Kore Wa Plot?

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Again Fail Whale? Off with that sweater, you don’t get colds.

Latest KoreZo made sense. I know. DEEN in all its DEENness featured a show with chainsaw handlers, necromancer girls, ninja vampires, rottweilers (correction doberman) I wanted to see to see if this show was going to make sense at some point. I guess it does now. Now I have to watch it. Now I am watching it. Now, I’m writing about it. And now I’m telling you about it.

“DEEN in all its DEENness,” – I’m going to make this one stick out.

Ayumu forgot to give the doll as a present Hellscythe


A BACKSTORY in Korezo!? I’m sure that before this point most of the fans  had gave up on one so this is so sudden. Sure there’s been hinting that something “serious” is going on but  deciding to go bowling instead of moving on with the story makes you forget what the show was even about.

The drama in KoreZo builds itself little by little, but still falls flat when compared to what all the silliness of the characters. Still there exist one where as I took it for granted it was nonexistent. Asides from the quality of introducing melodrama to = Plot and asides from more battles = better show. The fact that there is a plot deep buried in KoreZo is now a myth busted. Go home Mythbusters.

Hellscycle doesn’t talk because it is forbidden and something horrendous will happen if she does. I’ll just take her word for it. Her magic will mess the world up, there will never be another Haruhi sequel, Kaiji S2 will not  air after all and Madhouse will continue animating marvel shows hardly anyone watches, Umineko Chiru will be handled by DEEN again. Nobody wants that.

How does even Midori Tsukimiya  get paid?

Pssst, your mouth isn't matching the audio

What am I watching?

A vampire ninja, a necromancer, a zombie and a dog sharing the same table. Korewa Zombie likes to take things to literally like DEEN in its DEENness with adaptations. The magical transformations, the watchdog from hell being an actual dog. Why some of the character designs look straight out of the same team that handled Higurashi.

Team Work

Wait, what? Yes, there’s actual team work in KoreZo? It exists. Rena look-alike has been slacking off since she passed (rather were stolen) her masou Shoujo powers to Ayumu. He hardly slacks off. He cooks, cleans, and fights off from giant gay shrimps to fail whales. Thank Oyashiro-sama he isn’t as generic or useless as the rest of the Winter male cast. Thank that he isn’t Aoi from Freezing.

As for the rest I’d like to see a face off between Mahou Shoujo vs MASOU Shoujo. they’re bound to crash same as someone is bound to lose his head. Kyubey or not involved.

The definition of hospital – “One of the most dangerous places in anime.”

OH _

Also you’ll be missed mildly temperamental canine and your mismatching mouth movements.

4 thoughts on “Kore Wa Plot?

  1. I love how Doberman came to send him back to hell and Aikawa was all like; “COME AT ME, DAWG.”

    I also love how he protected someone who can’t die. Derp, much?

    That said, it looks like KoreZo is starting to pick up nicely. Not sure I get the reference to Dragon Crisis though (stopped watching after the 2nd ep.)

    • Partly wishful thinking. Girl from Dragon Crisis main phrase “Ryuuji” is incessant whereas Hellscythe is almost mute. I’d be cool with them changing roles anytime.

      Took a while but KoreZo IS starting to pick up. That said the fail whale came out of nowhere, but at least we got some answers. I hope the doberman isn’t dead yet. Protecting someone who can’t die was, uh, yeah.

  2. I lost all faith in DEEN after Umineko, but this has completely redeemed DEEN for me (Not for an Umineko adaptation, though).

    From what I’ve seen, many of the fans are just about as logical as the show. They have been dropping it for reasons like necromancers aren’t supposed to wear armor and zombie bullcrap.

    But for the characters designs… K1 and Ayumu do seem uncannily similar at times.

    • What the!! It is almost the same. I do not matter anyone, Deen is Deen after all

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