It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World

Seven Arcs, what are you doing acrobatics for? Get down from there. You ain’t this guy

When they said Dog Days they meant it. Dogs days is making its own rules of war as it goes. One that involves no real losses and people turn into cats and dogs once they’re taken out. It’s like 4Kidz’s editing team wet dream I tell you. Dog Days makes as much sense as Funimation decisions as of late, which is one where a character summoned (euphemism for kidnapping) by a country with the name of pastry and thrown in a war that can be solved by athletics events. Only Princess Peach could be this helpless under pressure. What can we say? It’s a crazy world.

guy on the right doesn’t know who to strike down. The enemy or himself.

It’s tricky situation. At first I’d criticize the fact Pastry kingdom is getting a middle-schooler (whose voice is too deep to believe he’s a middle-schooler) because they can’t win by themselves but I’ll get right on questioning the idea of bringing an outsider to fight wars for them. It’s a bloody war for crying flying kittens out. However, Pastry country is rather forceful and uses a highly trained canine to kidnap the main character. The dog has an excuse as it is just following orders.. and it is just really really bad on asking for permission and the like. The main character is just lousy for forgetting about his world and taking on this new adventure instead. What would strike anyone the most is the main character’s attitude, one who is thrown into another world yet doesn’t ask the necessary questions. How about sending him back to his world so we don’t have to watch this? But that petty question would soon be obscured by Seven Arc’s revelation for a deeper plot to come. They must have powerful reason for bringing a total outsider to this war.

No way..

Which makes as much sense as this.

Good acting. Specially Jackie Chan’s. Actually just Jackie Chan’s.

They don’t. Deep down we’re made of cheese and marshmallows.

And the world is a bit less articulate and intelligent due to Dog Days. This could’ve worked slightly better as a highschool school sports festival. The creators Dog Days must be the depressed ones because of how uninspired the show is. The lunacy of its sports craziness isn’t backed up by anything interesting that may appeal to either well versed or regular fans. Just a bunch of pretty animation all thrown together with little purpose to make a poorly executed show. Seven Arcs has hit rock bottom. I’m sending Dog Days to warm the bench. Not even Emperor Wakamoto’s voice could save this show.

Up next, Sunrise and why Pepsi is so much better than Coke.


6 thoughts on “It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World

  1. As stupid and uninspiring as everything about this show is, I kinda like it to be honest. I mean, nothing turned me off about it, so I’ll probably be watching it until it gets seriously stupid that I may drop it.

    (Also, how do you put lodge twitter uipdates into your post like that?)

    • It had a weird twist I’ll give it that.

      Oh, that’s easy. Click on the time of a tweet (5m ago i.e) of any twitter account. You’ll get a new page where you’ll only see that one tweet. Copy the url and paste that onto your post. Careful though. You have to do it in Html instead of Visual mode and of course update/publish the post in html mode too. If the tweet isn’t showing up try again. You can always preview it to make sure you’re doing it right, but remember to also do it in html. If you do it on visual sometimes only the tweet url will show up.

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