SKET Dansu

It does sound a lot cooler when you say it like that

It shall hereby be called Dansu from now on. Hold a sec, did Dansu just outdo Ookami-san and Gosick at the same time or was it just as bad? Lies. I couldn’t finish neither but surely it couldn’t be worse than Ookami-san. Let’s ask J.C Staff and wait for it to get back to us..

– You know next season.

For a show that has no dancing whatsoever Sket Dance provides the type of entertainment you’d get from a show with the following premise: Strange club. Said club does odd activites. Things happen. An anime is created. *Magic* No, that’s the magic of Dancing. That’s the magic of Sket-Dance!

Put plainly Sket Dance at the moment doesn’t do much differ than any of its predecessor. That’s an issue that it has to deal with either by making the show engaging by focusing on its main characters or move the plot in a way that tries to be different from what has been done before. As it stands individually the main characters weren’t that appealing but together they managed to make it work. For better or worse this is one of those shows that heavily depends on how interesting the “client” of the week is and while that happens through the 13-something eps the story develops. We assume a deeper plot is hiding behind all the cases and finally connect to the main story.

The VA’s.. it’s a problem I think Hiroyuki Yoshino was perfect for Ozu in Tatami Galaxy. I think that Hiroyuki was right for Chaos;Head. I think Hiroyuki did the job for Hallelujah in Gundam 00. He was fine for Natsuki Minami-ke. Here? He sounds off. The characters where he shines have something that allows his high-pitched volatile voice to coexist. Sket Dance doesn’t have that. It sounds off, off-putting in some cases. Not exactly the image they’re trying to capture. On the positive side not everything is lost and I’m not seeing myself yet throwing it inside the forgotten can of dropped shows. For everyone who has not taken the commitment of following long running shows reaching the 3 digit mark, Sket Dance can be given a second opinion in case another spot opens up in the busy spring. Meanwhile just dance.

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  1. I love that I’m not the only one who thought of Ookami-san+GOSICK when watching the first episode of this anime :p

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