Tiger $ Bunny – Whenever in Doubt – Sunrise

Question. How many heroes does it take to catch a criminal?
Answer. Ask Sunrise.

There’s the good. There’s the bad. There’s the bad Sunrise that can be good. See? It has a currency sign instead because relates to advertising. Tiger and Bunny separates me in three parts. Part of me thinks this is what Cowboy Bebop would be like if it was done by Sunrise. The second part is busying making sense of Tiger and Bunny. The last part of me thinks they don’t make shameless advertising like they used to. In fact, they got a whole lot better. I’ll have you know Sunrise, I’m more of a heavy Coke drinker by decision. If you can’t respect that I think we’re through here.

Yamakan can be your senpai in that department

Sunrise is back and I can tell it’s Sunrise because I’m almost 10 minutes in and I don’t know what’s happening but I see colors and men in colored suits. And big explosions followed by cut off commentary. What is Tiger and Bunny, anyhow? It’s no Panty and Stocking no matter how much the application of the noun followed by non formula may have suggested. Tiger and  Bunny is about a group of heroes playing reality TV who work for agencies and catch criminals to earn points and do outrageous acts to get high rating. the main character, Wild Boar, is a washed up old man who tries to make a living while doing good to society at the same time. Tough job. Tougher job making a whole premise for the series based on that. But that’s not a such a bad idea. Seriously though, the main character is a middle aged man. How many times do we get that, huh? Kinda unique in the times of emo teenagers leads. Go Wild Boar.

The biggest con is the sketchy CG scenes which might as well take them out as they are not exactly doing anything. Sunrise could’ve done something better with them, right now they’re just there to stand out and look cheap at the same time. The pro is that I can hope Sunrise give T$B’s ‘hero theme’ a bigger twist and exploit it like Sakuradaite mines in 11’s land. What else? What brand should I be buying? Awesome.

Verdict: Tiger and Bunny, see you next week for now. You may turn out bad in the end. Enthusiastically, the good kinda of bad to look forward to.


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  1. Cowboy Bebop was done by Sunrise. I mean…..that was a joke right?

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