Real End Girl

We have a winner.

Kasuga is the End Girl of TWGOK and I’ll tell you why she should be. 

#1. Kasuga is complex. Unlike runner girl, Dojo girl happens to have a personality and is far more complex, not only that but martial arts trumps running. Also on my way back home while driving a spotted a girl with a side tail. I was severely not impressed by her ingenuity. Side-tails are overrated until proven otherwise.

# 2. Kasuga is not this girl. Tsundere. Check. Twintails? Check. DFC? Check. Never really explain blonde ojousan archetype? Check. Rich girl is too obsessive and too cliche. Kasuga does not have you “driving” her around each day, not to mention, the ride gets fancier and heavier. *Note the heavier part*  Kasuga does not go for the rich ojou-san tsundere combo. She knows better. Tsundere rich girl. Do not want. Do not care. Pass.

# 3. Kasuga is a believer. Kasuga has you believing in the her who believes in you! Kasuga has discipline. Certainly, this is something the others lack. Kasuga truly motivates you. Got a cold? Can’t do it? Get over it. Get over it, goddammit. You can overcome with it effort! You can overcome everything you put your mind to. Believe. Believe! Kasuga believes in you.

#4. Kasuga does not think she is the next Ranka Lee. Kanon is too needy whereas Kasuga is independent. Kanon’s problem is too extreme and too connected to fame not to mention self-center. Kanon likes to disappear too often and becomes invisible as an obsure untranslated manga from the 90s.  Kanon already has her own fanbase and plenty of fame. Kanon already has a career and a dream. Despite being the most independent Kanon is still the most needy. Not to mention she sings only j-pop catchy songs you’ll get tired of listening in a week. Why so needy Kanon? Why is she named Kanon anyway? I don’t want Kanon disappearing like a ghost on me. Does Kasuga disappear in thin air? She does not. Who disappear in thin air? Kanon. Who doesn’t disappear in thin air? Kasuga. 

#5. Kasuga Calls you Out. Kasuga has judgment. Kasuga has guts. She will call out your faggotry. Are you behaving like an idiot? Do you want to know when you’re doing it in case you were? Would you like to have that chance? Now it’s the time. Kasuga will tell you. Kasuga will always tell you. Kasuga WILL call you out. You can count on it.

#6. Kasuga is not into loops. Kasuga will not have you going through the VN version of Endless Eight, I assure you. Loops are not funny when you’re watching them or playing them. I was playing Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance and the save got corrupted and it gets lost each time meaning I start from the beginning each time I started up the game. Loops are not funny I tell you, I repeat loops are not funny. That’s why gaming companies go bankrupt and why fans rage. Kasuga will avoid this. Kasuga does not like loops. Maybe cute things, but not looops.

#7. Kasuga speaks out – Even the most boring girl who turned out to be the interesting in the first season is no match for Kasuga. Managing to keep a conversation will be, to say the least, impossible with Shiroi unless you know telepathy or carry your conversation via small notes. That’s not a problem with Kasuga. In fact, you can talk about anything with Kasuga. Given it doesn’t involve weak stuff she may find offensive.

#8 Kasuga understands in the plan. Kasuga understand the plan. We don’t question the plan. It’s like in Fight Club Rules – we do not talk about the plan. Kasuga understands this concept well. That’s why she doesn’t talk about the plan, only briefly mentions it.

#9. Kasuga is not Elsei – Elsei? Is Elsei a valid candidate at all? Elsei has two mode hyper Elsei and crybaby Elsei (both of them may include the chibi mode) Tough to decide when both of those modes alternate as often as that skull radar goes off. Evidence leads us to assume the only logical conclusion is that Elsei is water downed version of bipolar with only two modes available. I’d cut Elsei a bigger slack if it weren’t for the fact she has a 300 year lead on most people. Sorry Elsei, Kaiji already has the overflowing tears mark before you did. Try to come up with something different.

#10. Kasuga doesn’t afraid of anything – Kasuga CAN and WILL defend herself when she is in trouble. Much like Saeko, Kasuga can take care of herself. She will not be playing the damsel in distress so shamelessly. With a black belt Kasuga will also put others (and maybe also you) in their place, but that’s just how she expresses affection. That’s how Kasuga rolls. Sometimes a punch from her it means she cares. Who cares enough to punch you? Kasuga cares.

#11 Kasuga vs. Kasuga – Kasuga is so extreme there is no stronger enemy than herself. Fancy that. Sure, Kyon can walk on school desks, kick and trash talk himself, but does he split in two in an non-dimension realm and while conscious? Kasuga can. In fact the fight was so great that it had to be called off .  On top of that Kasuga is the only girl that has a to be continue route. Who else has a to be continued possibility? Kasuga.

#12. Kasuga > other haremettes – Kasuga can act cute without reaching retardation. Huge plus if there was ever one. It’s so difficult to do in the age of weak heroines, generated imoutos, and damsel in distress. The all-around winner. hands down. Kasuga is the End girl of TWGOK.

[that is until proven otherwise. And by that we mean until next week.]

* Note. A hundred more reasons were purposely left out to not make the rest of the haremettes look bad. Kasuga happened to give her approval.


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  1. looks like if you’re called Kanon you’re bound to disappear in thin air…

  2. Great post hahaha, you are so right. By the way, you have a great blog. Would you be interested in a link exchange? Let me know to send you info on my site ^^


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