Mixed Ideas Tiger & Bunny

This is Sunrise sending mixed messages

Right now colorful mechas is anyone’s guess. Asides from Gundam Unicorn project, which that said I still can’t get over the name, no idea whatsoever what Sunrise has been up to lately.

Here I thought Tora and Bunny was going to look like a total PSG ripoff. Do we need that? (maybe we do) Tiger and Rabbit looks totally different. Nothing similar at all asides from a misleading “noun”, “and” other “noun” combination.

– So it’s going to be awesome and sucky.

I’ll take their word for it.

* DNA², I’s, Video Girl Ai –> Masakazu Katsura?
and Karas’ director?


4 thoughts on “Mixed Ideas Tiger & Bunny

  1. A CG mecha anime by Sunrise. It’s definitely something different. Not sure if it’s my type of anime, though.

  2. My mind keeps telling me, “no”, but everytime I see that trailer I think it LOOKS awesome. I’m gonna have a hard time staying away. Can disappointment be far behind?

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