Infinitely Limited Stratos

I believed there’s a fundamental problem when you use the word “infinite” yet do the opposite. It’s like saying you’re going to save the earth but destroy it. It’s like saying “action!”  just to take a break instead. Just bad decisions.

Right after watching Gundam 00 movie I was ready for some action, cut down on many TRANS-AM long world peace speeches by Marina Ismail and watch some new anime. I said to myself, Infinite Stratos time. I have nothing to lose, I had already watched Rio Rainbow.

Infinite Stratos follows the now well and overly cemented trend of light novel adaptations of each season, which original material most of us have never read before or won’t after watching the anime. Sometimes because we’re just lazy, other times because the adaptations were that bad that makes us not bother with them.  Truth be told, Infinite Stratos doesn’t strike me as  being top A material even in its original written form. Here’s why.

Tomoki would not let this opportunity slip by

Ichiba, the lead, is the only man in the world that is able to pilot a IS unit god knows why as the anime doesn’t explain. Maybe it’s the human anatomy, maybe one gender is more suitable, maybe it’s because IS wanted a harem badly and this is what we got.  Let’s leave it as that’s how the show works. The story follows a linear line with limited twists. Characters such as ojou-san Cecilia are taken right out of the bowl of stereotypical characters. Houki, who goes from tsun to dere in a matter of seconds, is the classic cute childhood friend for those who can’t get enough of the childhood friend stories which I’ve grown cynically tired of. You’ve seen it before business here. On another note Houki should just stay in dere mode if you ask me, then again don’t they ever.

The rest is a compilations of more common trends, lead enrolls in a all female academy, lead is the instructor/teacher/principal relative, lead has a tsundere childhood friend, they share a room, shenanigans in the academy are to ensue while the aliens are invading or we gotta save the planet storyline takes place. Limited Stratos.

revolutionary ending sequence

After the first couple of minutes the show descends into the typical guy & girl misunderstandings and school life antics without much hinting what else the show can offer other than the actual super short battle at the very beginning of the episode that if you slightly skip that part of the video you won’t notice. IS is like Strike Witches with pants attached, less ecchi, and lots of girls piloting mechas. I’d like to at least compare it with something with more impact such as SW but IS’s idea of impact is attacking the viewer with full rapid fire of more been there done that. All in all not that surprising.

I’m ready to be removed of  the group waiting on  IS to be one of  the better shows of the Winter. IS is looking average and generic at a first glance. At a second glance there might be something after a few more eps at the end of the long tunnel. Turning it into a masterpiece is going be harder than rewriting a whole novel from start to finish.


3 thoughts on “Infinitely Limited Stratos

  1. IS is like Strike Witches with pants attached, less ecchi, and lots of girls piloting mechas.

    You know, I was thinking the exact same thing. Their IS wingsuits seemed very striker-ish, and yeah, if it was all girls with no pants, it would feel very Strike Witchy.

  2. Thats not just good or better its best!This kind of trope arithmetic seems to be the driving force behind nearly every aspect of Infinite Stratos conception.Throw an archetype or cliche at the wall and if it sticks throw another trope on top of it and if it doesnt all fall flat on the floor throw some more and hope it congeals and settles into something solid. Theres no single element in this cartoon that you have not seen somewhere else before iterated in a familiar way.

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