Umineko Requiem 42 – Ecco qui Umineko in Modo Facile

Right-O. What everybody wants. Dear, Lie-Alaia, l&d-circulation and company. You are all amazing for having eeriest most strangely soothing bgs to date, I feel I’m being sucked into the sea of fragments of desire. I tell you one day we’ll have a My Italian Coach. One day, I tell you.

Will starts theatergoing one suspect after another. Some dangerous talk by Maria where basically she corroborate the multiple personality disorder claim against her. Is this one of the oldest theory ever or what? More importantly, she has basically revealed Beatrice’s identity.

So Maria has had these tea parties with Beatrice learning about magic and how she was special. See.. meeting Beatrice when Maria visited Rokkenjima – extra emphasis – ONLY when she visited Rokkenjima. Maria helped Beatrice, the “witch” to be formed, only two conclusions can formed from that: It was either Rosa the person who brought her there or an already existing person on the island. A) Natsuhi B) Jessica. C) Shannon. Hint. It’s neither A nor B. Right. There’s little room for a X person all along. Discarding any X person it had to be a person who was on Rokkenjima on those days. That much was possible from the 1st Games. To the point of redundancy the logical assumption is that candy would melt in a hot season. Anti-magic 1 – Pro-magic 0.

“On The Rokkenjima of 1986, the ones who could actually meet with Beatrice were you, Nanjo, and the four servants excluding Gohda, for a total of six?” – Willard.

The accomplices’ identities come out. As suspected it’s so common that Gohda is the man out. As for me I’d be ready to dismiss Gohda from all the charges in Seacats other than possibly lying out of fear (oldest theory ever) to not get killed by CrAaaZy Yasu, or by the crazy trigger-happy siblings, or by craaaazy furniture. Gotta feel bad for the magical chef. It’s more than a hint but according to Maria these accomplices allowed Maria’s fantasies to exist and let Shannon play Beatrice for her, therefore, Shannon eventually gets used to playing Witch I take it. Enough with Beatrice from the family conference, that said, I rather have this Beato than chick Beatrice. For that matter, anything > chick Beatrice. I’ve spoken.

Ghost Story in the VIP Room

A plus here. Jessica’s story is plenty more interesting than I hoped it’d be. I was expecting yet another rehash of the school concert or more shenanigans of Kanon the Battle Furniture. Requiem gets away with some Petan Petan & Kyun Kyun reference then moving on to a Whatever-You-can-do-I-can-do-better monologue with Lion as the topic. Curious that no matter what fragment we’re shown Jessica is always put down, she’s like the Satoko of Umineko.

There have always been conjectures about the cousins and their motives. To me their attitude and how laid back vs serious modes have been exploited the point that considering them as the culprit is still aggravating to my detective persona. We have demon king Son Goku with a mother issue and a rich girl wishing for another self as main argument. Take your pick or move on to the next batch of suspects.

Things I’d bet on. Kids from Jess’ school would go to Jessica’s mansion for tests of courage instead of any of the local creepy old mansion. I also would bet the servants were winging this Ghost story when Jessica asked them. I would also bet most of the readers reached Just as Planned’s Golden Land via Google / Umineko pics.

It’s a healthy measure to have the cousins’ commentary be reduced if ask me. A thing here though.. George’s side of the story is purposely skipped because he lacks enough info? Really, Vance? Will should’ve theater’ed George anyhow. Sure, he lacks the info but you never know what you can find. That’s like skipping Battler’s side of the story. Oh, right Bernkastel removed him from that game. Oh, Requiem, you aren’t trying to hide anything anymore, are you? Very obvious. That’s on the level of not thinking the answer is ‘Love’ to “Because furniture cannot ____. So, they desire the right to ___, and try to become human.”

Jessica backs up any remaining of the multiple personality theory for Maria crediting it to her own creed of “creating another self, the way you want to be.” Meanwhile Maria is sticking to her story like 200% LOYALTY Genji is sticking to a magical Witch story. It has become really clear what the situation is here as why the main victim wasn’t startled when he was shot in his study room in S.S Van Dine’s The Benson Murder Case.

I have a code and I stand by it; I play When they Cry games at night only. Great atmosphere at night (better when it’s raining) – it creates a superb atmosphere. I’m giving points to Requiem for the fascinating spooky Ghost Story. Jessica going to hardly visited VIP room and getting trolled was one of the better moments of Requiem.  Creepy atmosphere.. Jessica getting trolled.. Now there’s a combination to make the cousins more interesting. It worked.

Me? I honestly think creepy doll in the VIP room felt like R07 was making a reference to Higanbana no Saku Yoru. What I’d agree with Jessica is on what WAS actually more creepy were the people going along with it that far. Sure, at first glance it’s hard to explain what just happened in the VIP room but not impossible at all when more people are added in and being a scary cat factor step in. A person (possible) hiding under the bed, someone to make the call, another one to go to basement and turn off the power.. uh, X-san? Hmmm.. Lots of effort to spook non-believers. Way too much effort and way too organized.

“Furudo Erika was probably right.”

Throw me in a game board with a witch as the assumed culprit and I’d be too busy figuring out who of the human suspects did it. On a different note, is it normal to consider Lion’s world abnormal by Seacats’ standards? By Seacats a portrait but no epitaph is weirder than an EP with no deaths. Weirder than Furfur and Zepar’s attire, totally as wrong as Furudo Erika with no tape. Some things aren’t meant to be.

Oh, Erika WAS right. It’s a masochist situation when Umineko constantly disses then gives slights credit to Erika. It’s so unbalanced the treatment she’s giving. Erika cemented the first steps to the path of logic into Chiru where small bombs and puripukioko man were constant themes of pre-Chiru games. When you’re Bernkastel’s piece and there’s little liberty to be had there’s so little that can be done. Basically, Maria’s multiple persona made room for the Witch to exist. Only if Natsuhi would’ve caught the culprit red-handed in the early stages.. or at least cut down the furniture’s monthly paychecks. There I said it.

Here’s the culprit

“Only the actor can kill the character. In other words, the person who killed Beatrice is the person who played the part of Beatrice.” Will jots that down then “.. The human who can create and kill Beatrice.. and the human who never gave birth of Beatrice in the first place, who can kill the entire concept of Beatrice Both of those humans are here.”

I’ll confess the seating hierarchy  system wasn’t much of a help for me other than who will become head once Kinzo die thus battle over power. Lion becomes a dead cat and disappearing cat once the box is opened. When flipping it around if Lion exists Beatrice the trolling Witch doesn’t that can only mean Lion here is the good ending. Oblivious Lion –> good ending. Aware Lion –> the crazy from 19 yrs ago modified Yasu. That. Is. Screwed up. Like when K1 doesn’t give the doll to Mion.

“Because you are the son of Kinzo and Beatrice” – CANNOTUNSEE. If Studio DEEN got anything, ANYTHING down for Umineko TV was the OH-DESIRE . Jimang’s Yami’s  Yami o hikisaku  is a tone you can’t tune out from. So while all the events were unfolding in these games, Kinzo was signing a full opera “Desire Edition” for Beatrice the 2nd. That’s the truth of what happened years ago. As expected everything ends in tragedy in When they Cry, usually when there’s a crazy old man, usually when there are Beatrice look-alikes, usually when there’s sacrificing Sheep to God. Positively when there’s so much DESIRE.

Bernkastel finding a fragment with the right conditions for Yasu sounds much like project for animated Umineko Chiru. A dizzying span of time where Mathematically speaking, there’s actually a 2,578,916/2,578,917 chance of DEEN slipping up while making Chiru. Mark those words. That is my detective proclamation.

Requiem is an all paid side trip to an alternate 1986 Rokkenjima where Lion doesn’t exist if the box is opened. The way I see it the man from 19 years ago always survives in these games and he either becomes the culprit or not when they tell him his origins. Now, saying “man” is a misleading term as saying “fine by me” in a slightly annoyed tone. For all there’s to guess Yasu is likely a girl not a guy. If he was a guy then Yasu would be Kanon. I don’t think I should consider Battler as a possibility… right? I rather don’t want to see that.

Chapter One. ‘A New Life’.”

“I am one yet many” – Beatrice has turned into yet.. another Beatrice. Examples: Like when Shannon cosplays as Beato. Like when Rosa + Kyrie combo claimed to have seen Beatrice in Ep2. That’s one Beatrice too many, Your Honor.

New Beatrice is like an answer to the mystery one yet many. Furfur and Zepar are also back, though I rather not them back in Requiem. Couldn’t we get new flashy or sexy furniture? Have we run out of demons? I’m sure there’s 66-something still waiting for R07 to summon them. Oh, I see. The secret plan. Let’s save them for When they Cry 5. Let’s leave this new Beatrice to tell her story which I’m sure It’s NOT about Shannon. *Wink*

“It doesn’t make any sense” – by yours truly Medio Luci-NEE. Talk about Theatergoer attitude here. You’ll find that nothing makes much sense when Umineko is initially approached. Leave the reading for later and you’ll forget many things. You have to keep at it to get really get it. On a side note, being sickly looking in this medium is so misleading they can get away with making Yasu be younger than all the servants for a total of 10 yrs of difference when in fact it is only 7 yrs. And while R07 gets a thumbs up for shamelessly turning the Sisters of Purgatory into maids for a whole EP it also gets thumbs down for making them the Mean Girls of Umineko.

I like how Genji turns out to be the master mind behind it “I didn’t see anything. It was done with magic. It was Beatrice-sama!” Genji’s face expression gives a disconcerting feeling to it, like Bernkastel before it goes 200% troll mode. Genji, the furniture before a man, likes to stick to his story as already mentioned. “Genji knew all about it.” – They say. Genji should be called Genji of all Trades, apparently Genji is just about the most efficient supporting character in the history of Umineko with plenty of enabling by Genji the enabler.

Will makes a case out of it. Genji lied about the Yasu’s age lowering by 3 yrs so no one would suspect it leading to conjecturing that Yasu is really 9-10 yrs old if I know my math.  New Beatrice form is ready. She’s one yet many. Time to come clean. Squeaky clean.

The First Friend

Look who is here! Nice to finally see you Kanon. It’s almost like he’s been purposely absent in the story, huh? Nanjo, Genji, Kumasawa had their secret club of Forever Kinzo x Beatrice, also going by the name of Let’s screw the siblings and the cousins. Also that according to Requiem accepting house rules and the ghost stories is a must. That’s just odd, more than that is Furfur and Zepar limiting themselves to speaking in riddle as little as possible. Guys, that isn’t proper Umineko-ish etiquette.

Shannon is stripped from her position as sole maid in Umineko ending up with a Luci > Belphegor > the rest of the 7Sis list as far as I’m concerned. While this is about Shannon it isn’t, yet it is about Shannon.  I see what you’re doing there R07. On that note the Ushiromiya family has an eye for only hiring maids. You can count with one hand the number of male servants in the story. We really care about the male cast.

Revelations after revelations one of the strangest one is the not-yet-to-be-called Gap being the Witch while Beatrice isn’t. The best thing is that at least in this version there was someone who kept her standards. Gap messes with Yasu. Correct, everything happens to Yasu while it doesn’t to Shannon. This about Yasu, not Shannon. It’s reaaaally about Yasu, not Shanon.

Next Friday, for my next trick: How to Omochikaeri a set of keys.


6 thoughts on “Umineko Requiem 42 – Ecco qui Umineko in Modo Facile

  1. nice post and i <3 ur banner though 1 thing, rosa should be ivorgne *erm*amikoshimizu*erm

  2. You wouldn’t happen to have any thoughts on the purpose of the stake-maids, would you? Do you think that the stakes were just used as ‘actors’ in the tale to portray the faceless maids, or do you think that’s what they really look like; ergo, the maids spawned the stakes?

    • I had a theory while blogging Dawn which had to do with was roughly the following. First a question.: The gamemaster had full powers to make anything s/he wanted yet the GM chooses to base off the furniture/pieces on already existing characters. Why? Dawn was really.. disconcerting to me because the sense of everything is an illusion or a dream. The gamemaster models furniture resembling already existing entity/character which meant the following to me. The GM, the creator of the game board based the characters on people she knew in her life as a human. Virgilia and Ronove was already explained so I theorized that the stakes might’ve been friends that Beatrice (the human) had or that never had thus it indicated friends and family she never had – which were brought to life in her game. At this point I figured the game board was a place where this Beatrice could make everything she wanted be reality (Golden Land) EP7’s story is a bit different from what I pictured but it is similar in the sense the stakes were in fact people that Beatrice when she was human knew.

      Requiem portraits the sisters as servants Yasu didn’t get along so it makes sense that Beatrice has them as ‘servants’ (even wants to punish them at some point) unlike Rovone and Virgilia who she considers them more as friends. I know everything shares a theory of the other side of the coin, but if I had to take a guess than I’d say the GM bases the pieces (magic side) off already existing characters in the human side instead of the other way around. Why? Because the GM, Beatrice, is creating a tale of fiction – and here it is – based on reality.

      On stakes. Kinzo, according to EP5, bought the stakes. We don’t know if there were more servants that worked on Rokkenjima while Yasu was there or maybe that bunch we see was the one that stood the most for her. Maybe it is just a coincidence that they were seven in total. As for the faces, maybe R07 didn’t want to draw more? Likely. I think that it makes sense that’s probably what the 7S looked like more or less since as it stands I’m corroborating my theory that the GM bases most of the pieces on existing characters in the human world that she, at some point, knew.

  3. Ah, if you got that last comment, ignore it, my memories were totally getting mixed up. If not then don’t worry ^^;

    But yeah, I can definitely see that it makes sense that these are the original images of the stakes.

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