Nichijou – The KyoAni Slice of Life Machine Continues

Let’s say this: Nichijou is not totally impressive, but an anime with the name of “My ordinary Life” shouldn’t be anyway. Nichijou is a tame slice of life, where everything just happens, everyone gets along, and they don’t recall what happened in past episodes (I call it 4Koma selective amnesia) Nichijou is Nichijou the type of 4-Koma that follows the slice-of-life bread and butter to talk about food and their everyday lives as a standard. Sounds about right? Yup.

I find the point of praising (specially Kyoto Animation) on the animation department to be redundant because it’s one of the things that they do best after all. I could praise KyoAni’s job on FMP! or for the beautiful animation on the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, not Nichijou. Nichijou’s main attraction is far from a good animation. It helps that Kyoto Animation is giving it its usual top animation, however Nichijou is more of the type that relies more in its execution. I could it see it working with sub-par animation but with excellent execution. I could see this type of show done beautifully and still fail badly with poor execution.

Going on a tangent I’d compare Nichijou to Shaft’s Hidamari Sketch rather than to Cro­martie High School which I haven’t had the pleasure of watching. Up this point I can guess  that Cro­martie High School, in more levels, has to be crazier than Every day Nichijou to be up for an actual comparison. Shaft’s Hidamari sounds like a more accurate analogy. As far as Nichijou goes I’m not feeling the craziness blending altogether with the show because there’s no strong flow at the moment. It feels all over the place not exactly aiming into the same direction even as 4Komas go. It’s messy. Messy is good trait for that type of show but it lacks direction to direct toward the right type of messy. Nichijou’s take on the slice-of-life genre is similar to what you’d expect from it – it’s KyoAni and slice of life anime.  Assuming you don’t mind food commentary and you haven’t made up your mind that every slice-of-life show set in a school will necessarily equal a Azumanga Daioh or a Lucky Star knock-off.. Nichijou could be an alternative to be on the look out to guess who brought what bentou each week and stave off boredom in the Spring.

As for me, I’ll probably continue to watch it to see how it develops. Nichijou has a goat and a deer. According to 4komas, that should count for something, right?


3 thoughts on “Nichijou – The KyoAni Slice of Life Machine Continues

  1. Again with the misconceptions. Nichijou is NOT based on a 4koma. It’s based on a very absurd comedy manga, true, but it doesn’t use the 4-panel format found in Lucky Star or K-on.

  2. Why are the characters so damn unlikeable? Maybe it’s because I always come to watch slice of life expecting friendship and heartwarming moments, which I didn’t find in Nichijou. All characters seem to hate each other, it ruins the experience for me, even if the jokes aren’t bad and the animation is good (which is something KyoAni is relying on too much).

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