Why I prefer Yuu Kobayashi as Yuu Kobayashi

For most part. Reason why explained.

While not being anti-Yuu Kobayashi for her long Yuu Kobayashi of work deserves praise, that is, as far as female characters are concerned. Kobayashi has done a lot of voices and by that we aren’t exaggerating she has done a lot of voices.

Off the top of my head I can say I enjoyed her work as the foreigner ‘returnee’ Kaere in SZS, the vice principal in Occult Academy, Rio in SoraWo, and Mariya, well when thinking she isn’t really a guy, but that’s not important. For me the issue arises when Kobayashi voice the dull male main lead the usual the fragile, ambiguous type of character. However, it isn’t as much as her sticking to an already classic route of voicing effeminate looking guys who might never hit puberty and that to guess the character’s gender we might as well flip a coin. The issue is with the type of characters who are all around indecisive and lacking a strong personality who shouldn’t be the first choice for any main character unless the situation requires one.

I think of characters that aren’t quite ‘there’ for the roles even more when they are main leads of their respective shows and despite meeting the conditions of ‘troubled’ lead they still make shows less engaging. I think of Clair in the recent A-1 show Fractale I think Hiroshi from Ookami big letdown Kakushi and of every androgynous character that I rather have somebody else do the job than her to avoid Industry cliques of, “Hey, it’s Kobayashi and she’s voicing an androgynous guy” (let’s hope this one has some character.) I associate these traits with less than stellar characters who when compared to her other regular work lacks in comparison. Yuu’s work, in my opinion, is a lot more polished when she does her regular, non-trapish characters than the uninteresting, indecisive, and fragile type who happen to run short in the personality department. When comparing the two of them I rather have Kobayashi the original Kobayashi.

Aha – but whoever will voice all the trappish character in anime then? Let there be – just asking for some depth to main characters.

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  1. let’s keep this in mind for next winter. Last winter, it was Hiroshi. This winter, Clain.

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