her own. This takes us back to the magic circles drawn in the first games, said circles that Maria knew about. Said magic knowledge Maria likely taught Beatrice who used it in the crimes. [Maria is the source of the occult knowledge Beatrice knows. The person acting as Beatrice learned from Maria at this point. In addition by befriending Maria she recruited her as an ally to create the illusion of the witch.」 Maria herself promises to help Beatrice’s resurrect because she believes Beatrice is an actual witch. Maria’s POV is further put in question and moves to a being an accomplice.

The illusion is further broken down when they switched from the Golden Land to the island in an instant as if they never left the place, meaning [none of them physically left the island」. In EP6 Erika vs. MARIA’s duel the meta parts are the same, it switches from the magic board to the magic side in instant yet there are no changes, but it has the same result. The reality is that, [none of them left the island and never went to the Golden Land. As always Maria’s mind was the one at work here. The person we see as Beatrice here was a human playing along」

“The sweetriver running through it”  Suddenly Taiwan, suddenly, insert Kanji characters, suddenly some station.  A well explained solution to the epitaph partially goes to waste for all of us non-Japanese speakers. Just how much research R07 had to do come up with that? If Requiem wanted me to take me down a notch this was it.  I have to say that was some intricate puzzle yet very amusing. Great reasoning was at work here, not to mention we can truly appreciate how Eva ‘sand Erika’s reasoning powers in EP3 and EP5.

While Will was explaining this part I spent my time reading each line keeping up with was being said.  I know I got the “river part” and had it associate it with a transportation device (my guess was a “path” or stairs, said path leading to the gold’s entrance) and the “gouge” part refer to removing characters. Language barriers would make this riddle impossible, but I had plenty of fun seeing it solved.  I had to try anyway. It’s not like I could leave an interesting puzzle alone. Or maybe I’m just that curious.

this Beatrice I miss

Back to cold logical reasoning. Beatrice who had spent a fair amount of time researching reaches the chapel and solves the big puzzle. Kill, kill, gouge, gouge, and LORD-U. Beatrice had already solved the puzzle at this point. What’s funny is that Beatrice’ POV and how Requiem treats it. According to me, [Beatrice’s identity can be guessed by her actions and the residents of the island.」 She comments on Genji being the only one who personally cleaned the “Quadrillion” part and the servants not being given that job. She also comments how she didn’t find this strange. First of all, it’s likely that in the family conference by Kinzo’s orders the chapel was not to be touched to not raise suspicions since he only wanted a certain one to solve it. Yet, Beatrice knows all of this. That can only mean Beatrice who is telling these details is a person currently on that island and the likely is not someone that only comes to the island for the family conference. We subtract anyone who by the age gap cannot be Kinzo’s kid that only leaves the furniture as possible candidates for Beatrice. What make it even clearer are the following parts.

When Beatrice finds the gold she fears, note, she FEARS that she will get scolded. A thousand year old, not regular person, is afraid of being scolded by mere humans. That makes absolutely no sense. Beatrice acts submissive. At this point the idea of a phantom like entity such as one of a witch is broken down by its inconsistency. Genji finds her and gives Yasu Beatrice’s dress same as the one in the portrait, thus this is the moment when the person acting as Beatrice finally gets her hands on the attire she will use to humor Maria, meet others, and Battler in the 4th Game. Yasu is taken to Kinzo’s study where he asks for her forgiveness. Another intriguing detail is that Yasu cares what others will think of her as she believes the others will think those clothes won’t ‘suit’ her. Why would someone who doesn’t exist care what others think of her? A Witch of Illusions, [the assumption is that they already know this person’s identity thus why they would find the change from one to the other strange.」

Another important point is that this is moment when Kinzo dies after he is finally “freed”. Kumasawa, Genji, and Nanjo are all present at this moment. Let’s think back on END again, when the game starts exactly when Kinzo dies and Natsuhi has to cover this up, which always happens in all fragments. We assume that Yasu always learns the truth of her origins before any of the games start. At the risk of falling into a rash assumption, [we could as well as assume that Kinzo is always forgiven by Yasu ergo the scene of EP5 is moments after Kinzo had already met Yasu. Ergo Yasu learning the truth also in that fragment. THAT, [also explains the man from 19 years ago and how s/he learned of that truth nobody was supposedly to knew about.」 The conclusion is the Kinzo before dying in all fragments tells Yasu who she is and who is her mother, meaning Yasu, who we presume to the furniture, always know the truth one year before the tragedy. [If Battler had come a year earlier (preferably even before that) Yasu would not had the chance to solve the riddle therefore she might not have learned of her own origins from Kinzo. Ideally, Yasu and Battler would’ve left the island before solving the riddle and Yasu resurrecting as Beatrice, thus avoiding the tragedy」

Earlier in Requiem Beatrice’s moves are too clear, and they become even too clear to ignore later. The game was basically set when Will theatergoed Maria if you ask me. She mentions that she doesn’t want to become the next head and leaves it to Krauss-sama (honorific at that). Moreover, none of the people at this point even think of her as a witch but a Beatrice’s child. There’s a clear contradiction from what a witch is supposed to be and what is happening. They’ve been referring to her as a regular person, a regular person who can be seen, a regular person who just spoke to Kinzo, a regular person doesn’t want to get in the way, a regular person wants things to remain as they always did! By this information the following blue is constructed: [The Beatrice in this fragment can only be a real human who lives in Rokkenjima」 In addition, I’ll proclaim the following: [The idea that Battler could be Yasu is destroyed by the fact that Battler doesn’t go Rokkenjima ever alone. We also know this by the fact that Shannon is still waiting for his return which he only does in 1986.」 By that if it wasn’t completely denied already Battler cannot be Yasu at this point by these events. The only similarity is that none of them are interested in becoming the next Head.

Yasu’s order is what seals the deal on the servants and Nanjo being Beatrice’s accomplices. She clearly states that she will back down from being the next head and leave it to Krauss. Genji even mentions that Beatrice (Yasu) is his second master, now his only and true master now that Kinzo has passed away. The rest of the servants are ok with it and so is Nanjo. This leads to a complex and, yes, the reality that the servants are always working under Yasu’s orders no matter how outrageous they could be. Also, it only makes the reader doubt the validity of the epitaph for the siblings and cousins as Yasu had already solved it. [The possibility created by this is that the servants are giving fake testimonies and alibis of events that might have not happened at all. Where exactly they stand here is what it is most intriguing. The middle ground is the hardest to find since it always makes the servants be a group of sheep blindly following Yasu’s orders totally contradicting Battler’s struggle in EP2 to make them be innocent. Yasu, the person who becomes Beatrice has Genji, Kumasawa, and Nanjo as accomplices either willingly or  forcefully. This is almost a fact.

This is the end of Beatrice’s tale.

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